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  2. My pc when bootlooping when I turn on my pc. i can't even see the window loading screen. I can't even access UEFI. Things that I have try and what the result I got: - I have try change the ram = still bootloop - I have try change the OS drive = still bootloop - I have unplugged my GPU and use onboard graphic = 1/3 of booting I able to access to bios and window - I have try reinsert the cpu = still bootloop Things that I haven't try: - I haven't swap the cpu because I don't have any z170 compatible cpu My motherboard still have warranty. that's my final option PC Specs: Intel i7 - 6700k 16GB Kingston Savage DDR4 120GB Sandisk SSD Plus EVGA 650W 80+ Gold GPU: Sapphire R9 285 ITX Zotac GTX 1070
  3. Akaj

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    10macs 1 pc or 10 macs 1 cpu or 10 macs 1 gpu etc. do ti please
  4. Kevin Wu

    Thoughts/opinions on this build list?

    What’s the difference between the X and non X variant?
  5. To the original poster, I'm kind of the same boat as you and would like to know what you've discovered. I have a 280mm radiator up front and a ftw3 hybrid gpu that gets quite toasty while set to exhaust. I'm curious what you ended up doing. The gpu radiator fan as an intake sounds like a good idea.
  6. Which threadrippers are better than i9 9700k?
  7. You also need to make sure it is Turing complete
  8. Herman Mcpootis

    Thoughts/opinions on this build list?

    Better stock cooler and higher stock clock speed. You can just oc to make up the difference.
  9. silverhelmet61

    Black screen on iPhone 8

    When I pressed the power button on my iPhone, nothing showed up. It was just a black screen. I tried also hard resetting it and there was still nothing on the screen. There was still sound and vibrations but still a black screen. How do I fix this?
  10. Foxlet

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    I'm not aware of any laptops with SR-IOV support in hardware, only servers. Even with hardware that has SR-IOV, the guest OS has to support the GPU shared interface, which macOS does not provide support for (it would remain unaccelerated).
  11. 4.7 Ghz? How high is the voltage on your chip?
  12. Yea but I am gonna overclock these so it should be more than sufficient I think, so what do you think? Would there be any problems with overclocking?
  13. Fragman1995

    Thermal Paste Change

    MSI 980TI 6GB
  14. 20190418_214917.thumb.jpg.8d0fd69556e3934697652cbc7d409f92.jpg


    Box royal kittens. 

  15. Foxlet

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    AirDrop can be done to a limited degree over Ethernet with some hacks (and a tun/tap), but without a macOS-compatible wireless adapter passed to the guest machine, it won't work as it does on native Macs.
  16. Streetguru

    Would My CPU Bottleneck A Graphics Card

    You don't need a 2070 for 1080p 60hz, likely not even for 1080p 144hz. Your cpu is fine for 90-100fps in the average AAA game What's your current GPU?
  17. Maria Khan

    Windows XP in 2019

    Still people are using windows xp. Microsoft also has declared officially that they are not supporting it anymore. Buy still sites are providing the download links and update. Windows XP ISO 32-bit ISO.
  18. This might help you with your issue, Or you can format and install windows and manjaro again. https://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair/home/Home/
  19. Hiya!

    mouse pad play area slippery

    Optical wont track very well on hard surface especially glossy/transparent.
  20. I currently have a Ryzen 5 1600 (overclocked to 4.1GHz), and I was just wondering if an RTX2070 would bottleneck my CPU when I play at 1080p
  21. Ravendarat

    Open Air case options

    So I have a Define R6 and its a great case but I really like the looks of open air and am thinking of going that direction when I switch to the new Ryzen chip (which I plan on as long as the rumours are close to reality). So far it seems like the front runner is the Thermaltake Core P5, I need enough room for a decent size rad as I want to do hardline cooling on it and want a 420 mm rad because I am gonna cool the cpu and gpu. The p3 is a little small. It will be sitting on a desk and not mounted to the wall. Are there any suggestions of others I should look at or is the Thermaltake the best bet? Budget isnt really relevant here, all though Im not spending 600 on a case.
  22. Slumberjack

    Hissing/Static When Playing Music

    This, or check the "default format" setting for both the "game" and "chat" settings for the headset in device properties on the Windows side. Most steelseries headsets maintain two channels, for audio and for communications respectively, and occasionally the driver just scrambles things on first connection, and you end up with what Windows calls "Telephone Quality" for one channel, while the other is perfectly fine.
  23. Gegger

    Experiences with non-techies

    1. My school spent much money on buying teachers Macbook Pros...The only applications teachers use are MS Office Products, and Chrome. Also a teacher calling an Acer Alpha 12 a Surface Pro. Me: Why don't you just buy some XPS laptops or something? IT: They aren't good enough. Me: dafuq 2. We have a max of 20 Windows laptops/desktops in the school. 10 Acer Alpha 12's, 10 Surface Pros, and a grand total of 2 desktops...both for librarian/actually knowledgable IT person use... The rest are Macs or standard-issue Acer R11 Chromebooks...*Scream*
  24. Maria Khan

    Windows XP disk partition errors

    I would suggest you to download a new setup may be you have setup file corrupted. Windows XP ISO Download.
  25. Next they will start posting things on your behalf! *we noticed you didn't update everyone on your visit to grandma in the hospital, nor let anyone know that she was in the hospital, let alone why.. so we went ahead and announced all the traumatic health struggles in your family and posted all the pictures from your phone that you weren't going to publicize.*
  26. Can someone tell me if there are VRM differences between these two motherboards? I believed I have heard buildzoid said Asus Rog strix x370 was a 6+2 power phase, would like to know what the x470 is. Someone in a x470 motherboard review said the motherboard didn't have a VRM sensor which is hard to believe because the x370 has one
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