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  2. Labeled

    Laptop Upgrade

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/323422347808 it would plug in where it says HDD1 on the board. Something like this, however you should find a part list for your model to find the exact part because I can't promise that will work. you might be able to get it from HP if you contact them directly. When talking about laptops it's important to always use the exact model number, not just the specs. like for example, I have an hp envy 13 ah0051wm. With that people can find the specific hardware for the model. It is more important in laptops where they will use custom connections over the standards desktops use.
  3. jerubedo

    Will This work out?

    That was TEN years ago. No it's not as common as you make it sound. Only in the most demanding titles that use more than 8GB which is still rare. No of course not. I use on average 3 tabs at once like a human being. I'm not one of those people that have 15+ tabs open like a maniac. 30 FPS is a horrid experience on any resolution. Come on now. Yeah sure, tear down minor celebrities now who are well known and established within the tech community just because he made a recommendation not aligning with your elitist view on how a PC should be built and how everyone else should think. YOU obviously care a lot more about load times than FPS whereas most people would be the opposite. You care about upgradeability when many people want a one and done experience anyway. You want the peace of mind of having a "better" motherboard even though most people wouldn't ever know the difference and would be happy in ignorant bliss while enjoying the system and NOT having the motherboard die.
  4. awsomea3

    Rate my build and recommend stuff

    Those things being said, i did say that i want to keep this an intel build. May purely be preferance for intel but i have had my fair share of amd products and driver issues to not want to feature them in my build this time around. Is there any comments to be made on things that aren't cpu related as it will be an intel build.
  5. Rexper

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Don't judge by brand. Especially when they're using a different OEM than usual. A video is useless, not results. There is no methodology or hard figures, therefore impossible to compare to other PSUs. When I turn my headphones down that EVGA GD is pretty darn quiet
  6. Sephiroth720

    Dirt Rally - GTX 690 Weirdness

    Hey Everyone, I've just installed & benchmarked Dirt Rally on my system and have been pleasantly surprised with the fps that I'm getting. However, while benchmarking I have experienced a weird "flash" intermittently throughout. I have posted a non-listed youtube video for reference. This also occurs during normal gameplay however, only with this game. I have not had any trouble with this GPU at all (Still runs fantastic and sits comfortably @ 70c while in-game.
  7. GoldenLag

    Laptop advice! Budget 700/800€ max

    Look for used Surface Laptops then. You are gonna be hard pressed to find sonething better than the laptops i picket around that budget. Perhaps look at Dell XPS devices. Used or otherwise.
  8. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    yeah though I prefer to keep my graphical detail atleast at medium settings.Thanks oh and ah will overclocking my gpu make my fps higher if im cpu limited?
  9. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    I see,thanks oh and ah will overclocking my gpu increase my fps if Im cpu limited?
  10. GoldenLag

    Will This work out?

    I would reffer to the failure of AM3 boards and the total lack of care and time put into B series boards and A series boards. But lets be happy these types of boards sell poorly enough that its hard to build data. A lot of people not neccesarly you. Tweaking with setting is something you will have to do anyway. But say hello to page filing. Not only makes it the slower load times worse. It quickly degrades any normal usage aswell as pagefiling is very common in 8GB of Ram systems. It will take a second. And while you might be fine with pagefiling it certainly slows down the system. And pagediling does happen. And it happens a lot. Do you have more than 4 chrome tabs open? Well you will most likely start to pagefile. Opened a game? Instant pagefile. It happens, and it happens a lot. Its a constant 30 fps on upscaled 4k. Its a more constant optimized experience. And you do not have to deal with a poor motherboard and resale is more or less constant as the PS4 Pro will be forwards compatible with the PS5 (Based on Sony statements) Well....... Remind me to write down not to look towards Jayz (not a wellknown budget PC compiler) for budget recommendations. Also late 2017 we still had a GPU crisis and a very high nand flash crisis. And him suggesting a A series board is hobestly a crime. B series board being very cheap at the time
  11. Labeled


    Does it stay high, or does it come back down? Are you on a HDD or SSD? Contrary to popular belief you WANT disk usage to spike when opening something, because that will mean it is opening as fast as it can. If your windows install is failing, you're 100% losing the disk. Get a new one. Torrenting will cause higher disk usage when seeding or downloading because it is constantly writing and reading data. uTorrent has ads, ads are easily comprimised and usually the main source of website contamination. You should find a client to use that doesn't have ads. Torrenting it self doesn't mean piracy, so just don't mention what you use it for. I understand in some countries it's not easy to get media you might want to view but that doesn't mean it isn't still piracy. There is no best linux distro, you'll have to go through trying out a bunch of different distros and make that descision yourself. I myself prefer Solus. Games heavy on your cpu and GPU are not bad for them, I don't really understand why you've mentioned it this way. High utilization of any component is not inherently bad. getting 90-100% cpu and gpu usage as long as it isn't causing the system to hang will mean that a game is using all of the resources it can and is running the best it can on your hardware. I'm not really sure why you're using download managers anymore in 2019, back before modern browsers they were needed because they handled downloads better than browsers did. however all modern browsers now handle downloads really well even being able to pause and resume under most circumstances. Is there any particular reason you're downloading youtube videos? generally they aren't going anywhere you can just put them into a playlist. TLDR; probably HDD failure, just get a new one and you'll be fine. Unless you're trying to use a pirated version of windows, then maybe just switch to linux anyway.
  12. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    wait 80%?that much?
  13. it_dont_work

    Has LMG's YouTube content gotten Better or Worse?

    Neither better or worse, just seems to be engaging with a different audience then probably 2-3 years ago. I mean would be stupid to offer the same old content if they're trying to run a successful company/channel. That said, much of what they produce doesn't really interest me that much, I tend to always watch the wan show though. The videos they make are easily breaking 1mil views on average, little hard for someone to make the argument the content isn't as good with that kind of engagement
  14. trevb0t

    GTX 1070 or Vega 56

    Both fine options. The 1660Ti is comparable and less pricey then both in the U.S.
  15. Which Gen PCI-e? As long as a mobo has a PCI-e slot any graphics card is supported with older generation PCI-e slots holding the GPU potential back a bit.
  16. shazammm

    NEW PSU Tier List

    are you satisfied with your cx550m? @LienusLateTips
  17. jerubedo

    Will This work out?

    JayzTwoCentz recommended THIS YEAR getting an HDD instead of an SSD if the budget was too tight and you needed to spend the least amount possible. He also, in his budget build late 2017, used an EVGA 430w 80+ unit alongside a Gigabyte A320m-HD2.
  18. Paparachipupopep

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    Just coming in to applaud the changes to LTT Youtube video titles going forward. I have now watched videos that I probably never would have under the previous system. For instance, I probably never would have watched the recent Aero 15 review, except for catching the back half of what's now the title. Before, all I would have seen is a clickbait title and picture of a laptop, and passed it by. However, I'm specifically interested in Gigabyte's Aero series, and I didn't notice until after watching the review that the video thumbnail had "Aero" on the screen of the laptop. I watched Linus' explanation of titles, and I see where's he's coming from, but stuff like that is too subtle (especially depending on your device and the size of the thumbnail image to see "Aero"), or in other cases there were too many degrees of separation. After watching the explanation in the GoXLR video, I feel good about LMG as a company.
  19. mr moose

    Trends on Linus fora

    This post is some of the best AI I have seen on the forums On a serious note, You know most of the posts around here are real people because you couldn't program a computer to be that illogical without burning out a few crucial chips in the process.
  20. you ever think about how after boss key productions shut down, cliff bleszinski retreated to his safe cafe business ventures in raleigh, NC while ex-BKP employees were left with no severance pay, no job and no idea how they'll pay the bills or feed their families

    1. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      It's stories like that which makes me happy that I'm in a union. 

      Yes, they have their downsides, but I think that they are a nessacary evil. 

    2. Nowak


      The video game industry is pretty notorious for having zero unionization and terrible job security. Government won't do anything about it because IT's NoT a ReAl JoB and these big game companies would rather line the pockets of their executives than treat employees like people (see: Activision-Blizzard giving their new CFO a $15m bonus package when they assumed the role before laying off 800 employees worldwide, after bragging about RECORD PROFITS!!! no less).


      Unionize the games industry!

  21. Electronics Wizardy

    My Storage Drives Won't Load

    Nothing looks super bad on that hdd, but its getting a bit old, id try swapping it.
  22. GrennyR

    How Did You Get with Your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)?

    OK Cupid. We talked about shake weights, snuggies, and sham-wows. Couldn't ask for a better relationship
  23. Anlin Albert

    My Storage Drives Won't Load

    Just tested, both the drive seems good.
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