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  2. Because it was accurate and thus it wasn't click bait, your getting all worked up over nothing. There is just no rationality to your upset.
  3. realpetertdm


    CPU full stop. Why would you pair an i3-6100 (which is DUAL CORE btw) with a RX 570 Get at least an i3 8th gen. Also try upgrading to at least a SATA SSD
  4. klars2000

    alternative power sources from motherboard

    I'm looking through my pc odds and ends seeing if i can use them in some way....that really drove this inquiry. I saw that it specs as power so I thought maybe. The other response about voltage is an important consideration. Tomorrow I will get clear on all those adapters and their ends. Thanks for your response.
  5. Tamaz

    Hissing/Static When Playing Music

    Thanks for the suggestions but I am using "hi-res" mode which does not allow surround sound. I also checked and both the mic and headphones are on 96000 hz.
  6. Bananasplit_00


    Probably CPU, that PSU could use a swap too and if you want to make your system nice and snappy I'd get an SSD.
  7. LienusLateTips

    Threadripper better than i9 9700k?

    No. Intel is just better at the current time for games. However, that might all change when Zen 2 comes out in a month or two.
  8. quakeguy81

    alternative power sources from motherboard

    If your power supply has 4-pin molex connectors, use a 4-pin molex to SATA power cable adapter like this:
  9. klars2000

    alternative power sources from motherboard

    Yeah, I didn't think so, but i have an adapter that goes to molex (but i think you are right- they are not correct gender) so I threw the idea out there. Actually, I just found this one-- I do have a mini connector that is female for 4 pins that goes to sata. Yeah, but it doesn't look right. I want to add two drives. System runs an SSD for the main. I guess i need a molex splitter to sata.
  10. Wictorian

    gtx 1080, i9 9900k motherboard

    ok, now I changed my mind and will buy rtx 2080 with an i9 9700k, will it still do well?
  11. Bananasplit_00

    Dark Theme or Light Theme

    Dark theme wherever possible, usually with yellow accents if I can pick
  12. VegetableStu

    alternative power sources from motherboard

    disregarding the power plug form factors for a bit: that'll depend on the kind of power input your storage device needs motherboard fan headers only does 12V at usually 1A. the SATA power cable carries 12V 5V and 3V rails. the voltage it operates on and current it'll draw depends on each device, although 3.5" hard disks will definitely draw more than 1A on the 12V rail when it's actively processing data or even spinning up 2.5" disks usually use 5V exclusively, but definitely check before trying out. also it's already the wrong voltage supplied from the fan headers. https://arduino.stackexchange.com/questions/28815/do-i-need-to-supply-the-12v-connection-to-an-hdd https://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/752596-Are-all-SSD-s-5V-devices-What-about-the-micro-HDD-s
  13. alatron978


    cpu and hdd.
  14. pinksnowbirdie

    How do you cook your noodle?

    I Boyale my water for the noodle and put the boyaled water in the freezer so I can use the bayoled water in the micheal wave easier On a serious note, the only noodle I microwave is Maruchan Yakisoba. but cooking pasta initially, I boil it.
  15. quakeguy81

    How do you cook your noodle?

    I boil water in a tea pot, pour it into Cup of Noodles, and wait 5 minutes for it to cook. If you microwave Cup of Noodles, it just boils out everywhere.
  16. Mira Yurizaki

    Cerny announces new PS5 Details

    The Athlon 5350 uses the Jaguar core. So it's likely up to 4 times faster.
  17. Raskolnikov

    how to make money

    Pretty of used stuff on Craigslist and the such.
  18. handymanshandle

    What song are you listening to right now.

    NO I DIDN'T COME HERE BECAUSE IT WAS NORMALIZED AT 89% I FUCKING SWEAR And yes, I'm listening to this. Already Taken by Trey Songz
  19. You can pretty make most of everything private on FB.
  20. Mira Yurizaki


    If you're playing games, it's likely the CPU.
  21. Oalei


    What are you doing with it?
  22. LukeSavenije


    off topic from the bottleneck, but I'd change it
  23. irfankamil

    27inch, 144hz, 1440p with freesync

    Do you guys know any monitor as in the title under $400? Appreciate some suggestions.
  24. Well I would like to hear the rest of your mind about 150usd phones.
  25. I've changed from 750ti to RX 570 and is obviously bottlenecking, but i need to know exactly what's causing it. My system is: Mobo: H110-C D3 CPU: Intel 6100 3.7GHz GPU: Strix RX 570 4gb RAM: 1x8GB 1600MHz PS: Thermaltake Smart 500w HDD: WD Black 500GB If you guys could tell me what's bottlenecking my system or what i need to change, i'd appreciate it Sorry for my google translate english, i'm from brazil
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