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  2. HanZie82

    LED Need Help

    Yes, but 3 key is not remote. And also the picture i sent is a 44key IR remote not 24.
  3. Yes (not that motherboard but for the B365M Phantom Gaming 4 board). I ran through the installation process and rebooted when complete, but no luck. The only audio output device in my Device manager is High Definition Audio
  4. Turtle Rig

    The best video card for a Core 2 Quad CPU. lol

    Yup my friend, now if I may ask you before I place a order for his video card for his Q9550 stock. A 570 4GB or a 570 8GB ? would 8GB be over kill and provide no performance enhancement ? Hes playing at 1080p 75hz btw.
  5. Me: I should go to bed early tonight, got work early in the morning


    My brain: Yeah...yeah you should..good luck with that bud

  6. mr moose

    Need to wipe an iPhone 8 for legitimate reasons

    That actually doesn't make it much more legit, hiding criminal activity to save on insurance fees. EDIT: I mean regardless of what the company wants to do, and regardless of the persons guilt, it's still no there property to give away.
  7. Thought so. But actually my ram was showing single channel 8GB. reseated it and it fixed the bottleneck. 16GB dual channel as it should be.
  8. handymanshandle

    What song are you listening to right now.

    If there's one song I absolutely do not give a shit about your opinion on, it's this one. Country Grammar by Nelly. This song has aged way better than it has any right to.
  9. If your budget allows for it I'd go with the 9700K for the $40 extra. However I will point out one thing. That video you showed us has the 8600 equivalent at 4.9GHz staying mostly above 144 with only the occasional dip. That being said, the 9600K can usually go to 5.0GHz (if not 5.1 if you get lucky), so I think it's still the better value proposition. All this talk about it not holding well is largely unfounded. People are just looking at the older i5s and the issues they are having in a handful of new titles, where on average they still do fine and what they are forgetting is that it took 8 years to get to that point of them struggling in those handful of titles. i5s launched in 2010 and only at the end of 2017 did some titles really challenge them, but again, not on the whole. The market is indeed shifting but devs are notorious for being slow to catch up, so for how long the new 6 core i5s hold up is all speculation, but I'd wager it'd be at least 4 years. Just a best guess. And even when we get there, it should still do fine on the whole.
  10. aezakmi

    4790k reached 100 °C

    Well it's ok for idle modes and simple tasks but not for gaming that stresses the chip. don't run the CPU at those temps for long periods, things crashing means the CPU is thermal throttling to avoid damage, a 4790K needs the BXTS15A aka tall heatsink (or any mid end aftermarket solution) yours is a compact model made for slim PC cases, it wasn't even shipped with the 4790K so I guess whoever sold it to you decided to keep or lost the big one and give you that
  11. Turtle Rig

    X399 and Zen 2

    Sounds complicated, best hope for new motherboards in coordination with the Zen 2 release.
  12. A big reason of why you're getting a 144hz monitor is because you want the game to run smoother than 60hz. With the 9600k, you're gonna get stuttering with some games using a higher-end GPU, meaning you get lagging while you're playing. Kinda makes this point moot, doesn't it? With the 8700, the extra threads will help to reduce the stuttering you'd get from the 9600k simply because of HT. It's not like this i5 vs i7 bullshit hasn't occured before, mind you. People have been arguing about this as far back as sandy bridge. Everyone kept claiming that the i5s were good enough and the i7 was unnecessary in games. Come 2016 with the 980ti, suddenly the i5s were stuttering and performing worse in games than the i7s, which were still running very smoothly due to HT. I can't remember which thread it was, but a couple years back there were several threads complaining. About their 6-7 gen i5s performing worse than their friend's older i7 simply because the core/thread count was too low. The last thing i want is for you to be that same guy after a future GPU upgrade because of a bad CPU recommendation.
  13. Oh, are they? When was the 1650 available for purchase again?? And when was it launched?? So no, Hard Launches aren't that uncommon at all. The "Soft Launches" are the thing that's really uncommon and the Abnormality. Yeah and the Rest is as well because they are faster where it counts -> at around 60fps, while your 8100 is faster where its totally irrelevant -> at 100+ fps. Also constant 144fps are very unrealistic with most modern games, so a decent variable refresh rate aka FREESYNC Screen is the better choice than a non variable 144Hz one.
  14. KeyzHostHD

    LED Need Help

    so just different remote's and more options ?
  15. valdyrgramr

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    Let's have a movie with Living Tribunal, old op Phantom Stranger, Molecule Man, pre-retcon Beyonder, TOAA, The Presence/Yahweh, Angel Spawn, Lucifer Morningstar, the Brothers Yin and Yang, All the Celestials, and many more. Just one giant death battle of a movie. Even Prime can get in on this shit. But, it all turns out to be bs by the Watcher.
  16. jake9000

    PowerPoint Video Thoughts - Techquickie

  17. floofer

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    Current MM would be too powerful IMO. The directors of Infinity War did say they wanted to make Secret Wars, I wouldn't mind them building up to it, introducing the Beyonder, MM and the fantastic 4 with Galactus etc. See you in 10 more years.
  18. Uhh.  Fucking depressing day.

  19. handymanshandle

    RX 580 at 99% usage while playing PUBG

    That means your GPU is being used to as much as it can. It's normal.
  20. HanZie82

    LED Need Help

    IR stands for Infrared and needs line of sight (Just like TV remote) RF stands for radio frequency (Like wifi and Bluetooth) And for the rest check the picture.
  21. BigRom

    Ryzen 3 2200g Upgrade

    Yeah the 1600 is a pretty decent jump over the 2200G, but you should wait to see whether Ryzen 3rd gen changes the playing field. You might get an even better deals on the newer 2600 if people start dumping those to get the 3rd gen chips. If you're dead set on the 1600 and live in the US, as well as having a Microcenter near you. Well you're in luck, they are selling Ryzen 1600 for the same price as a 2200G.
  22. GamerDude

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    Serious? Pre-retcon Molecule Man? Please, let it be so! Always though Owen Reece was such an interesting character, he wantes to be good and work towards it, but he's fragile as well. Imagine a being who can basically curb-stomp just about every conceptual beings out there.....other than the Beyonder (pre-retcon of course)
  23. bigmouthbob1

    looking for a new game

    I am looking for a new game to hold me over until Halo comes to PC. so I was wondering if there were any roguelike top-down game you could recommend. the two games that I'm really into right now are Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon
  24. Why?! There is no reason for that. As you heard there is an issue with Wildlands and Turing Cards that's not really fixed. The Initial Issue was a Crash when opening the Inventory. That seems to be fixed but now it randomly crashes. As for Intel: As said, there are already 2 generations on LGA1151v2, a 3rd is highly unlikely. There is also a leaked roadmap that, although show 10 Core CPUs, don't show a CPU under 10nm until 2021 - and that's an Ultra Mobile one. PCIe 4.0 is also not shown until 2021 as well... So there is no future proofing with Intel and no real upgrade Path either. With AMD however you could get a cheap 1600 with a decent Board and then Upgrade to the 7nm Processors. I'm not and you could call me an ultimate Intel Fan (at the time), because I had various RAMBUS Motherboards. For example ASUS P3C, P4T533 (some Socket 423 I also had, don't remember that though) and also _TWO_ i860 Systems (Dual Xeons) with up to 1,5GiB of RDRAM. No, it shows you that there are other alternatives that are equal or better and not as bad as you think they are. There is really no reason to prefer any manufacturer and having to purchase something from one source. That only gives them the Opportunity to rip you off when the other has a better offer in that price range than the one you want to buy. There are also more things to consider than just the Name on the Product - wich to be frank is totally irrelevant or at least should be and you should rate the product by its quality, not the Name on it. And if you want to save money, have a System to upgrade, then AMD is the way to go as the AMD leaders said live on stage that AM4 will be supported to 2020. Intel didn't say anything about that and we do know that they only released two generations per socket and the next one after that is incompatible. Even if the Socket is the Same (see 6/7 k vs. 8/9k). The possible 10 Core Comet Lake that will be released, according to the Leaked "Intel Client Commercial CPU Roadmap (2018-2021) somewhere early next year or so will unlikely run in your Board. While the AMD Zen2+ Refresh that will be coming somewhere next year will probably run in your Board. So you sacrifice a bit now but might get something big back in a couple of weeks.
  25. TheDelphiDude

    Lost Password

    My weapon of choice: https://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/ This only works for local accounts though.
  26. Cosmicpossum

    Ryzen 3 2200g Upgrade

    I have a amd ryzen 3 2200g with 8gb of ram and a rx570 8gb and i am just wondering if i should upgrade to something like a Ryzen 5 1600
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