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  2. Outside of the fact that I would have to work out a few different types of software incompatibilities and the lack of gaming support, would I experience any hardware issues? I understand that some linux distros and MacOS have issues with certain motherboards, drivers, and GPU's. My main machine has 8GB of RAM (2400MHz), 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD, an i5-9600K 6-core, and a GTX 1060 3GB. Also the MOBO I have is an ASRock Z390M-ITX/ac LGA 1151 (300 Series).
  3. This Asrock Taichi would be very good for $165, but I wouldn't buy a MB until I was ready to build and had all my other parts so that you don't close the window on MB returns if you have a problem. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813157835?Item=N82E16813157835&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=IGNEFL052119&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL052119-_-EMC-052119-Index-_-AMDMotherboards-_-13157835-S2A2D
  4. Cable management will definitely take time. Get some extra either velkro straps or zip ties, comes a long way. Well not sure about extra fan at the top. Impact should be negligible.
  5. Hitman0681

    A gift for my wife

    Hey guys, so my wife's gaming keyboard finally took a crap. It was a Logitech G510. She plays WoW and a number of other PC MMORPG games. I need advice on a keyboard that many macro keys and preferably made my logitech. She loves the thing and its features. Is there anything out there that is as good as that?
  6. LogicalDrm

    Custom Aspect Ratio Converter

    By reading the guide, if DAR (Display Aspect Ratio) is set, then saved file will have that aspect ratio always. The other option would be to force player to default selected aspect ratio. But anything but reading those guides is beyond me, I haven't really done aspect ratio changes.
  7. Rehmat

    Workstation HELP

    Browsing the web, Reddit, Youtube, managing my homelab. Testing out linux live usb's. playing World of tanks, Xonotic, Robocraft. (All run fine on GT750m) CAD, video editing (rendering of CAD and video will be done by a server), photoshop, coding (python html). That type of stuff.
  8. 1Gigabyte

    Fake 4790k?

    I checked the warranty thing on intel and it showed up as a 4790k but the problem is that this picture is also on many other websites if you do a search by image on google.
  9. LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo

    Fake 4790k?

    Just to make it clear that all genuine 4790K FPO numbers start with the letter 'L', if it's anything else then it's probably a counterfeit chip.
  10. TechyInAZ

    Ryzen memory

    CL14 3000MHz and CL16 3200mhz are basically equal with CL16 3200Mhz doing a 1-3% better in games. So with CL15 3000mhz, it'll be even great difference so CL16 3200MHz is a no brainier.
  11. SpookyCitrus

    Low FPS CS GO Nvidia RTX 2070 Windforce

    @Razvan112 Yeah it's better than on CS:GO in more graphically demanding games it will utilize the GPU more but the CPU will still have a hard time. I'm working on the parts rn give me like 10 minutes and I'll have both build links.
  12. Hopefully it works ;// They will come in a week
  13. Finley_Crofts

    New Gaming PC Build | Please Check If Any Good!

    I have started doing more photo editing using photoshop and also other programs like blender however my pc isn't good enough for rendering blender images etc. For editing I use Adobe Prem or Hitfilm, I use both since each one has easier features than others. I don't know if a 2700x will be too overkill for that and gaming it is what people are recommending me on other forums. I could go for 2600 what is more performance to money (Think) however that is better for gaming than the other ones isn't it? The things I edit are normally at 1080p60HD, however, the PC I have got now struggles a lot when it comes to editing, so I have been using my Dads laptop seen as it is way better than my desktop xd. I sometimes can do 4k but that's when I am at my friends for some recording and audio booth recordings. I just need a nice future proof pc in editing and gaming. I don't even know if I should go for AMD, I understand AMD a lot more than Intel. (I am still new to all of this so if I am wrong please correct me.) If You have any recommendations please say. Thank You In Advance
  14. LukeSavenije

    New case

    you could also get cheaper options... like a cooler master h500 for example
  15. Radium_Angel

    How much should an individual worry about Zombieload?

    They would be a great target for this, and given how much information is duplicated online, I never visit those sites that demand whitelisting. It's simply asking for trouble.
  16. JonathanMeyers

    Newegg's discount code

    Anyone with a promotion code Newegg's?
  17. DD Custom Mods

    #PreludePC A Honda Prelude Sponsored Tribute Build

    That's awesome! Love my '00 prelude currently. And I'm looking at buying this '87 for a couple hundred (has engine issues after being ran on bad gas)
  18. jones177

    2080ti worth it currently?

    Load up a AAA game and try to get to 144fps. On a lot of games I can't even do it with a 2080 ti. In the ACO bench I average 107fps at 1440p so I was not going to get that 144hz feeling. I thought the same until I watched this video.
  19. Mr. horse

    Fake 4790k?

    Yeah I would run. It sounds too good to be true at this point.
  20. Nothing on the internet I can see behaves like this Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200MHz kit on Ryzen. (It's an 16-18-18-36 1T kit) It's a Samsung B Die (low grade stuff not the high quality B-Die you see in G.Skill stuff), and the timings are just funny. I managed to get a great overclock of 14-16-16-32-54 at 3200mhz, at stock voltage on DRAM and 1.150v on SOC. But I can't even run Stiltz looser timings. (Oh FYI, the tRCDWR and tRCDRD will NOT go lower than CL16. if I do, it won't run stable. Buildzoid also had a similar issues with Corsair Dominator platinum.) Blue is my current timings, red is Stiltz. I've tried several different things, but that stiltz timings is not stable at all. So weird. Now I'm going to try one last test, I have only tested at 1.4v and 1.150 SOC, gonna go up to 1.45v and 1.2v SOC and see if that changes anything later today. Has anybody else had really weird overclocking experiences with Corsair on Ryzen?
  21. TheGlenlivet

    Multiple GPUs non SLI?

    For games, no, at least not effectively. For other stuff sure. BOINC, Folding@home, Rendering - Lots of other work flows can use multiple non-SLI GPUs.
  22. 1Gigabyte

    Fake 4790k?

    I was thinking exactly what you have said it is unlikely that he will have so many and sell them at a quarter of their normal price. He has seen my message but hasn't responded so i guess this is a scam for sure.
  23. This is the old jump start trick with a convenient (but permanent) variance - a switch. If your wires are not colour coded, on the 24 pin connector (looking at the pins) with the locking clip facing up it's the 4th and 5th pins on the top row.
  24. Dr. Historic Low

    Low LOD and Pop-in

    Dude, these are completely common issues with video games. If you'll notice the graves don't disappear once you get a little closer to them. This issue is a simple draw distance issue. Happens in tons of games and is completely common and well known to video game developers. You're talking about GTA 5 now. GTA 5 is my go to game. And everything I see in your GTA 5 video, is the exact same things going on when I play GTA 5. Take a look at this game play video of mine that I made last week. It shows this exact issue you are having. And I didn't even create it to show that. I created it to show how my fps is higher in a solo lobby vs a fully populated lobby. Scroll to the 0:19 mark and watch the pop-ins all over the map. Shadows, trees, the buildings in the distance, etc, etc. This is the game itself because I have absolutely mastered GTA 5 graphic settings. Even when I bump everything to Ultra, this still takes place. The game is to blame. Just as all the other games you experience this in, the game is to blame. There is no fix for this, only a remedy to decrease just how far away you can get before this issue occues(in GTA 5, it's distance scaling and extended distance scaling). I notice the pop-ins all the time, especially in GTA 5. Once you game for many years, it really becomes tolerable over time. I remember in the beginning it being super annoying. But not now. In fact, I accept it because my fps is as high as I expect it to be. Fps over quality all day long. Fps makes you feel things while visual quality makes you see things if you know what I mean. I'd rather have the better feeling game experience vs the better visual one. But that's just me. People are different so hopefully you'll learn to cope with this common issue. As I mentioned above, the only thing I can think of to decrease this issue is to bump up your distance scaling and extended distance scaling(which is an advanced setting in GTA 5). This might help a little with this issue in GTA 5 but understand that these two graphic settings, especially extended distance scaling, will KILL your fps, as show here. Same with other games. Just look for something to do with draw distance or distance scaling. Oh and one more thing in GTA 5, there's a setting called High Detail Streaming While Flying. Which you can read about in these photos...
  25. TheGlenlivet

    Does these rams work with my mobo?

    Fit surely, work probably.
  26. It kinda of depends on what exact kit you get, but it seems like this motherboard has a good list of supported RAM (at the correct/higher speeds): https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450M-PRO-M2-V2#support-mem-14
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