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  2. Bouzoo

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    It was the climax of a 10 year 22 movie setup. I'm not sure what can top that.
  3. mr moose

    Any tips for my budget build?

    If you are upgrading the GPU you may mot have a choice but to upgrade the PSU. Not all generic PSU's have the connectors let alone the supply for a GPU. You don't need a flash PSU by the way, so Long as it is branded (not generic or unknown), a cheaper one will work fine. I put the cheaper Corsair and gigabyte stuff in all my budget builds.
  4. Labeled

    USB Ports not getting enough Power

    Have you tried unplugging everything except display and kb/m?
  5. Both are good models so no point of doing a comparison video Spectre x360 13 is a convertible, XPS 13 uses brighter display
  6. xAcid9

    Extremely low FPS on GTA V (lowest settings)

    SIngle Player.
  7. For Science!

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Good to see you made it over here too @AlexTzone For anyone interested, here were my thoughts about the case in some length
  8. _Syn_

    Best 1080p gpu for my fav game

    Yeah go for the RTX 2060 then, wouldn't recommend the 2070 because it's only a small performance bump and it costs 150$ more
  9. LienusLateTips

    New PC help

    SOME high end GPUs... really depends on the specific card. With higher performing, non protection broken units for around the same price, I'd just go for those...
  10. dalekphalm

    A Game of Thrones Poll

    Please remove the link - if you want to pirate GOT on your own privately, that’s your choice (and I don’t necessarily blame those that do, given the historical cost associated with subscribing to HBO). But it’s against the forum rules. On topic, if dany and/or Jon survive, they’ll take the throne. There’s basically no chance that Arya gets it if either of them are still alive. I wouldn't rule out both dying, but I don’t think that’s the most likely. Frankly i think - however much this might piss off the hardcore fans - that they’re going to go the fan service route and dany/Jon will both live, and become joint rulers. If that happens, I’m okay with it, assuming the writing is done well. I’m pretty much game for anything, as long as it isn’t Cersei
  11. GeneXiS_X

    Office laptop for my mom

    Then Dell Latitude 7000 series or HP Elitebook 800/1000 series
  12. JayzSub

    Best 1080p gpu for my fav game

    kay thanks
  13. quakeguy81

    Best 1080p gpu for my fav game

    RTX 2070 isn't bad if you can afford it, otherwise an RTX 2060 or GTX 1660 Ti will get the job done.
  14. crosstiger

    This is getting ridiculous...

    Even if it sounds to "simple". Just don't buy a game if its not available on your launcher of choice. I currently only have steam and uplay installed. Do I miss out on some games? Yes of course. But I don't care. If I can't buy it on steam or uplay I'm not gonna buy it at all. If you don't like the current situation you don't have to be part of it.
  15. Hey Guys, I'm in a really early stage of planning but need your help on a few decision. My current Build running Windows 10 mostly for Gaming: For Productivity Work (Photo and Light Video Editing as well as Web and Unity Coding) I'm using my MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013. Since I'm developing a lot of mac and iOS apps I'm kind of stuck with OSX and have come to like it quite much (Lets not start a discussion on Win vs Linux vs OSX here). Since the MacBook is getting old and I would like a bit more powerful machine I was thinking about building a hackintosh (good that we are allowed to talk about that). Now to the more Problematic stuff: I will still need both Windows and OSX. I don't want separate workplaces (Both OSX and Windows should be connected to the same peripherals) switching between both OS should be as easy and fast as possible. Running both at the same time would be favorable. being able to run MacOs Mojave would be great. I was considering running Windows and OSX as VMS and have a Linux as a plus but having two separate machines would also be possible. I would like to reuse as much as possible of my hardware since it's still keeping up with my needs. For OSX I'm thinking of getting a RX 570 since Drivers for Nvdia are problematic and I don't need that much gpu power on the mac side. Let's start a brainstorming session. What way would you guy's go and what hardware would you suggest.
  16. silentwitness

    Lights and fans upgrade help

    i was checking out the CORSAIR CL-9011109-WW Lighting Node PRO and the Corsair LL120 fans and just wanted to confirm what software you used to control the lights, i was reading reviews and it mentions "corsair Link" but for my keyboard and mousepad i am using Icue.
  17. kingmustard

    Turning PC on remotely?

    My PC (Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V) is connected to a D-Link GO-SW-5H (unmanaged switch), which is connected to a Virgin Media Hub 3.0 (Arris VMDG505 / TG2492LG-VM) (wireless router). Is it possible to turn my PC on from my mobile phone whilst I'm away from the PC?
  18. JayzSub

    Best 1080p gpu for my fav game

    im hoping at least 70 - 100 fps my monitor is an msi 1080p 120 hrtz 1ms screen
  19. dalekphalm

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    Yeah it was almost a bit of a Tolkien Lord of the Rings/Return of the King vibe going on. It was so satisfying to see the different armies from the various factions and races come together.
  20. It will either just slow down or crash (if you have pagefiling disabled)
  21. So here is the deal, I am running 2 internet connections right now, because I am in Australia its incredibly hard to get gigabit and I need to get a business plan. But however the ping/latency on the gigabit connection is horrible at around 50/60 ms. But however on the other connection I am getting a solid 2-20 ping. But the upload speed on the low latency connection is not nearly good enough to stream. I have a spare PC but it is annoying to setup and I dont have the right equipment. I was thinking if I connected to one via Ethernet and the other via Wireless, so I could stream via Gigabit and play on the low latency. I did a bit of research but it included expired links ect. Is this possible and if so, how??? Cheers Oliver
  22. VegetableStu

    M.2 PCIe x2 SSD in SATA-only slot?

    no ._. sorry
  23. Running a google chrome while running bluestacks on 2GB RAM. What happens? My Specs: AMD Athlon X2 250 ATI HD 3200 (Sometimes Driver Crashes) 2GB RAM My Computer is Pre-Build (Acer Veriton M420).
  24. _Syn_

    Best 1080p gpu for my fav game

    that's quite a huge range of GPU's.. from 220$ to 500$, if you only wanna play COD and SOT at 1080p and you're aiming for 60 FPS, then I guess the 1660?? Don't really know what you're looking for
  25. Navi absolutely is a micro architecture change. If Navi was just a shrink to 7nm there would be no reason for the massive engineering effort which AMD has put into it for the last few years. In the same way that Polaris (rx 580) is a superior architecture to Southern Islands (HD 7970), and that's the reason why Polaris has full support for stuff like freesync and some vulkan/dx12 features in hardware which the older GPU did not. It's just that they all have a GCN lineage. Now Radeon 7 was not an architecture change, it was just a die shrunk Vega and all the performance uplift came from the resulting higher clocks and also increased memory bandwidth. Navi is different.
  26. Triventular

    GTA V CPU Optimization

    I have had this weird bug before not sure if it was exclusive to mine.. i have an i5 3570 and gtx 970 and it struggled to maintain 60fps most part on windows 10. for the hell out of it, I did a fresh install of windows 7 on a partition and my frame rates went way up and more consistent. I thought of staying on win7 just for this game but when all the updates for win7 was installed, i was having the same experience i had on win10, struggling to maintain 60fps.. also, afaik and imo, its rarely hard to remedy cpu bottlenecks
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