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  2. Trying to future proof, but on a tight budget. If I could find a 3950x for $580-650 on ebay I'd get that but the $470 3900x is looking more affordable.
  3. Well, yeah web dev general use on the go like emails, web browsing. I just love the thinkpad keyboard so much but I'm a little concerned about working on a 14in screen all day.
  4. I personally haven’t bought any Razer stuff due to concerns over QC and the support. Would have though for that work a colour accurate display would be paramount tbh
  5. I wish someone would do a teardown on the Escobar flip phone.

    It looks identical to a Samsung Fold.

    It's got to be money laundering.

  6. Really, if you can afford a 3950X, why not just get the 3950X?
  7. Linus and friends! I'm calling you all out! (with love brother!) I'm in the business of helping people who have no IT experience to fully educated IT roles! PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ABOUT taking certifications!!! C'mon! There are millions of people who are trying to break into the IT world but have NO IDEA where to start! HELP ME OUT LINUS!!! Please!? (Also.. bring Anthony, he's awesome!) SeanC@MyComputerCareer.edu GET CERTIFIED! (And give your fan base honest feedback!)
  8. If I'd be you I'd just wait until they have it in stock again. USA : "Sold Out ETA March 15th"~
  9. CODMW - I'm seeing 60-80% of my 4C8T 4.6Ghz 4790K fairly constantly in most matches. Lowest I've seen GPU usage though is 96%
  10. They say ignorance is a bliss, sure is because the dumbest people I know are also the most confident people I know. 

  11. Did you make sure everything is connected, sometimes when you work on a computer you can accidentally loosen/disconnect power connectors to the motherboard or PSU (if partial/fully modular). Does it post?
  12. The question of the hour is, what would be generally better for recording. The Ryzen 3900x or the Ryzen 3950x. Now I am aware that Nvidia has Nvenc which can yield a better encode but the problem here is the system would have 2 Elgato 4k 60 capture cards and as far as I'm aware Nvenc has issues capturing from multiple sources. It could also be noted that this could be split between the GPU's Nvenc encounter and the CPU but for practicality if a person wanted to switch between recording and streaming what would be the best option for a high quality encoding. 3900x or 3950x Software of choice here is OBS, Resolution is 1080p and FPS 60 at Placebo speed. (would it be possible to achieve Placebo speed?) So in this instance what would be the best option? For high quality editing that can encode 4K footage from two sources and scale it down to 1080p for the CPU's and would it even be possible to achieve the Placebo speed on a 3950x? Is the 3950x worth the extra bank or is it simply a wiser decision to buy a 3900x?
  13. Yeah I looked at the TUF board but the main reason I decided on the PRIME mb is the extra pcie slots 3 x 16 and 3 x 1, vs 2 with the TUF, the white aesthetic just added to that, and I don't mind paying a little extra for the aesthetics. I didn't put it in my original post but the color aesthetic is white/black/red, where any rgb, which I'm trying to have as little as possible, would be the main source of red, and when I get the courage to knowledge to build a water-cooling system I was thinking of using red for the fluid. Definitely a lot to think about, what GPU would you recommend, I didn't realize crossfire was dead, was hoping the extra gpu would help with rendering in my blender projects? Thanks.
  14. Looks the same to me. On Version 81.0.4044.26 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
  15. I put your specs into the seasonic wattage calculator and it calculated a load wattage of 382W. I would say you should target a 500-550W PSU or better. I have no experience with SFF builds, I think corsair makes a good lineup. You can also check out our community PSU Tier List for suggestions on PSU's
  16. 3D graphics adapters make a leap forward in between CPU era. I can remember when 3DFX was a thing in DOS games.
  17. A 3700X is perfect with any modern GPU. Don't worry mate.
  18. Im using the ordinary virusprograms such as ccleaner and windows-defender but im pretty sure my pc dont have any kind of virus. That event viewer trick sounds smart, didnt know i could do that, thanks - i'll try when i get home
  19. The other neat system I brought home, something I've never come across before... An old Unix workstation. Need to get an adapter for the video output to be able to test it but pretty excited to give this one a go.
  20. CoD MW on PC... also Planet Coaster. Games today will eat up core/threads.
  21. Honestly no one can really help you choose between those two. It's a preference thing. You've gotta decide which style you want, and get it. I'd get the ultrawide. That doesn't mean it'll be best for you.
  22. thank you bro your reply. i really appreciate it
  23. So I haven't used my Mountain Bike for over two years now - gonna wait for a sunny and warm spring day and then I'm gonna clean it and auction it off. And I mean ever since my mom bought me the Xiaomi Mi Pro Electric Scooter I haven't even looked at my Bike. The Scooter is my Vehicle now. I think my parents spent a bit over a grand on the Mountain Bike and I haven't done too many crazy things with it, so we can expect a good amount for it. And I have completely lost all interest in biking anyways.


    Yes, I know my parents are way too nice with me.

  24. GPU temps are better than the old blowers but Vram temps are not so great. Can't find the specific video where Steve outlined the cooler design but he specifically mentioned how the cooler basically only catered to the GPU, with the vram's connection to the heat sink seemingly an afterthought.
  25. Has the default font/fonts on that the forum uses been recently changed? Came to the forum today and they seem to have changed. I am finding it very hard to read the "new" font Using Chrome browser Version 80.0.3987.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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