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  2. Zen 2 Ryzen especially a 3700x would probably blow that 25% away.
  3. Try cool channels like Jacob + Katie Schwarz, Timestorm Films, Phil Holland, and many more channels that have really cool 4k/8k HDR 60 FPS videos with amazing encoding and life-like experience. Idk what poop encoding you talking about cuz I only follow these above mentioned channels and I've never found shit encoding in any of their videos nor I found YouTube's bizzare compression algorithms messing with them.
  4. Mira Yurizaki

    Intel and 4k

    It depends on whether or not the HDMI 2.0 output is from the DP output of the iGPU directly to HDMI 2.0 or not, since apparently Intel's iGPUs do not have native HDMI 2.0 support yet. WikiChip claims a solution you may see is DP -> HDMI 1.4 -> HDMI 2.0. Since HDMI 1.4 can't do UHD 60Hz, it won't do HDMI 2.0 UHD 60Hz. I haven't seen anything that confirms what Ryzen APUs natively support. So it'd be better to use a DisplayPort to HDMI converter on the motherboard to get whatever you want.
  5. Velcade

    Selling pcs

    Don't do your grandma dirty like that...
  6. Well that's the issue. Cause I am not going to buy it brand new its way overpriced. However if I decided to pick one up used... we are talking about a $200 investment that would increase my performance by around 25%.
  7. Tristerin

    Selling pcs

    there is likely more value in selling off the parts than getting someone to buy that whole system as 1 piece. Unless its your grandma
  8. Minibois

    C#/Unity how to convert TextMeshProUGUI.text to int

    // Converting a string to int: int.TryParse(myString, out myInt); // Converting an int to String: string newString = myInt.ToString();
  9. We have a core2duo and an Amd A4 LOL running Win7. But they work fine enough for stuff here. I'll probably build a new office PC out of the parts bin at some point or at least help him not buy a shitty computer.
  10. Ikr. But at least the true 4k60 content from Jacob+Katie Schwarz, for eg., should display true 60 fps. I'm aware of the 24 and 30 fps standards and my eyes are mature enough to notice that sort of difference. Will report on the gaming performance soon even though I have an average cpu A10 7890k + MSI GamingX 1050ti. VU Premium Android 4k 43-OA (launched in March).
  11. Slurs Gang

    how to make money

    Clickbaiting and bullshiting. Any " How to make money fast " or " How to get rich quick" and similar video contents on Youtube are clickbaiting and bullshiting. Why would one rich person reveal to the whole world his techniques and strategies how to become rich for free? One man treasury is not going to be another man treasury.
  12. IAmAndre

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    Yeah but considering that the GPU won't be running at full load for 99% of the games I play I think I should be fine.
  13. Sauron

    how to make money

    How much money do you need? You could try babysitting.
  14. The pump, on most, is on the block.
  15. Rusted

    HP Proliant DL380 G3 Build

    If the specs I found are correct it uses DDR memory and only has a pci-x slots. Not worth the time or money.
  16. Is there as many frame drops though? Cause I hear that the 1% lows are a lot less noticiable with a i7 4790k over a i5 4690k.
  17. Very possible that a different projector is a direct swap for that head lamp, check out hidplanet forums.
  18. Oh ok, didn't have any AIO yet so I didnt know. So both I/O should be upward cause the pump is inside the big block ?
  19. bcredeur97

    Optane+SSD: Intel H10

    this is a good idea because of how fast optane can cache things but I don't want a QLC ssd unless it's REALLY LARGE in size.. because otherwise you can't write to them very much
  20. Bullzy

    Used PC advice

    Hi there, So far I am planning on buying a used pc for around £450 from a popularly used market in the UK, CEX. I have come across 3 possible systems to buy which are listed below. They are all graded as the same condition and I don't know the amount of VRAM the 980 has as it isn't stated. 1 - i5-4690K/16GB Ram/256GB SSD+1TB HDD/R9 FuryX 4GB =£435 2 - i5-7400/16GB Ram/1TB HDD/GTX1060 6GB = £430 3 - i5-4670K/16GB Ram/120GB SSD+500GB HDD/GTX980 = £430 Thanks in advance.
  21. Oh baby. Those things are notorious for air in the system. It's not a huge issue as long as the rad inlet and outlet are above the pump. Most manufacturers tell you this in the manual.
  22. I mean a 4790k is still faster than a 1950x in single threaded applications. Intel hasn't really done a major jump with single threaded since then, and the biggest jump we might see is with Zen 2.
  23. I have a question GoldenLag my guru. What RPM do the fans have to spin to keep the CPU cool and allow for max overclock ?
  24. How there could be air in a sealed AIO ?
  25. jerubedo

    Upgrading editing pc - help needed

    While the Ryzen chips are fine, if you're editing work is mostly Adobe, then Intel favors that workload by a decent margin, the same goes for raw gaming performance. You don't have to go as high as the 9900K, you can also get the 9700K and still see substantial gains. The lack of hyperthreading won't make much of a difference in Adobe software nor in any current game. I would, however, wait and see if Ryzen 3000 changes any of that. It's coming soon now. EDIT: Actually in taking a second look at some data, at least in Premiere Pro, the 9700K is functionally tied with the 2700x, and the 2700x is still cheaper, so go that route then. Depending on the codec used, the 9700K either pulls ahead by a bit or falls behind by a bit for both AME export and live playback. However, the 9700K will indeed cream the 2700x in gaming. So if the extra cash spent on the 9700K is worth it to you to have equal performance in Adobe, but better performance in gaming, that's up to you!
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