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  2. Ok, so long story short, I made 50,000 dollars via sport betting on Cloudbet, a website that uses BTC to bet. Now, I have about 8.9 BTC and would like to transfer it to somewhere safe, I plan it to use to help pay my college tuition. Should I put in a private BTC blockchain wallet, should I put half in wallet and half in a bank account, I can only legally have 5000 USD in my foreign account, without them asking for taxes. How shall I approach this, I sure as hell can't leave it the site and have to withdraw it.
  3. BigDamn

    SSD Suggestions

    Out of that list? I'd take the Crucial

    Funai strange TV monitor 16:9 mystery

    Hello Linus tech tip forum I have a mystery I'm trying to figure out about my television funai television I am using as a monitor via serial cable. The average resolution i can run max is 13:60x768 with black bars at the bottom and top, but every once in a while after I restart my computer it does something diffrent and allows me to run my monitor in 16:9 wide screen with everything stretched and small. I know about HDTV's being able to run about any res they want but my hardware is highly outdated and doesnt allow stretched 4:3 so ots a miracle when I get a 6:9 resolution. What I'm asking basicly is if someone knows a consistant way of entering my monitor into a 6:9 aspect. Ratio from load up since that seems to be the only way to consistently load up a 16:0 aspect ratio. Thanks in advance this is the first time using a forum for help, I usually lurk along forums looking for answer's applying to my problem but this is my first time asking a question directly. Tha is for the help in advance.
  5. Kpp550


    Now the HDD was restoring previous versions of my windows which it terribly failed doing it, after that i was pissed i just took out the HDD and unplugged mother board (which i had done dozens of times before this) and plugged it back to mother board and kept it out of the PC's Case Vertically. And i really don't know why after starting the pc again dialogue came "Restoring previous version of windows" i thought this time it's dead and just in 1 minutes (actually less than 1 minute i counted it) it did what it was doing and my windows was up working again, weirdly enough it is now way faster than before and performing just like before perfectly when i bought it. I don't know what happened - And there are no spikes in disk usage suddenly, now there was only spikes only when i do windows search in windows explorer (which i think is right) and it's not spiking now not a single time to 97% to 100%, like it did before did for just clicking or simple stuff which lasted for long periods. Apparently the only thing have torrented is DBS-Broly bcuz it wasn't available in our country and where only 2 games this year. And nothing more.
  6. lmaobadatmath

    Laptop Upgrade

    Try looking up your laptop model number on HPs website https://parts.hp.com/
  7. Quadriplegic

    Overheating ROG STRIX RTX 2060

    You can change video card fan curve using MSI Afterburner. CPU temp is bit high, what voltage is set at BIOS?
  8. Went to modified nationals yesterday, theme this year seemed to be "unmodified" for the most part. Reunited with this thing again tho
  9. Gegger

    What shift button do you use when typing?

    I use 2 keyboards to type at home, so I use whichever shift key is on the keyboard that I type the special character/capital letter/shortcut. Or caps-lock if I'm ranting on Discord or anything involving excessive use of caps.
  10. Scansy

    Coolers for Ryzen 5 2600

    Ok thanks for the replies, I think I will get either the gammaxx 400 or hyper 212 turbo since I can't find any hyper 212 BE. Edit: After more researching, I found out that the stock cooler should be enough for mild overclocking. Thanks for all the replies, I've certainly have learnt a lot of things about coolers.
  11. I think 2nd gen Will it support 750ti
  12. Hey guys! I currently own a pretty dated Asus G601 Notebook with an intel Core i7-720QM and a GTX 260M. I have upgraded the 5400 RPM drive to an SSD a couple of years ago and replacing the thermal paste with Thermal Grizzly's Conductonaut Liquid Metal-based compound, and now this laptop is starting to show it's age, battery life is simply awful, driver support is also awful and everyday tasks are sluggish. So, I've decided to buy a new laptop, my budget is around 9000 SEK (I would be happy if I spent less) and I will be doing light gaming (mostly single-player games like Tomb Raider, Crysis and GTA and some heavily modded Minecraft), some video editing (Vegas Pro) and some CAD (Solidworks and Blender) while travelling. The laptop should not be overly heavy and should have some respectable battery life and preferably not have a gamery aesthetic so that I can bring it to office meetings and conferences. I have been eyeing both the Acer Aspire Nitro 5 as well as the Dell G3 (with the i5 8300H and the 1050 Ti), but I am not sure what to buy. What are you guys' suggestions and thoughts on this? Sincerely yours,
  13. NunoLava1998

    The under 100 line challenge!

    Changes video mode from ugly MS-DOS 80x25 to good 320x200 256 color (assembly, real mode, so no way to run this on a normal OS at all only smthn like a bootloader) mov ah, 0x00 mov al, 0x13 int 0x10
  14. zassou

    what is your guilty pleasure food?

    california rolls are heresy, nori outside only
  15. Code.016

    SSD Suggestions

    Hi Everyone! I'm planning on adding a SSD to my current set-up (signature), which is a big upgrade and i never had any SSD experience before. Since this is my first time buying one, i would like to get your thoughts which i will get. I'm keeping my budget as tight as possible as i will only use the said drive as my OS and storage for my two games (The Division 2, and Destiny 2). Here are the list of SSDs that i found on a reputable local store that sells good stuff. All of which are around 480 GB which seems to be enough for me if i'm thinking of installing one or two more games. 480gb Patriot Burst SSD 2.5 sata, R|W: 560|540 60k|60k, pn: PBU480GS25SSDR (PHP 2800)480gb WDC Green SSD 2.5 sata; R|W: 540|465 68K|37K, pn: WDS480G2G0A (PHP 3280)480gb Kingston A400 SSD 2.5 sata, black, R|W: 500|350, pn: SA400S37/480G (PHP 3530)480gb Crucial BX500 SSD 2.5 sata, R|W: 540|500, pn: CT480BX500SSD1 (PHP 3699) Thank you!!!
  16. NunoLava1998

    Operating System Creation

    Try it out! Read some tutorials on the OSDev wiki (they have a forum you can use to ask questions), modify stuff, and check out the documentation if on UEFI. Disclaimer though: It's a lot of work and you won't be anywhere close to a typical OS within less than ~2 years.
  17. i have the gtx 1050 ti that can do 4 monitor displays and for work i would like to have 6+(or for the future more), my igpu are not the greatest and would prefer to use a new graphics card, the 710 can do 3 displays. so i will have the +1 option maybe in the future. am i taking the wrong path? P.S. my motherboard can do dual displays, so ether way i will need a new one, and again i prefer not to use it(the igpu).
  18. Veczen

    gpu and cpu low utalization in games

    I feel like i had a similar problem with my RX 580 when i got it. It was awhile ago so i don't quite remember it well, probably because i managed it easily. I use MSI afterburner and have left mine clocked at 1400Mhz to the core and added 20% to the power limit (just because). It has gone max 175W, usually sits below 70c when i play, but from what Afterburner is telling me it has spiked to 77c, when i was playing AC Unity. Other than that, you might have Radeon Chill turned on or something, if you're not having FPS issues i would leave it, other than that i think it's just one of those controlled FPS systems for less power usage and such.
  19. max668

    Laptop Upgrade

    I have tried They kept reconnecting me from one department to the next ... I spoke with like 6 people and it went nowhere ... I was hoping someone would know or has a laptop like that with the cable inside and might have a pic of it ... ( wishful thinking I know )
  20. BigRom

    Rate my build and recommend stuff

    AMD doesn't have a direct competitor at the high-end against the 9900K anyway, so its not like you really have alternatives without sacrificing performance
  21. SmGroWs

    Attention math nerds, need your help

    I guess 97 is the right answer
  22. jerubedo

    Will This work out?

    All we're doing is going in circles. You obviously prefer to have peace of mind about nothing and a poorer gaming experience with Microsoft Word opening a little quicker than to have 60 FPS 1080p with good settings. I prefer the 1080p 60 FPS experience. So agree to disagree.
  23. Paparachipupopep

    HDD Shipments Down 18% YoY

    In laptops I think HDDs will be virtually extinct by 2020. Heck, 2.5" bays might be virtually extinct except in legacy designs by 2020. If you're significantly redesigning a laptop model for the next generation, what arguments are there for keeping 2.5" bays? Standard height 2.5" HDDs only even go up to 2TB, so SSDs win the storage density contest if money is no object and that's what you absolutely need. A 250GB boot SSD +1TB HDD doesn't even make much sense from a cost perspective versus just ditching the 2.5" bay and having a single M.2 slot with .5TB, and then 1TB, or 2TB options so you can overcharge for upgrades. Maybe a second empty M.2 slot so you can overcharge even more for storage upgrades.
  24. GoldenLag

    Will This work out?

    And the year today is 2019 i believe. And we still have garbo hardware around. Hardware designed with more care than the B and A series boards. As someone who use 8GB every day. It pagefiles all the time. And if the title doesnt use 8GB of ram. U be sure it pagefiles everything in the background. Whohoo for a good experience. I also use roughly 3 tabs similtaniusly. Still instantly get pagefiling while a game is open. Abd its not uncommon to have 6 tabs open at the time. I think roughly 70% of console gamers would disagree. They find the experience to be excellent. Wait.... Im elitist for not wanting to push frames and wanting someone to not waste their money on a poor experience? And Jayz is failry large, but its not as if most of these creators keep up with the market every day while trying to create a good experience. I care about people having a good experience And you attempt to shame me on the basis of making assumptions about what he wants while creating a poor system experience while assuming a lot yourself? And if he want a quick experience. A console is way better than your build. Sounds like the exact same aegument people who recommend poor PSUs use. Does it mean buying a poor PSU is a good idea? Nope. Should people buy poor PSUs because of it? Nope. Do they save 10-20$ to put towards a inballanced system with? Yes. And yes, i had a worse nights sleep knowing you were suggesting such horrid Tom's hardware level build on the forum to people who have a really tight budget.
  25. The MSI Gaming Z - this is MSIs top of the line model. The Ventus is their low-end model and thus not that great obviously and the PNY is a low budget option.
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