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  2. ExtTMN

    GTX 1660 Fan issues

    Im from Brazil (Sorry for bad English). Well, it really wasn’t a cheap card, converting to usd it was around 280$ (It’s the 1660 galax 1 click OC). Well, I guess I will just use the warranty and try to get this fixed.
  3. Cool? I've used the Morpheon Dark theme for Chrome before, really looks kinda the same as this anyway.
  4. Thomas_nerd

    2700 or 2600X?

    also I would recommend the 2700x
  5. Thomas_nerd

    2700 or 2600X?

  6. Attempt 5.0GHz: Multiplier: 50 AVX Offset: -3 XMP: XMP 1 Enabled MCE: Disabled SVID Support: Disabled BLCK Aware Adaptive Voltage: Disabled CPU Core/Cache Voltage: 1.375 Result: - Cinebench r15: Passed. - Prime95 v26.6 3 minutes: Failed - After 3 minutes 1 worker failed saying "Fatal Error: rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4". - Prime95 temps: Only ran for 3 minutes, but max was 83c. - Prime95 questions: General questions: In my attempt to hit 5.0GHz i tryid 1.36v, 1.37v and got BSOD during Prime95. I then tryid with 1.375v and after 3 minutes a worker failed, saying the above. From what i can read online, it means my overclock is unstable, and i need to add more voltages. However, i feel 1.375v is already pretty high. Is there some OC/BIOS settings that i need to change before attempting with 1.38v ?
  7. which is better for gaming and works? with B450 board. 2700 have RGB cool like 2700X?
  8. Princess Cadence

    More Badges/Industry affialiate thing

    I would like if we had more meta based badges for little achievements other than BOINC and Folding...
  9. hey guys would this work. if you got a CPU heatsink or a graphics card heatsink and remove the fans and then place the motherboard upside down or put it in the case and fill the case half full of water (not half empty) and turn it on it`s side and then make sure that it is only touching the heatsink and nothing else, and then hopefully cooling performance should improve. also if anyone does a video on it (cough..Linus … cough). Thanks Thomas
  10. Radium_Angel

    A Bad Day at Work

    Fair enough. I'll stop posting
  11. Princess Cadence

    So I 'need' a second PC on a budget

    Why not just grab a Ryzen APU? those are very cheap to put together and perfectly capable without the hassle and possible headaches of dealing with notably old hardware.
  12. Have a Galaxy S6 G920T, TMobile version, that needs serious help at this point. I've tried searching through the XDA website but my version of the phone doesn't seem to be that popular and supported. Do you guys have any roms that would help breathe new life to this dying phone of mine?
  13. There was previous talk that 7nm was still on schedule as it was worked separate and is not directly impacted by 10nm delays, although I'm not sure they ever said what that schedule was. Also due to differences in the way Intel specify their process compared to others, their numbers could be seen as one step offset e.g. Intel 10nm would be comparable to other 7nm. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14274/intel-starts-qualification-of-10nm-ice-lake-cpus-raises-10nm-volume Mobile 10nm towards end of 2019, 10nm server parts in 2020, no word on desktop. Mobile part Ice Lake will be based on Sunny Cove microarchitecture, the first significant change since Skylake. It will be interesting to see how that performs even if we wont see it on desktop any time soon. So, how many Zen 2 systems will I build in that time?
  14. Link doesn't work (blocked)
  15. Princess Cadence

    Should I build a PC now or wait?

    The i5 9600K and RTX 2070 are really bad "value" alternatives on the great scheme of things right now, personally speaking if you want Intel it only makes sense if you go i7 8700K and beyond otherwise Ryzen 5 2600 / 2600X more often than not offers better value. RTX 2070 is only 10% faster than the RTX 2060 on average but can cost as high as 60% more, the Vega56 and Vega64 (and the mentioned RTX 2060) often offers much superior gaming advantage. The i5 9600K only makes sense if you'll go 1080p144hz/240hz and you can't afford the i7 8700K, although even then I'd strongly consider an i7 8700 locked on a cheaper b360 board. Where are you from and what's your budget and display of choice?
  16. GeneXiS_X

    Buying New Laptop for Travels

    Lenovo Legion Y530 81FV000CMX, 81FV011WMX
  17. Intern: Nvidia: *Drops 1650 on desk* Stretch the truth a little, nothing drastic or dramatic.
  18. Constantin

    GTX 1660 Fan issues

    You Get what you'r paying for....... This is not even a budget Card Edit: what country are they selling those?
  19. JuztBe

    Should I build a PC now or wait?

    Forget Intel's 10nm. Not gonna happen for consumer products any time soon. Meanwhile Zen2 is something to think about. In your position I'd probably get it now. It's 50/50 IMO, can go either way, wait or buy.
  20. TVwazhere

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    Ask, and ye shall receive Good luck with the event guys!
  21. Hi, so my main rig is nothing special (i5 3470, GTX 780, 16GB DDR3) but I need a second PC to have at my grandparent's house, and, to cut a long story short, I really want to use a cheap 771 Xeon, because honestly they provide the best value for money, and because of that glitch on Wish where you could get a 550ti for free (basically) I don't know what Xeon to get, or how much DDR2 I'll need for it not to bottleneck the rest of the system, and for reference, I have a few decent 775 boards and some 771-775 adapters, also can you O/C 771 Xeons on 775 boards? And finally, I have a 500w psu, will that be enough? Thanks, David
  22. BananaInSandals

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    Noob here so apologies if what I'm saying sounds really dumb. Is it possible to run this on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ (or even a Zero WH)? I only have a laptop (poorly built one imo by HP with 7700HQ and 1050 hitting 90+C when at full load and whiny fans) and it's summer here with 30C. Definitely don't want to use my laptop as a frying pan atm but still want to contribute. Have a 3b+ and two Zero WH sitting around after my uni project so thinking of using them instead if it's possible. Thx
  23. Tap the gauntlet IMG_20190426_193209.thumb.jpg.41a6a7e98c6d28483421e1c5ffb79410.jpg

    1. Techstorm970





    2. Hiya!


      Just discovered it lol 

      If you tap it again it will activate the time stone and bring those search history back 

  24. So as the title says, I’m planning on getting a PC i used to be an avid gamer but uni and work got in the way, now I have some free time and I can game a bit, I currently have a MacBook which is more than enough for my uni and work needs, but not enough for gaming mu current plan for a build is a 9600k and a 2070. But I heard that intel is going to release a 10nm chip which will be a massive upgrade, should I get the new rig or wait?
  25. TheXeno

    Morse Code Help

    So I have been trying to crack this code for a while now but I'm an amateur and its very hard for me, if you know morse code I would much appreciate the help. I slowed it down to .25x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJZbPHLZf_g&feature=youtu.be
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