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  2. That's what I did. I was not even able to see the GSync menu with the HDMI cable. I can see it only with the DP cable. Anyways, I think I found the issue as it is working perfectly now. Here is what I did : - Install the display driver that I got from the MSI website (not the NVidia driver, I am talking the monitor drivers) - Activate freesync in the monitor settings (with the monitor buttons) - Activate G-Sync in the NVidia controle panel Done ! Just be aware that you should not restaure to default settings the monitor unless you want to see everything in 640*480. Yes, I did that, and I had to hard reboot the computer to get back to something usable...
  3. Brandons cute doggo:
  4. Mostly RPGs. No hours to brag about, but I rotate between the same library of games every time I finish/get tired of one. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (Oh... oh, the good old days...) Neverwinter Nights 2: Platinum Edition Fallout: New Vegas World of Warcraft Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 Dragon Age: O, 2, I Skyrim Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Sometimes a try a new game, sometimes it gets added to the cycle.
  5. "will touching computer parts when turned on kill you" as fast as possible
  6. Sean Avery is living proof that not all Canadians are nice pacifists who will apologize for everything.

  7. Thank you guys. Qualmed my fears that I fucked up big time. I already bought the processor, was doing research on it for a while, but never checked this (somehow) until now. A million thank yous!
  8. Hello, If those models exist in 550/650W it would be more than enough. They are both good so look at the one with the longer warranty
  9. Canoe

    corona virus

    https://doi.org/10.1126/science.abb2507 Cryo-EM structure of the 2019-nCoV spike in the prefusion conformation
  10. I mean, saying the GPU is underpowered sort of means nothing. Yes.... it is underpowered, when compared to a RTX 2080 or a 2080 ti, or a 1080 ti. But for 1080p gaming, it’s overkill. The idea of a bottleneck is largely misunderstood. That chart is likely saying “compared to the max potential of the CPU, the 1080 is not going to give you the full potential the CPU has to offer”, which is obviously true. A RTX 2080 ti would provide you more FPS. But this is just useful information. That doesn’t mean the 1080 is a bad option, it just means “yes, faster options exist”.
  11. I don't know if they do it anymore, but back in the day, Lenovo, HP and some others did it just to force their customers to buy any replacement-parts and upgrades from them at a highly inflated price. I had to remove just such a whitelist from one old HP-laptop I had some years ago so I could swap in a better WiFi-card.
  12. Hello, Bottleneck checkers are pure trash. Your 1080p will be very good with the 3700x.
  13. Thank you mack_50cal your solution worked for me it's started when I started to play star wars fallen order after playing like 30 minutes my display went out and my GPU fans were at there full speed to come out from that infinite loop I need to hard reset my pc by pressing power button I thought it was just a game who is crashing like that my other games were not crashing on that time I used to play tekken 7, rainbow 6 but they don't crash like star wars so I stoped playing star wars but then it started to interfere in my other games to so I installed riva tuner and msi afterburner to check my GPU temp it's look ok but whenever I start any game for 5 like minutes later again that black screen and full speed GPU so I figured out it was all GPU temperature because on ideal it was like 40 to 45 while opening games that was like 68 to 74 but the screen went out when I use to play game sudden increase in the temperature causes this shit so after applying thermal paste it's all fine no black screen no full speed GPU and my temperature is decreased by 10 to 15 degree earlier it was used to be like 70 to 74 at high settings while playing rainbow six now it's between 63 to 66 at ultra Thank you Note:- I have msi rx480 8gb gamingx edition if you're reading this and facing the same problem you should try this method only if you're GPU warranty is over
  14. Hi, nice to see new guy, hwo collect old parts. Good start.
  15. I am currently trying to build a pc in an original xbox case that I got from a broken xbox. My current specs are: CPU: i5-9600k Motherboard: Asrock Z370 Fatal1ty ITX Ram: 2x8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i Graphics Card: Zotac GTX 1080 Mini SSD: 1TB Crucial P1 NVMe SSD Because of the case constraints a SFX PSU will not fit. I was planning to use a 400W HDPlex PSU, but they are currently out of stock so I am looking for other options. I measured it out and I should be able to fit a standard flex ATX PSU in the case with dimensions of 150mm (L) × 81.5 mm (W) × 40.5mm (H). My questions are: 1) What wattage do I need to power this build? 2) Any recommendations for PSUs? If you need more information don't hesitate to ask.
  16. Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to write this down, but I couldn’t find a specific one. I’m looking to build my home office rig computer for AR, VR, real time App development and such. Mostly for Substance, Unreal Engine, After Effects, and others like photoshop and the like. I don’t have a specific budget, but what I’m thinking of doing it’s a bit unusual and I have some questions about the performance. so this is my idea: My site is about 8 mts away from my desk, and I don’t want a pc case standing by my desk for several reasons (my desk is not against the wall, I have 2 dogs, space is somewhat limited on the desk area) So I was thinking of building a rig for rack and using the UTP cable under the floor to send the HDMI from my site to the Desk and just connect the Monitors at the desk. Mouse and keyboard to the monitors and leaving the pc at the site area on a rack. Would this be viable? Would this give me insane input lag? Slow graphics? From my understanding there shouldn’t be any problem (on paper at least) but before buying the whole thing I just want to make sure there won’t be any problems. a bit more detail: I have my USP plugged to the wall where I have all my other connections (from tv, home theater, ps4, switch, nvr, controller, usg, ap, and also both electric outlets at the desk). At my desk I have 2 electric outlets, one RJ45 jack straight from the switch and one for IP line (phone, not sure how it called in English). So having the rig at the site would be connected to the USP, but the monitors would also be connected too. I still have space in the PVC to send more UTP Cat6A in case it’s needed. Am I missing something? Is it even possible to do something like this? Or am I completely nuts and this project is not possible? Please Help! Thank you for all your help in advance, envy comment, critique or suggestions are more than welcome!! Best Regards!!
  17. I've never really trusted Bottleneck tester as is sometimes tells you that "you have bad performance" in terms of bottlenecks when in reality the system in question is just fine. In this case a 1080 paired with a 3700X will be just fine.
  18. You'll always have a bottleneck somewhere. That set up is perfectly fine. I wouldn't get the 3700x though. Just hold on until the next gen comes out.
  19. Well, Linus kept saying "Seagate gave us", not "Seagate sold us/we bought from Seagate". So it's easier if manufacturer hands you over a fuck ton of drives opposed to buying fuck ton of drives. Coz no one who's building a massive storage server like this goes like "Nah, we'll just toss in some Ironwolves, ups they are for NAS, then we'll toss in some Exos. Oh and while we're at it, we're gonna toss in some SSD's for the lolz". No one does that. When you buy something this huge and this expensive you damn well research and plan the thing. Which didn't seem to be the case here. For Seagate it's a drop in the ocean as far as expenses go even for so many drives, but it's a nice promotion for them. So I guess it's win for both, promotion for Seagate and Linus will keep it to work on his future videos.
  20. I have searched all over, for answers to this, but i've seen mixed answers. How well will a GTX 1080 work with a Ryzen 7 3700x in 1080p? I went to bottlenecker to check what the bottleneck was, and it was saying my GPU is underpowered, by like a lot. (pictured below) Should I invest in a new GPU or will it be fine enough? I play a lot of games, and i'm a video editor. Also, my current processor is a Ryzen 5 1600, was it a reasonable upgrade?
  21. EVGA customer support is TOP NOTCH. At least it was years ago last time I felt with them. But they bought my brand loyalty with it.
  22. Hey there I'm referring to this tier of PSU's but I'm stuck between these two options for the Tier A+ in the list that was provided. I am in Canada so keep in mind of $CAD currency I currently have a very old PSU from my old build and I am in need to upgrade it soon, I recently got a 3900x as a gift and now I need a new PSU because my current one is very outdated, its a EVGA SuperNova NEX 750W 80+ Gold I had it for about 7-8 years now. My current build consist of components like 3900x obviously, and a 2070 RTX super Right now the two PSUs I have my eye's on are the: be quiet! Straight Power 11 750W Gold, and Deepcool DQ750M Gold both full modular. https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=33_441&item_id=151161 https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=33_441&item_id=123886 They are both $149
  23. What the poster above me said. Basically, never run dual GPU’s unless you already have the highest performing single GPU. Your better off selling the 580 and buying a better single card with the money you made and the money you would have spent on a second. Crossfire and SLI really are dead... Also, 1000w is extreme overkill, and takes you way out of the “efficiency” zone of the PSU. The rig in my sig, 8700k @5ghz and rtx 2080 @1995 MHz, d5 pump, lots of fans etc, only draws about 480-500 watts. PC’s have come a very long way as far as efficiency goes, well, to be fair, in every way. But a 650 watt is enough for just about any consumer chip/single GPU setup. Seriously, don’t go crossfire, in most situations it will likely just make your gameplay worse. Micro stutter and driver support/issues will drive you insane. You can save some cash by going with a cheaper mobo, as they really don’t help performance much. But I assume that particular board fits the white theme, so, obviously that’s a consideration. Only thing I can really say is the PSU option is great, don’t worry, that’s plenty of power. And don’t get a second GPU, just save the money and upgrade later. It’s seriously not at all worth it.
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