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  2. Linux user for 2-3 years and the only reasons I have ever had to use the terminal when I didn't freak my system is installing certain things when I sshed in and to install .tar.gz (complicated zips) I have had linux compatibility problems with one aircard and I think there was a way it however did require heavy terminal use. In conclusion for me the only reason you use the terminal not because (now this is only with debian based OS and any with .deb installability) they didn't turn it into a .deb or (for all installs) use the .run format and at most use 2 terminal commands you can copy paste from the 3rd to top on google for .run. And the sensor proble is just kind of weird.
  3. the resolution is FHD. Ray tracing is a good feature? 2060 was 100$ over V56 but the vega is old card.. I choose them with 2600X or 2700
  4. Constantin

    First time overclocker - i7-9700K

    I have the same chip! 3 thinks 1: xmp on 2: turbo boost 3:enchanted turbo boost ( or whatever is the name on the motherboard) = the cpu is boosting to 4.9Ghz on all cores, voltage never went more than 1.29v I have been running iit like this since last December when i bought it. Never had any issue, it rocks!!! and low temps with a crap air cooler, never went more than 71c. Usually it idles at 35c and gaming at around 65c
  5. If it wasn't for the Phantex case I could have easily mistaken this for your set up.


  6. Yes, they plan on it, but it's gonna be a while, much longer than AMD's already proposed release.
  7. Rocki

    Corsair MP510 vs 970 EVO Plus?

    Why? they are not NVME use it for gaming and system..
  8. Here in my BR HUEHUEHUEHE lands the cheapest license for w10 home 64bit was around 500 BRL, would be like 130 USD. Considering the minimum wage here is 1.000 BRL(250 USD) that is a lot. I bought a ssd and did not want to pay for w10 and then started ressearching about linux... now... the more I know the more I love it. The level of control and freedom you get is amazing, specially to someone on a IT college graduation as I am. At my job I have to use w10 (non-it related stuff), so I modded it to look a bit like Pop!_OS cause I'm in love with it And games are not something I care much these days, only coding
  9. GeneXiS_X

    Temps seem way too high.

    80+C is still considered normal in this particular model The model itself is mediocre Probably too high, can try ~200MHz Wanna meetup? Haha jk
  10. this is true but cards like the 1660TI in a weird launch line are what really compete with AMD. even if that's true, and it's nothing so particularly amazing, it's something else to bring into a fierce budget to possibly even high end market. And no, Intel's definitely not going to shoot for the cheap low end because the used market and gt 1030 have already taken that spot.
  11. Qyndryx

    Which keyboard to get?

    Don't get Red switches because you think that they'll make you better at gaming because they won't. It's a marketing gimmick and the difference in keystrokes is negligible. Find the switch that you are comfortable using and get that cause you're going to be using this all of the time.
  12. GeneXiS_X

    Video Editing Laptop

    Prefer regular laptop / Ultrabook or gaming / performance laptop?
  13. I don't know if they have changed practice recently but MSI used to put upgradability behind a warranty sticker. Unless you get exactly what you will ever need up front that could be a limiting factor. Shame, as otherwise I found the build to be good (on the one I had).
  14. IceMacIOP

    Temps seem way too high.

    Yes, if we are talking about the undervolting part, that is exactly the reason why I undervolted the cpu to get the most clock under the 15w tdp without actually overclocking, and I heard that it might help with temperature also. Before undervolting the cpu would throttle and stabilize @2100Mhz at 10min Prime95. With -110.4mV it stabilizes @2700-2800 at 10min Prime95. Same temperatures in both cases though. So should I be worried at these current temps on this laptop? During gaming it will eventually go up and jump between 82°C and 93°C (mostly around 85-88°C with occasional spikes to 93°C) I just tried it once again and this time the Turbo ratios worked, last night I would change them, apply, turn ThrottleStop on/off but the clocks didnt change from 3900Mhz. Also something weird occasionally happens once unplug the laptop from the charger the clock would fall to 399Mhz and will get stuck there for a couple of minutes barely working either until I start some demanding application or restarting the laptop where it changes to balanced mode and starts changing clock depending on need again. I will need to look that up a little closer. Yes you are correct, I just checked my local dealership website and it was an Acer Aspire 3 A315. Lenovo Ideapad 330-15 was the one people seem to be complaining a lot about on the internet. For an example: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-IdeaPad-1xx-3xx-5xx-7xx/Ideapad-330-Ryzen-5-2500u-underperforming/td-p/4229974 Also a few other sites that did tests like notebookcheck.net noted that this Lenovo model throttles after just a few seconds to a very low level and underperforms compared to other 2500u models, so I shied away from Lenovo products at this price range and picked the Acer instead. Alright I will check it out and will give it a try as soon as I can again. I already followed this guide and tried to level the MSI Afterburner curve, but sliding the next point on the graph up to level the end flat while at +260 clock was resulting in crashes, so I kept it +260 instead of turning it into a curve. Thank you for all the input, I cant wait to try more things out. Also I see you are from Msia, that is the reason why I needed this laptop in the first place, I am traveling from europe to KL in 3 weeks and will stay there for the next 3 months to enjoy the humid weather So I wanted to have a laptop to have something to do in the meanwhile.
  15. GoldenLag


    Nope, not at all.
  16. GoldenLag

    Graphene cooled PC

    Literally the second you turn on the PC it will nolonger be liquid. And yes that would mean you will need to dumo some heat into the PC.
  17. You should be able to create a custom fan curve in your BIOS
  18. Franck

    This is getting ridiculous...

    You do not own all your games. You might want to read about DRM. If tomorrow steam decide to close the door 99% of the games you had you cannot get them anymore. Unless you only buy on GOG which are as far as i know are all DRM free.
  19. Basically after watching this video: I was wondering if its possible to do the same with windows XP or Windows 2000, basically through this make XP use most of the PC power.
  20. I'm really confused why you asked if 650-750W was needed for your system and had all 3 people who answered tell you that 650-750w isn't necessary... Then follow it up by asking which 650-750W unit to buy? What's the prices of the 450-550W variants of those models?
  21. francisuy


    Is my system bottlenecked? I ran a bench mark on shadow of the tomb raider and i used msi afterburner to keep track of the gpu performance, gpu performance is only at 31% ive seen a video on YouTube about this from jaytwocents saying it should be around 80 to 90%. Specs I7 9700k oc to 4.7ghz Gigabyte rtx 2070 non oc
  22. GeneXiS_X

    Help on choosing new Laptop

    Gigabyte Aero 15 Classic - mediocre cooling (GPU temp should be slightly better), limited support Acer Triton 500 - poor CPU cooling, difficult maintenance/upgradability, can switch between GSYNC and Optimus AW m15 90Wh - heatsink and airflow issues If you want best reliability and warranty support, go for mobile workstations like Thinkpad P52 (yes the appearance is nothing special). Opt for P3200 or higher GPU Upgrade RAM and SSD if not enough
  23. Lady Fitzgerald

    dog thread

    Their expresions looks more like the old stink eye to me, especially the one on our left. I can just "hear" him thinking, "Just you wait, buddy! someday your back will be turned!"
  24. Friends, I am sharing a strange issue while using my PS3 Controller with my desktop PC. After going through my experience, I have a concern - is Mac/Hackintosh has better compatibility than a buggy Windows 10 ??!! Recently, a friend of mine gifted me a simple cheap CSR 4.0 Bluetooth USB adapter. I planned to have fun by connecting my PS3 controller with my desktop PC with Steam. Whatever I do, sometimes, the Bluetooth settings can see my controller, sometimes can not find it. Sometimes it can connect (ask for pairing code), sometimes nothing happens! Sometimes it get disconnected automatically! After 1 hour of testing, I gave up I also have a Intel i3 based High Sierra Hackintosh. I use it for App development and testing works. I put the same CSR 4.0 Bluetooth USB adapter and the Mac installed it smoothly! Nothing to do! Then I went through to pair my PS3 Controller and IT JUST WORKED! again nothing extra to do! I tested it by playing a Steam game. Worked! I thought, I might be doing something wrong in my Windows 10 Platform. So I tried it again and FAILED AGAIN! I tried using Windows 10 Default driver and also Driver from CD. DIDN'T WORK This is not a new thing. In the past, I never able to connect my Samsung Tab with my PC. But that time, I had only a Bluetooth 2.0 adapter, so I ignored. Please share your suggestions and inputs. P.S. I do not want to install any 3rd-party software.
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