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  2. bintang

    NEW PSU Tier List

    i heard cxm has whine noise? does txm has that too? im fine with fan noise but i personally hate high pitched noise
  3. what happends when you don't have a network adapter?
  4. GMart84

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    So after some hiccups she got it figured out and running right. NZXT H200i ASrock H270M-itx ac Core i3-6100 Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 2666 XFX RX580 8GB (1505 on Core, 2250 on Memory) EK Coolstream 240 PE White Corsair LL Fans No Name Amazon CPU Block EK Thermosphere GPU Block CPU after 1 Hour of Aida 64 - 42C GPU after 1 hour of Heaven - 40C She still needs to modify the front panel to allow the air in but she was ready to pose with her work today.
  5. Xupthree60

    only getting 250 to 450mb on 1gig connection.

    i tried downloading lan drivers direct from gigabyte, no effect.
  6. WiGig and 5G operate around 60GHz (with some being as low as 20GHz). The waves are smaller than 1/10th the size of 5GHz Wifi (so around 1/5th of an inch, hence the term millimeter wave). One side effect is that things like walls and human bodies block the waves unless they're output at a high transmission power OR the devices communicating are very close together. Signal strength drops like a rock with distance so the current strategy by Telcos is to have many relatively inexpensive mmWave access points that transmit at low power so that people are never too far from one. Since the transmit power is lower, there isn't much of a worry about each radio causing signal interference with the others (which would happen if there were a lot of antennas transmitting at high power on the same frequency). Economically this only works in cities since there's more people to absorb the cost. I don't know how much spectrum each telco has in the ultra high frequency spectrum. I do know that they're spending billions on it.
  7. asand1

    The best video card for a Core 2 Quad CPU. lol

    That Chinese 960 is probably a 450ti sold as a counterfeit 960. No way is a 960 going to be the limiting factor in a Core 2 machine.
  8. Ben Quigley

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    I'm going to message Jake again to see if he can convince any of the other LMG guys to throw some CPUs at the marathon. It would be nice to see more of the mods doing the same. That way we can have a baseload on marathon from the ones who don't wanna be switching projects.
  9. SenpaiKaplan

    Need to wipe an iPhone 8 for legitimate reasons

    If OP has access to another device on the same iCloud account, it can be remotely wiped and removed from Find My iPhone via that device. Open FMiP, and select the device First it should say "Wipe Device", then after you do that it will give you an option to "Remove Device" Do this, and the device will present itself to you as if it were brand new with no iCloud. If OP does not, then he will more or less be screwed if he does not know the password to the iCloud. If he does, just format it in iTunes, provide the password during setup, then log out of the phone being sure to disable Find My iPhone before doing so. It will then delete all ties to the iCloud acc and be like it was never touched.
  10. BigRom

    Power supply fits but...

    Isn't that a really old Gigabyte motherboard, I haven't seen these blue-hued PCBs in a while. What monstrosity of a CPU that would require that absolute unit of a radiator
  11. Chocolateer

    It's Nicky V!

    So I was surfing the YouTubes and I came across a video on the cbc comedy channel. Tell me 1:44 isn't nicky v. I can't be the only one who didn't know, am I?
  12. vinid223

    BSOD 2 RAM Stick

    I'm supposed to receive a new RAM kit this week. Since I first though it was a RAM issue. But I started to doubt when both stick works separately or together if I go in BIOS first and wait a few seconds. Asus support just told me to clear the CMOS, but that didn't help. I tried to disable CSM, but on every boot the BIOS re-enable it. I don't know if this can cause the issue. I also don't have any XMP profiles showing up in the BIOS. Thanks for your help. I will get you updated. Finger crossed it is just a bad memory kit not a bad motherboard.
  13. LukeSavenije

    One my friend wants to buy one ssd in 1 TB which to buy?

    i mean... it's a true nvme of course it is
  14. Ben Quigley

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    Thats a real shame to hear, I hope to see you in on the next folding month though!
  15. This is so stupid! Where are the people with money to buy things they see in ads, yet are watching ads for money? Is this an indictment of the welfare state, ads trying to get that government check? How effective can it be to advertise to people so broke they are watching ads to make pennies?
  16. lieder1987

    Need to wipe an iPhone 8 for legitimate reasons

    I think this will icloud lock it if I remember correctly.
  17. does it boot if you remove the network adapter?
  18. Ithanul

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    Probably depends how many folks we can get involved in the event. We definilty need some folks to stick to the Marathon. Probalby best for folks with not much CPU power to stick to that. Then us heavy hitters can figure out where to aim our resources at the other parts of the event.
  19. Hello! I’ve recently got really into gaming but my Acer Aspire 5 just can’t do all I want. I’m looking to build a mid-upper range gaming pc that is VR capable. The specs I were looking to build with are: i5 9600k RTX 2060 16 GB Ram 256 GB SSD 1 TB hard drive I would first like your opinion on these specs and how I should change them, but also on another issue. I live in a very dusty house, out in the country where there’s no option to get away from the dust. It is also my first time building a computer so there is always the possibility that I will mess something up. I don’t have the best internet out here in the country so I cannot exactly watch all the content I need to properly install a processor in bulk either. My thoughts have turned towards getting it custom built. Should I try to build a computer and risk damaging it? Or should I get it custom built by someone, and if so, who?
  20. Its haggling, you start with a really bad offer, and then you try and meet in the middle. The goal is to find the optimum amount of shit gamers are willing to swallow.
  21. r2724r16

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    No thanks! I lost 4M points on Boinc because "they" accidentally deleted my account. You can tell because if you click on the Boinc badge under my profile, it leads to a page that says I have no credit. Also the Boinc app is really buggy and it takes a long time to set up properly. So screw this event
  22. logan

    "Audiophile" Gaming headphones?

    So i'll be getting a higher paying job, and down on my "to buy" list is a better setup, and audio is a aspect of that, so i had PLANNED to buy the: -Schiit Valhalla Headphone Amp -Schiit BIFROST Dac -Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms However from what i've heard the 770's aren't good for gaming. So can anyone please share some, closed back, Over-ear, No attached mic, Gaming headphones? [Gaming as in they are Good "For games"] (I will be listening to music also, and movies/etc, But i'm just curious on the gaming headphones aspect for now) (Price doesn't really matter, but i want to be blown away by the upgrade >.> As to date, My "best" headphones have been the Philips Performance SHP9500, as long as the new headphones aren't like.... $1,000)
  23. Ben Quigley

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    @Ithanul do you think we would be better off concentrating on just 3 out of the 5 events due to the way the points are weighted?
  24. TetraSky

    Need to wipe an iPhone 8 for legitimate reasons

    There are ways to format an iphone through itunes. I've done it before and it works just fine
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