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  2. _Hustler_One_

    Help me choose these small fans

    Hi all.. I need 80mm fan to be used behind perforated case vent + dust filter as intake, and found these 80mm fans option here where I live, 1. Fractal Design R3 2. Deepcool Xfan 3. Noctua NF-r8 4. Cooler Master (not sure what's the model name, it's just stated as "original CM 80mm fan") Which one should I get for my purpose to get the best output, airflow or static pressure optimized, any of which give the most use? I dont have any idea about small fans, and does airflow vs pressure matter with this small size? thanks
  3. asand1

    Can't get a DELL case fan to work on a z390 motherboard

    You have to swap two of the wires around. Dell does not use the standard pinout.
  4. Seanabo

    Why is my computer so low?

    The keyboard and headset, individually, cost twice as much as the CPU. You probably can't return the CPU, but If it's not too late to return those peripherals, I'd recommend spending some that money on at least a Ryzen 5 2600 (~$150 USD), getting rid of the HyperX modules and staying with just the 16 GB of memory so you can run it at 3600.
  5. Abdul201588

    Help with MDT

    Thanks for the help. But I am already in the IT field .I do know myself around Windows server, how to setup domain. I manage my own home network. It's just MDT is the first thing I've ever tried to use. I need to learn it because I need we use it at work, my boss told me to go and learn how to use it. Since I've only started a month and a half ago, I no admin rights to access the servers. So I'm learning using my home lab.

    Okay, this shit slaps.

  7. Stefan Payne

    How to boot to m.2 ssd

    Maybe you don't have support for NVMe in the BIOS of your Motherboard?? What Motherboard is it? and what SSD Is it? Is it an nvme or a SATA one?
  8. Stefan Payne

    ASUS RX 570 8GB Temps - Thoughts about Undervolting

    Yes, because the fans don't spin. That's why the temps are high. You can switch that off in the AMD Wattman, there is a switch for the Zero Fan RPM stuff. No, you shouldn't. It is good. And the high idle temps mean less thermal stress. Everything is fine and works as intended. If you want lower temps, maybe you should let a fan blow onto the card??
  9. asand1

    Noctua NH-D15 bent heatpipes from transport

    Hard to tell from that angle if it's twisted or drooping. Can u take a photo straight on from the side?
  10. SlimyPython

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Did you just bring back this thread to me... Oh boi
  11. Stefan Payne

    i7 6700k/7700k or r5 2600x

    That's a waste of money. They are just far to expensive for what you get. And also the Intel Security stuff affects them way more as well. And we don't know if the Mitigation works or how it affects Performance. Intel CPUs without OC make no sense. You should look for Freesync/VESA Adaptive Sync or however the specification is called (usually has the Freesync label on it) is more recommended than a static 144Hz. That's what you should look into more. Also NO TN! Get an IPS or a *VA Panel instead. They might not be as fast but have far better colors...
  12. Ravendarat

    Question about replacing PSU fan

    I was trying to do that initially but to the bet of my knowledge and searching I couldnt find a 135mm addressable RGB fan
  13. Mayhem_Joker

    RTX 2080ti bottleneck and temps

    Hi, im wondering if my 2080ti is bottenecked by something in my system? Prosessor: Intel Core i9-9900K Hovedkort: ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING, S-1151 Skjermkort: ASUS STRIX GeForce RTX 2080Ti OC 11GB GDDR6 Strømforsyning: Corsair RM1000i, 1000W PSU RAM: Corsair Dominator RGB DDR4 3200MHz 32GB Vannkjøling: Corsair Hydro H115i PRO RGB CPU Kjøler SSD: ADATA ULTIMATE SU800 2.5" SATA SSD 1TB And what temps do you guys run with heavy games on the 2080ti? mine is around 70-72celsius stock and im thinking that dosent leave much rom for OC ? my I9 is 50-70 depending on the game. (have only seen 70 on i9 on BF V witch i just played yesterday after a long break from it.. has it become worse optimalised? i had less fps and much more stress on the system and fps drops from hell?) Aleksander
  14. Frenky

    i7 6700k/7700k or r5 2600x

    Totally switch to ryzen. You can upgrade that cpu again later too. The extra cores/threads will come on handy with your streaming and recording as well. No brainer if you ask me.
  15. asand1

    Question about replacing PSU fan

    You could probably just buy the right size fan for the amount of an adapter if they even exist.
  16. No Charlie, @SlimyPython just can't stop spamming reactions. Just no.
  17. Stefan Payne

    r5 2600x + RTX 2060

    Depending on your area and prices an R5-2600 or 2700 with a VEGA56 might be a better option. you should look for that as well, but NOT blower Cards. Only 3rd Party ones! Even Sapphire Pulse and Power Color Red Dragon are nice cards - if you don't want to do any overclocking or so. If you'd do ASUS Strix and Sapphire Ntro+ are the best options.
  18. I feel like this is essentially what most cookie banners mean, CD Projekt RED just outright says it




  19. Hey guys i bought the acer kg271cbmidpx on sale 2 weeks ago and at first everything was perfect then suddenly i saw this blurry line right in the middle of the monitor(see the image).Just when i though the monitor is screwed it dissapeared on its own.One week later it appeared again and it seems like switching the monitor off and on fixed it for now but what rly is the problem is it from the monitor or the video card(im running gtx 1060/windows 8.1) cuz im super pissed i wanted to get a 144hz monitor for years just to see this... P.S. Just wanna mention that the line in the middle of your crosshair is just unplayable.
  20. LukeLinusFanFic


    It's not a pen compatible monitor, from what I gather, just a touch one. What do you plan to do with it?
  21. asand1

    How to boot to m.2 ssd

    What mobo, what M.2 SSD?
  22. So just installed the ASUS RX 570 8GB. By default, fans don't spin under 50C. So GPU basically idles at around 50C +/-. I am little surprised at the high idle temp as my last card idled at 35C in this case but given the default setup with the fans not spinning, it's understandable. During Cinebench, temps don't get too high as fans ramp up. Now, just installed World War Z and temps got up to 77 C using I think the HIGH in-game setting. I know this is within the acceptable range. Wanted to see if anyone has a comment on GPU temps idling at 50 and reaching up to 77C during gaming. Do you think I should swap the thermal paste, will that even make a difference to lower temps? I also tried undervolting but that lead to lower MHz so it slowed the card down. I was surprised at this because my experience with undervolting my Intel CPU, it lowered temps by 10C without taking a performance hit. Does anyone have tips on how to achieve this on the GPU side?
  23. "You Just Watch Veggietales, Skyler I'll be right back, Mommy's gotta FLATLINE A BITCH!" -- 2014 Cadillac Escalade ESV: Regular Car Reviews

    Best RegularCarReviews Lines


  24. Seanabo

    PC not starting up.

    What steps have you taken to troubleshoot so far? It could be as simple as reseating all the power cables going into your mobo if you haven't already. If you already have done that, try following these steps to test if your PSU has gone bad:
  25. My ram speeds are lowered to 501mhz. How to i keep my 3.2 overclock and upper my ram speeds to at least 1333? Specs Cpu: Amd phenom ii x6 1035t Motherboard: M4A89TD PRO/USB3 Ram: two sticks in duel channel 1600mhz gpu: r7 360 Power supply: Mwe Bronze 450W
  26. jonnyGURU

    ELITE V3 230V 600W With RX570 ?

    If those are your only choices, the G2 by far.
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