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  3. Any reason you need to upgrade? The ax760 whilst older is a really good unit.
  4. scrubbing with rubbing alcohol, could be hard for those in between fins
  5. Omg thank you lol,the other actually is broken,so simple yet it never came to my mind
  6. Use Resource Monitor to check which process and file is running high.
  7. No, the metal stays intact, just a bit scratched since i scraped it with a metal piece of some sort.
  8. BOY HOWDY that was quick! Glad i came here first because it sounds like its back to the drawing board for me. Sincerely appreciate these opinions, knew i wouldn't regret coming here!
  9. i dont think you can put a 3000 series on a 300 chipset board. theres 400s that support 3000 series with a bios update. but havent heard of a 300 series able to
  10. I imagine they mean cable mod as in the company CableMod who have regularly sponsored LTT for cables, often custom lengths, colours and styles. They provide aftermarket cables for PCs. I've never needed to use them.
  11. Check the build with another PSU.
  12. But not enough for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 who needs 2 petabytes of storage
  13. Have you tried putting the GPU in a different PCIe slot?
  14. I'm considering upgrading from a Corsair AX760 to either a Corsair HX850i or HX1200i does anyone know if any of my existing custom cables could be used on either of the new supplies?
  15. Hey, welcome to the forum. What program is using so much HDD activity? Could it be a virus, perhaps? (Have you run a virus scan?)
  16. Checked for Virus's or Trojan's?
  17. Noah0302

    Stand Microphone

    The Amazon basics one is ok. 30€ You have to get pretty close though. https://www.amazon.de/AmazonBasics-LJ-DCM-003-Mini-Kondensatormikrofon-Tischmikrofon-Silber/dp/B076ZSR6BB/ref=sr_1_7?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=amazon%2Bbasics%2Bmikrofon&qid=1582713658&sr=8-7&th=1
  18. Thanks for replying! I might actually think of it! Thing is I gotta be 100% sure it'll run MacOS, But I guess you wouldn't even have replied if it didn't run... Do you happen to have any advice about going AMD ? I know I might to trick some things here and there with the kernel because of it. Also I thought I could go with a ryzen 3 2600 or 2600g... I know I'd be more covered in the future with a ryzen 5 but I do own custom build PC with an i5-9600k so I'm not going to need the second for power tasks or anything it is more like a build to use for stuff I wouldn't do on my main PC, you know to experiment a little with softwares and OSs and stuff. I appreciate you replying, really,thanks P.S. I forgot that "F" series by intel don't have dedicated graphics so I also might just go with an i3-9100 and pay the little extra but I wouldn't need to pay for the gpu, would I ?
  19. Hello! My hard drive is constantly running in 100% in task manager. I’ve tried all fixes there is to try on the internet and nothing works. But as soon as I disconnect my internet cable it goes back to like 4-6% and when I connect it it rockets up to 100%
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