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  2. Cheapassgamer

    Can an pcie x8 card run on A pcie x16 slot ?

    I am Just A Student WHO is 16 and have to go by the mercy of my parents it's a miracle that they agreed to buy even this piece of shit for me! So My Expected System Specs Are:- CPU-C2D E8500 MOTHERBOARD-DDR2 G31 CHIPSET (ZEBRONICS) RAM-2×2GB DDR2 800MHZ GPU-GT 710/R7 240 HDD-(ANYTHING WILL DO)ATLEAST 160 GB CABINET-CHEAP 1$/100RS CABINET SMPS :-ALSO CHEAP UNBRANDED MONITOR,KEYBOARD,MOUSE I ALREADY HAVE ALL OF THESE PS:-IF MY PARENTS ALLOW IT I WILL SELL MY OLD PIECE OF SHIT PC!
  3. Tadziunia

    R9 295x2

    Price is quite good indeed, ofc there was fury X2 i think that was last one. But high end AMD cards indeed look cool
  4. That's correct. It's become a thing again now because of the push up to 6 cores, which has shown to handle everything right now, even games using more threads like Assassin's Creed (12 thread usage) and yet the 9600K is still able to match or beat 12 threaded chips, which is a good marker for future performance.
  5. The day's objective was to walk the five mile Zephrofel Squaw Creek Trail and afterward back. We didn't have any Strong Stamina maps or aides however I had quickly found out about this trail previously. All things considered Jacob, Ashley and I climbed a mile or so of the trail two or three years sooner. I had perused that there were cascades toward the finish of the climb. From what I recalled from the past climb this trail would have been level and in the shade. Since it should hit the mid 90s and we had quite recently Zephrofel climbed from 2,000 feet to 4,600 feet and withdraw to 2,500 feet, a level trail sounded exceptional. https://zephrofel.co/zephrofel-reviews/
  6. so would you recommend saving a week or two longer and get i7-9700k? or just get 8700 and be fine for how long?
  7. Jurrunio

    GTX 1650's NVENC support

    Just came across this bit of information, thought I'd give everyone here a heads up. Yes it's not in the news subforums because I dont want to follow all the formats and stuff https://www.coolaler.com/threads/gtx-1650-nvenc-turing.355272/?fbclid=IwAR22wI7r8R2hQODAgDtY5Ar97LQjYyIk_zPeTp8VxPSpXgV_Si_y7hMSglY So yes, just because you paid more for a GTX card doesn't mean you're getting the full up-to-dat\e Geforce Experience feature set. Just so I thought this bullshit will end when you leave the GT cards...Pascal's NVENC imo is only good for giving examples on how to get things done, not to record enjoyable content. The quality just isn't good enough even if you can forego compression.
  8. jstudrawa

    Looking for Speakers left speaker died today

    I looked at those as well, very nice. Definitely sound fantastic. I don't miss 2.1 at all, no way.
  9. So I'm Swarnava Majumder from India, an a student of Animation . Nice to meet everyone here . So for last 3 years I have lived a life without any pc or even laptop (i know it sounds crazy but it is true) but now since I've got admitted in Animation my subject demands a pc so my parents agreed to get me one and as a tech enthusiast I decided to build a pc , a Ryzen build . You may ask why ryzen build : because its more bank for buck . Since i had streaming in my head for quite a while now i decided to go with a 6 core processor ryzen 5 1600 (not 2600 because I'm in a super tight budget of Rs.45,000=$400approx including all peripherals ). I already did research and bought the powersupply and RAM and monitor: Powersupply : Corsair VS 550 (from Amazon) Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 3000MHz (also amazon and 3000MHz since ryzen works better with faster memory) . Monitor: HP 22es (from Amazon in an awesome deal) Before I say any further I must say that I will buy a graphics card but not now , next year . But I came to know that ryzen 5 1600 cant run without a dedicated gpu so I got upset and thought of settling with ryzen 5 2400g . But I saw that core i5 8400 has an integrated gpu and also 6cores (need 6 cores for streaming) so after a lot of cost cutting from case , motherboard and ssd I saw i can just afford i5 8400 with some compromise on other areas . SO NOW MY QUESTION IS : Does Intel core i5 8400 support a 3000MHz RAM on a Gigabyte H310M H motherboard ? And thank you soo much to the LTT community, you guys are awesome and also special thanks to Linus for teaching me how to build a pc and being a guru through out my process . Much love from India .
  10. TheHiddenCreeper

    R9 295x2

    I mean... If you want to go ahead. It is the last dual gpu AMD made as far as Im sure of. I bought a 7990 just because it was a cool gpu. Its pretty pointless to buy to other than to have it imo but if you got money laying around do what you want.
  11. You're cherry picking now. The 2500K, really? The clocks are much lower than any i5s today. Yes Battlefield 5 is one of those 3 or 4 games. It's that, Assassin's Creed Origins and Odyssey, and to a lesser extent Far Cry 5. Yes they were because having ANY piece of hardware last well for 5 years or more is considered excellent! You've actually said so before!
  12. Ah2004

    looking for mechanical key board

    can you help me find something like this but with cherry mx brown switches https://www.amazon.com/AUKEY-Mechanical-Keyboard-Anti-Ghosting-Resistant/dp/B06XKV8R9Z/ref=sr_1_18?crid=2TYP9SY2MLPIO&keywords=87+key+mechanical+keyboard+cherry+mx+brown&qid=1556165763&s=gateway&sprefix=87+key+mechanical+keyboard+%2Caps%2C242&sr=8-18
  13. Nothing really makes sense in all of this, it's highly unusual for all of these things to be happening. It's highly unusual for any company to release such a feeble product when it is a flagship with almost a decade of research and development behind it. It' is highly unusually for there to be this many problems in such a small number of review samples. It is highly unusual for Samsung to send out review samples that are not up to at least the same standard as the rest of the production. It is highly unusual for Samsung to have warning stickers on every phone except the review samples unless the review samples were not actually public releases. The whole thing just seems like there is a lot of information missing. Releasing a product like this is more likely to happening to a company on the verge of bankruptcy that has to try everything immediately to stave it off. It is not the standard MO of a world leader in mobile electronics.
  14. Allmightyballs

    Microsoft Remote Bricked Alienware

    I'm not to familiar with Ubuntu but Ill try anything at this point. Thanks for the quick reply
  15. I thought this really wasn't a thing anymore after Skylake got released, I know it was kind of true during the Haswell days which was why every man and his dog ended up with an i5.
  16. I know the dev world since I AM a dev. I can tell you that we're slow to adapt. 6/8 cores JUST became available. It's going to take time for devs to optimize for that number of cores let alone 10 cores and 12 coming up. There's a point at which there's severe diminishing returns.
  17. My dad said that AMD CEO Lisa Su visited his office building today. That was cool.

  18. I really hate how certain organizations are vilified by some people. They fail to realize that most companies, good or bad, are just a group of people who are trying to make money, pay off the bills, and put a bit in the rainy day fund. It's usually the decisions of the big guys at the top that cause all the bad rep. I bet that half of PETA is literally some crazy vegans who just need money, and 99.9% of Intel employees are just trying to do their best and get paid while the VPs and CEO make you pay $550 for a 9900K.

  19. Turtle Rig

    The best video card for a Core 2 Quad CPU. lol

    Ok cool thank you for that, Ill grab it, 4GB is enough uh for 1080p 75hz medium settings possibly some at high.
  20. That's not what he said. He said that the no SMT CPU is not as good as the CMT CPU because more Threads. No, they weren't because the people with the i7 are still happy with it while the i5 guys had to upgrade because of the stuttering and other issues. And to ruin your worldview, how about that: LTT Thread discussing that Video: that is not true. Seikiro runs not that great on i5-2500K, however it does run at 60fps on the 2600k https://gamegpu.com/rpg/ролевые/sekiro-shadows-die-twice-test-gpu-cpu And its similar with other games as well. There are many complaints about people with 4 Core CPUs complaining about shitty performance in Multiplayer Matches of for example Battlefield 5.
  21. 5ir5ly

    Looking for Speakers left speaker died today

    i had logitech the new rgb ones, shit the bucket not even year old, got my money back and bought edifier speakers OMG how good are these, just a left and right no woofer has bluetooth... dont even need a woofer there insane https://www.edifier.com/au/en/speakers/r1700bt-bluetooth-bookshelf
  22. Tadziunia

    R9 295x2

    Is R9 295x2 for 230eur good deal ? I know that this gpu is very power hungry and crossfire doesn't work everythere and i have GTX 1080 TI . I was thinking to buy that radeon card just for fun. Should i buy it ? just because it's quite unique card
  23. Sets are dead. Another Windows 10 feature gone, this time before it was even released.



  24. dgsddfgdfhgs

    The best video card for a Core 2 Quad CPU. lol

    570 is pretty much the same as 970, best value on used right now
  25. imbrock

    Microsoft Remote Bricked Alienware

    Make an ubuntu live usb. Launch and run it off the usb. Navigate into the OS and open the start menu (whatever its called) Poke through the utilities and find the partition manager. Wipe your hdd. Reinstall windows. Good luck!
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