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  2. NelizMastr

    External HDD not showing up?

    You can't power a desktop HDD off of that adapter. A desktop HDD uses both 5v and 12v rails, the USB adapter only provides 5v. You need to get a USB docking with auxiliary power or return the drive and get a 2,5" one instead.
  3. I have a asu rtx 2060 strix and i can try it for 30 days In about 20 day they should get a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 WindForce grafikkort 8G where i bought my rtx 2060 (close to the performance of a gtx 1080 ti) and i was wondering since asus strix are expensive and gigabyte are one of the cheapest of the good brands like asus,msi,evga....... if it's worth upgrading if possible, since the price difference is not that big. Here they gigabyte cards are outperforming the asus rtx 2070 strix (especially in noise) https://nl.hardware.info/reviews/8813/20/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2070-round-up-asus-vs-gigabyte-vs-msi-conclusie
  4. how much do you have to spend? what is your current PSU?
  5. Christiaan21-03

    Community Standards

    Peoples should also be allowed to remove their own accounts!
  6. I went with a 2600 and 2060. Sold my RX 580. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/16293144
  7. TheFlyingSquirrel

    If Linux supported all games and software would you switch?

    You don't need terminal. Arch Linux with AUR gives you pretty much everything, people have built and tested install script so you just need to search and click. The main ones are GNOME(full featured), KDE(full featured), LXDE(Old PCs), XFCE(lightweight). The rest are based off GNOME. What hardware have you tried that doesn't work? Kernels provide support, nowadays everything works out of the box, the question is whether the manufacturer uses open sourced libraries so people can change things e.g. G502 programming can only be set on windows and MAC, so I have native sensitivity.
  8. Not quality, but loudness yes. You can't just magically convert 160kbs to 320kbs or lossless. It's just all about the quality of files/music you're listening to.
  9. Christiaan21-03

    Cant adjust fan speed after nzxt cam install

    uhhh…... update you bios???
  10. DilipHK

    Intel 8100 Stock cooler fan speeds

    I've tried other fan modes and even custom modes, its always stuck on 2800 rpm. Thats why i was wondering if intel stock coolers (the newer ones) don't have variable fan speeds?
  11. I had recently got a HDD off of Amazon that I wanted to plug into my old laptop in order to add a bit of space, and to backup some photos etc. I got a regular internal HDD from Seagate, as it was the cheapest option at the time, and never really thought to get a dedicated external HDD. I also got a SATA III to USB 3.0 adapter, so I could actually plug the thing into said laptop. I plugged the HDD into the laptop today, but nothing happened. There was no new partition shown in file explorer, and under disk management, a 791 MB drive is showing, which seems rather low for a 1TB HDD, given that the same drive is showing in my PC's disk management as possessing 931.5 MB capacity. I tried right clicking it in order to letter it, since that was an issue I had when installing my HDD in my computer. When I right click the drive though, the options don't show up, the only one that shows is the help option which opens Chrome. The option is there for the other drives though.. What's even stranger is that the HDD is still listed in the Management window after being unplugged. Is there something I'm missing? Is the 791 MB drive something else entirely? Am I plugging the yoke in wrong somehow? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. I've seen that but im trying to see if others have different sources for these keycaps but otherwise aliexpress is my #1 option right now
  13. Hello Linus Tech Tips Forums users. My PC crashes a lot, from random crashes, to crashes when something is loading. Even when the PC is not being used and sits idle in the Desktop it sometimes crashes. I Was Lucky enough that i could catch the error on camera so you can See it for yourself. My cpu: AMD ryzen 3 2200G My gpu: integrated Vega 8 My psu? : 400w Maybe it could me my Adrenalin driver because it is really buggy. FiireWiinter
  14. fluxdeity

    Lap top keeps shutting down

    Seeing as is gets 30C+ in Australia and laptops aren't known for the best cooling solutions, I'd assume you're hitting tjmaxx
  15. Aegelward

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    I'd love to see how bare minimum the host OS can be, if i can do this on say a Ryzen 2400G with most of the resources dedicated to MacOS it'd be a really nice project.
  16. colonel_mortis

    Community Standards

    Why shouldn't it be permitted? As long as nobody provides download links for MacOS, asking how to make a hackintosh is not going to cause legal difficulties for us. It's a topic of discussion that has been covered in LTT videos a few times, and is often (ish) asked on here.
  17. Yeah go for 9700k then, and if a 2080 ti is overbudget go for a normal 2080, still a beast for 1440p What's your budget? and how much more expensive is 2080ti than 2080 where you live?
  18. Curious Pineapple

    Lap top keeps shutting down

    Any translators about?
  19. VegetableStu

    Lap top keeps shutting down

    and breathe.
  20. Hitman 2 doesn't like AMD CPUs too well and Metro prefers Nvidia GPUs. That should give you a rough idea of the tiers. A 2060 should hold you throughout this generation of games at 1080p.
  21. GoldenLag

    Intel 8100 Stock cooler fan speeds

    they do. the intel stock cooler is just a really loud one. i would also check other fanmodes and different fanheaders.
  22. James Aplin

    Lap top keeps shutting down

    i dont thing radio rentals computers are any good, this Acer predator Helios 500 gaming notebook is cracked up to be, i think its a load of shit it cannot handle playing Skyrim SE i havent yet smashed the pc up yet by smashing this laptop by smashing it up by busting it like i use to do, it cannot handle loging into mods on Skyrim and Fallout 4 search for mods more i search for mods the more it crashes and it cannot handle playing skyrim it keeps on crashing Laptop is 1080p and connect it up to a 4K TV it was doing shit every time i exit a door to a load screen laptop shuts off blank screen flashes. no one gives a shit to up with themselves boasting about their monster gaming pc oh i got a gaming pc with a 2080Ti im better than him, Oh i wone a PC build the fagot Linus tecktips gave it to me for free now i got a big head, maybe i should destroy this pc
  23. Require Terminal ZERO of the time, doesnt matter if its just rare or you can just copy paste from the internet. Fewer different Desktop environments people say are the best ones, there are just too many options that people consider the best. I rather have 3 main ones that have tons of customize settings, than many different ones that have less settings, for example. Having 20+ different ones that people consider good is too much. Just works with all hardware out of the box. (at least something basic that works, last time I tried linux, that was not the case) It might depend from one distro to another, but again, that just points to my point above.
  24. Stormseeker9

    Dual system built for different purposes

    Well the fans are connected to the motherboard... so basically whatever system is running, those fans will run
  25. Lucky Me

    My new rig Questions

    Thx Lee. I think the Corsair LPX memory will do the trick for me. I don't see any difference between the 2 memories other than the RGB and it saves €30. The case I still don't know and I keep searching for the one I want. I looked at the Fractal and the Phanteks cases reviews and I'm not a real fan, so far...... The search continues...... Another question comes up... DVD or not? Also, I am a photographer and need a card reader... Would you guys make them internal or external?
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