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  2. table6811

    Discrete Graphics Card

    Hi, I wanted to know whether a discrete graphics card can use more ram then it has. For example I know the 2070 has 8 GB of memory on it but if it runs out of memory is it able to use some of the system memory/ram and is this specific to Nvidia or AMD e.g. the Vega 56 also had 8 GB of memory so is it able to use more system memory/ram if it needs to.
  3. In the video he actually says that the RTX 2060 is the better buy.
  4. Teddy07

    Thunderbolt 3 and external gpu

    No because Apple doesn´t want you to do that.
  5. TVwazhere

    Making a Desk Drawer Case - Part 2

    AS a side note I voted leave the bottom drawer alone, but I really do like the UPS idea. The problem is I feel like they come in different shapes and sizes (and their outlets are sometimes in the back, sometimes on top depending on the style) Perhaps leave the back of the bottom drawer with either a punch-ed out cutout, or a door to open/close depending on if wires need to go through or not. I do wonder where you're going to slip the power supply, unless the drawer will have a hidden basement level where the hard drives and PSU will hide. I like the idea of optionally having a second side drawer option, mostly just for extra storage not being PC related. I'm saying No to RGB NOT (just becasue) I'm personally against most RGB implementations, but because for maximum compatibility with a end users RGB ecosystem of choice, it might be best to leave that decision to the end user, but leave good locations for RGB strips to be placed for lighting. If you do end up having a higher tier option with the RGB, then the best bet is one that's compatible with motherboards (and not proprietary like NZXT or Corsair). One concern I do have is how moherboard I/O will reach peripherals like USB ports, Display cables, audio jacks, Wireless cards, etc. While extension cables seem like a logical idea (with termination close to the back of the table wall for users to plug into) you'd first have to have multiple different options for users who want to use either DP or HDMI, How many USB plugs they needs, any audio jacks ETC. Youd then have to make sure the connections are both quality and have enough flex to not put strain on anything when opening the drawer. One option I see around this is to have a swing door on the outside of the drawer section (optionally this door should have fan mounts for Airflow) but as to allow access to peripherals that would need to be plugged/unplugged when the PC needs to be opened. I drew a super quick sketch at work for explanation
  6. From what i understand this graph is showing that, compared to a 1660ti, on a total system budget of 750, 1000, and 1500, The GTX 1070 when on a 750,1000, or 1500 budget has the same value in regards to price performance as the 1660ti, however for the cost of the card vs total system budget, and its performance given, the RX 590 is a better choice. Atleast thats how it looks to me, though im sure in the vid he explains it better, it could be the opposite way around tbh.
  7. Princess Cadence

    friends rx 470 died suddenly

    He bought it brand new or used?
  8. I'm looking for some 1366 Xeons to test a board I have, I've found a pair of Mac pro Xeons for pretty much nothing on eBay. WIll they work in other boards, or would Apple have pulled an Apple and got farked CPU's to prevent replacement with non-apple provided parts?
  9. I think it's price to performance at that price point within those budgets. I.E. it's equally worth it vs a 1070 in a $1,000 budget and a $1,500 budget and an even better value over the RX 590 in every budget. IDK exactly though lol. They probably said it somewhere in that video
  10. sure. this page details what drivers you will get for old cards. we're interested in the open source drivers here. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg#AMD the reason this is important is for running games with DXVK and stuff on Linux you'd want a card that supports AMDGPU but since you will be gaming on a Windows VM this isn't important. you can basically use anything you'd like since you won't need the AMDGPU driver. also keep that site saved somewhere. it contains pretty much all documentation available for Arch Linux which Manjaro is based on. if you have an issue with something consult the Arch Wiki and you'll pretty much always find an answer. do keep in mind that it's made for people who know what they're doing and pretty much documents everything with terminal commands.
  11. GeneXiS_X

    What do you guys think of the Y540?

    It's basically the same with Y530. Need to wait whether the cooling solution can tame those 9th gen CPU and 16 series cards Honestly speaking, 9th gen+16 series laptops will probably launch on 23rd, therefore I suggest you to hold on the purchase. Buy later
  12. So I've picked this up from google express for $40 and I have some questions for people who have had or currently have this keyboard. Is the backlight only green? (I hope it's RGB) Are there any extra function keys like Corsair's G keys? How are your overall opinions of the keyboard? Anything else I should know about? Thanks!
  13. MrMG

    Newb Projects of mine

    The best way to do this would be to write a program that directly communicates with their Servers. You can use their API for that: https://developer.riotgames.com/ If you don't know how to do API calls you should probably learn that first. It can be easy or hard depending on the programming language you are using. I think python or Javascript can do this very easily.
  14. 9th gen+16 series will probably arrive on 23rd according to lots of teasers and pre-orders I've seen

    No photo description available.

    credits to Illegear

  15. tcmal


    https://system76.com/desktops/meerkat Anyone bought from these guys? Specifically the Meerkat.
  16. ELSknutson

    Top gaming keyboard?

    Basically anything from Logitech I have had my G710 for over 5 years now and it looks the same as the day I got it minus a little dust. Also I believe @LinusTech still uses the same G710 that he has been using for years as well . Logitech makes long lasting durable products. I have had 3 keyboards in the past 13 years all were Logitech. My first was the G15, 510, 710. https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gaming-keyboards/g610-orion-keyboard.html https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gaming-keyboards.html
  17. sohail14

    in game settings dolby atmos for headphone pc

    i have cloud alpha so i need to select to 7.1(5.1) right ? but what about real time binaural option in game does i need to off or on ?
  18. Shay.an.tan

    Need help in deciding a proper m.2 ssd upgrade

    500gigs will do for me. I saw Intel 660p. It's a good budget option. I also think AHCI mode should work coz RAID is used by Intel Optane to combine the optane module and hdd as one single drive
  19. Mick Naughty

    I can hear my rad fans at 400rpm :(

    Id take anything over what you have. But yes, Id take those now that they offer them in black. I cant hear my 2k fans 600. Slight hum at 700 but that's mainly the 140mm versions.
  20. jstudrawa

    can you raid 0 these?

    If you can afford it, I would upgrade to either another 1TB 7200rpm drive and RAID 0 those or if you can, pop in an SSD (even the cheapest is a big upgrade for load times).
  21. Hi, I was expecting the video in which Linus elaborates on this concept but it hasn't come yet, unless I missed you. Can anyone explain what the attached graph means? Thanks
  22. William Gaming

    can you raid 0 these?

  23. xxaj


    So I had to buy an entirely new two day pass to get a BYOC seat, any way I can get one of my original two day pass tickets refunded?
  24. jstudrawa

    can you raid 0 these?

    Size doesn't matter (in this case at least). Are you trying to make game libraries load faster?
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