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  2. oskarnedreaas

    4690K overclocking help

    or so I thought, it said something like 12k complete after 5 tests on all the cores, but after that it crashed. Is it safe to say its a stable overclock, or do I need to run it longer (if so how long does it need to run).
  3. rice guru

    What music service do you use?

    spotify although I do have prime music it's library just kinda sucks so I dont use it.
  4. I wasn't saying it was for RHEL, I was just comparing software models (Oracle vs Open <--> RHEL vs CentOS).
  5. Sauron

    Manjaro Pamac

    You can't run makepkg as root, it will prompt you for your password when necessary. I would just delete the folder when he's done with it if clutter is a concern, I always use a dedicated git folder for this sort of stuff anyway.
  6. The guy reset the TPMS system, and checked communication with each sensor, all came back good. Lights off; no charge. Perhaps just a hiccup or something.
  7. L. Kenter

    Vega 64 vs RTX 2070 vs GTX 1080ti

    I did notice some websites still sell new ones, but not in the Netherlands... Also, for that kind of money I'd rather get a 2080ti. I'm aiming around €500.
  8. Naruhodo, that were the things which i wanted to know. Now this clears some doubts.
  9. Meh. I bet the 570 is at least as powerful.
  10. jerubedo

    Is this PC any good?

    Yeah, but back then people were saying that the i5s were a better value proposition, and for nearly a decade that did hold true. It's only around, I'd say, late 2017 that it started to become untrue. So people saying this back in 2010 were absolutely right for 7 (almost 8 ) years (which is well beyond an upgrade cycle timeframe).
  11. oskarnedreaas

    4690K overclocking help

    my tests are looking good tho, I have 4.6 ghz at 1.2 volts, my temps are at around 82 degrees and the stress test is holding up well
  12. Anyway, getting on track here. @Kpp550: Your motherboard's M.2 slot supports NVMe or SATA SSDs, provided they are in the M.2 formfactor. To make things even more confusing for you, it also accepts sizes 2280 (longer) and what looks like 2240 (shorter). But most M.2 SSDs you find will be in 2280. You can also boot from any SSD in that slot. So have at it. If you need recommendations I'm partial to Samsung's stuff, but I'm also using a Crucial SSD at the moment and have no issues with it. Intel, Western Digital, and Kingston are other brands to give a look at. Just be aware if the SSD is really cheap for some reason, it may be a DRAMless one which may impact performance the moment you give it anything more than a handful of megabytes of stuff to transfer. As always, make sure to look up reviews on websites.
  13. jerubedo

    Is this PC any good?

    I agree with this mostly. OCing can breathe new life into a chip after it's aged. Your point particularly affects the i3 8100. However, not really the 9400f when we are comparing it to the 2600x, and that's because the 9400f STILL pulls ahead when going against a fully OCed 2600x. So in a gaming rig, both chips are already at their max potential where the 9400f still pulls ahead.
  14. jstudrawa

    Ultrawide display preference

    Yeah< I meant to post in the other Ultrawide thread, but he wants G-Sync. So that link is useless and LG is crying But $2000 is a lot when good 120Hz 1440p UW's are going for low $700's.
  15. Alphaarea

    How to choose a SAS card for UnRaid

    OK Incidentally, a small fan is useful to SAS card. The original heatsink was designed for server case with crazy fan.
  16. fantasia.

    Hdmi and Display port

    I dunno, it's probably labeled on the cable or around the port. Usually 2.0 cables cost more than any of the other ones besides the versions above it. It's probably just a safe bet to get a display port cable that supports it or an hdmi cable that supports.
  17. I will take you up on that offer for the config. As for virtualbox-guest-*, I have them all installed.
  18. Origami Cactus

    Ultrawide display preference

    When they come out this year then should be max 2k, also the monitor you linked is a 75hz one.
  19. HarrisonCassidy

    Are MMOs still a thing?

    I mean, runescape itself is still very much a thing, with RS3 having 20,000 concurrent players and OSRS around 90,000. Source: http://misplaceditems.com/rs_tools/graph/
  20. dw im a dumb person :'D, for the GPu 100% yeah even downloaded the NVIDIA thing and set it to ensure its always up to date. i diddn't know what a chip set driver was but ive googled and downloading it now Also: the output from superposition (i selected extreme, but it ran on medium so redoing it now) in the interim here you go
  21. GoldenLag

    Is this PC any good?

    same talk was quite a few years ago between the core i5 CPUs and core i7. and today we can say the non-ht CPUs have taken quite a hit in comparison to what they should have taken.
  22. That's a great price on the Alienware. I got one for $850 at Microcenter to weekends ago and have been LOVING it.
  23. You should quote @fasauceome
  24. GoldenLag

    Is this PC any good?

    yeah i was looking at making the price as close as possible for the intel CPU while not having to update the BIOS. you save a bit on the 2800mhz Ram and B365 board. its also recommended to get a cooler with the 9400f as the stock cooler is quite loud. a arctic freezer 33/34 esports would be something nice to add.
  25. Nvidia Control Panel --> Change Resolution --> Set refresh rate from drop down box Or do what Crunken posted above directly in Windows.
  26. I checked on my family members car (Trailblazer) and there is no coolant in the reservoir tank I would just top it up but I have no idea what fluid is in it and cant trust the original owner put OEM fluid in it,. There is no viable fluid under the radiator cap so it must be really low. Guess this means it needs a full flush?
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