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  2. Daviido

    Windows 10 Wont Fit on 120 GB SSD?

    403 gb of 730 gb for hdd
  3. Which one should I get out of these two, GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA and ASUS PRIME X470-PRO. I have an R7 1700x.
  4. Lurick

    Windows 10 Wont Fit on 120 GB SSD?

    Other programs or files taking up space? How much space is currently used up on your hard drive?
  5. DrMacintosh

    Garageband alternative for linux

    Garage Band on the iPad is pretty cool. But you would just need a Linux compatible DAW. The major players in that industry don't really make Linux versions though.
  6. rip both of my MacBooks. the 2011 was pretty much dead already (it had a lot of issues) but suddenly my 2012 doesn't wanna work either. it has just been sitting on a shelf.... but yea... rip. 

    1. DrMacintosh


      What doesn't work about the 2012? Did it just turn off or what? Does it fan spin? Does it charge? etc

  7. I am using easeUS to migrate windows 10 from a hdd to ssd. I have deleted my whole steam library. Apparently, windows 10 wont fit on a 120gb ssd. Any help please??
  8. DrMacintosh

    [Rumour?] Huawei P30 Pro "fakes" moon photos automatically?

    It's Huawei. Their entire business model is based off of lies
  9. magicammo

    Cherry MX Red vs Silver

    yea i just bought the keyboard and if i dont like it ill return it haha. Thanks for the info ether way
  10. Thanks bro, i will try cleaning the parts, and reapplying thermal paste.
  11. so both of my MacBooks broke, and at a really unfortunate time. i was about to do some recording etc soon and for that i planned to use garageband. is there any software available on windows/linux that allows me to make a song pretty much?
  12. IgorM

    Forwarding Asterisk

    I've already set up a lot of other ports on my router so that part if fine. As far as googling it It was the first thing I've done but didn't find an option that worked
  13. Evanair

    How does LTT livestream?

    Gaffer Tape, Hopes and Dreams.
  14. brwainer

    Forwarding Asterisk

    Look up your router at https://portforward.com/router.htm or google “port forward (insert router type here)”. Also google “port forward asterisk” to find out what ports are needed.
  15. Minibois

    Cherry MX Red vs Silver

    Yeah, Browns are weird switches. Of course I can only judge from my personal experience, but I like Silver better than Red, but you should probably form your opinion by for example trying it out in a store.
  16. KingCry

    Cherry MX Red vs Silver

    Just get Gateron Clears then, the lightest switch on the market.
  17. Lady Fitzgerald

    HDD Shipments Down 18% YoY

    HDDs are becoming less relevant for consumers (although a long time from being dead) but will continue to be relevant for enterprise applications since they are so much less expensive than SSDs and will be for some time to come. There are enterprise grade SSDs available in sizes larger than HDDs but they are still far too pricey for even most enterprise applications...so far.
  18. PSA: People that use Smooth Scrolling hate the world and wish for it to burn.

  19. Lurick

    How does LTT livestream?

    Duct-tape, glue, a bit of gum, and a lot of crossed fingers usually
  20. Blai5e

    Push-Pull for radiators.

    If you live in Singapore, you'll do better to invest in an air-conditioner if you are chasing lower temperatures on your rig. As Benjeh stated, you can't get below ambient without employing exotic solutions.
  21. magicammo

    Cherry MX Red vs Silver

    i have a corsair k65 rgb i love the feel of the switches they dont feel mushy. Ive tried browns and they have this weird tactile bump to them when pushing them down and its annoying. i would like they switches to feel a bit lighter tho if they feel the same and are lighter that sounds ideal.but no too light lol
  22. floofer

    Have you ever bought merch?

    I buy Alison Wonderland merch. It’s pretty nice. (Both off AliExpress and the FMUOASL website)
  23. LoGiCalDrm

    How does LTT livestream?

    They use some of the older cameras for WAN. Like FS700.
  24. That's now idle, Looks like you need to take the thing apart, clean out the fan and cooler unit's fins. I would see if the heatsink is copper or not, if copper i'd be tempted to use liquid metal on the die, but i'd use nail polish to protect any uncovered possible shorts. but...... I'm not the common user. If you have some thermal paste its time to replace, if not thermal grizzly has very high thermal conductivity. Laptops really suffer from heat issues. Summer is a death sentence for them, high ambient temps, crappy cooler, doesn't take a genius to see that its not a good combo. Thats the best actual advice i can give you.
  25. floofer

    Regarding the LTT Water Bottle

    I’ve actually always been after the ASUS water bottle design Linus has.
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