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  2. Nate21601

    Best Laptop for under $1800?

    I don't need a touchscreen or foldable tablet. Just a normal laptop.
  3. GoldenLag

    Best Laptop for under $1800?

    Get a 800$ desktop and a 600-1000$ laptop. You dont want to drag around a Gaming laptop
  4. SpookyCitrus

    Motherboard wont detect second GPU

    My bad man I've never used Crossfire before I didn't know, I could've sworn I'd seen a crossfire support option in a bios before.... No need to be rude about it. But I do know Asus has a multi gpu support option in their bios I've had to disable that before after switching from dual gpus to one when trying to display from the single GPU didn't work.
  5. Jurrunio

    X58 ram detection problem

    tight is not a problem, though not tight enough could be as pins could lift off from the contact pads
  6. so should I buy amd or just buy a regular ram ? And I still didnt get the answer to cool this I mean there is an i9 and rtx 2080.
  7. IAmAndre

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    Can anyone explain why the 580 appears to consume more power than the Vega 56 in this chart? https://www.techspot.com/review/1468-amd-radeon-rx-vega-56/page8.html
  8. jstudrawa

    Best Laptop for under $1800?

    Do you need touchscreen or foldable tablet type? If not, I like MSI laptops for their keyboards. Have the 1050Ti version as well as the Lenovo Ideapad 720S in 1050Ti.
  9. Eastman51

    Bad RAM

    it depends on what is wrong with the RAM but typically you only destroy slots by improperly installing RAM or booting the system without the RAM fully seated.
  10. So my Logitech G502 which is little over a month old is braking down. First I was having issues with scroll wheel not working properly only a week after I bought it. I would scroll down some page and scrolling would get occasional hiccup. Now scroll wheel is simply dead. I don't get any response from it. A couple of days ago the sensor began having issues. My cursor sometimes wobbles when I move it slowly. It makes playing FPS games literally impossible because whenever I aim, it would randomly go off by a few millimeters. I would really like to hear people who say that Logitech makes the best gaming mouses. I had Razer Deathadder for years of hardcore usage with no issues. My first Logitech mouses did not survive a single month of normal usage. That is just fantastic.
  11. corsairc70

    memory help

    alright, thanks for the insight and help! greetings, -jasper
  12. seoz

    Gtx 1060 3gb Vs gtx 1050ti

    Having been in the same position where I was deciding between a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and a GTX 1060 3GB, I chose the 1060 as I favored the in-game performance than the extra GB of VRAM.
  13. People keep bringing up powerdraw as a reason why they wouldnt support it on B350, but that is not really the case You can have a doubling of cores and higher clockspeeds on the same node and still have a 105 watt power mode. All it takes is clever core boosting. The real concern is the memmory chips in the motherboard. B350 and A320 used lower capacity chips (16mb i think) to store the BIOS on. Something that would be a limitibg factor when you need to support more and more chips
  14. Damn, I've had my car for just over 8 months now and I've only put 2,000 miles (3200km) on it.
  15. Mira Yurizaki

    2 Same Displays With Different Polarization

    If it looks normal to you otherwise, I don't see there being a problem.
  16. I'm looking for a laptop for college. It will be used for light gaming and college activities. I was thinking about getting the Msi GS65 Stealth 1060 version but I'm not sure.
  17. _d0nut

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    ah, okay i misread. my bad. the ram is fine
  18. I always love seeing people on this forum with names referencing (their) current PC components! :D 

    It always feels a bit awkward when they want to upgrade though.. hmmmm 🤔

  19. 5000mhz ram isn't probably going to make any significant difference over 2133 mhz on any intel cpu. liquid cooled memory is just a gimmick which doesnt make any difference.
  20. Srijan Verma

    Bad RAM

    check it on a friends laptop, i dont think bad ram can spoil the slot but wrong way of installation may
  21. Turtle Rig

    i wants to build PC for Rendering ( Need suggestion )

    You might want to go HEDT. Quad Channel memory and quality components and high core / thread count. I would personally wait until Zen 2 comes out in 2 months then you will have the Zen 2 ThreadRipper 32 cores 64 threads. If you don't want to go HEDT then grab a Z390 Gigabyte motherboard and throw a 9900k into it. You will have 16 threads to work with and cost will be much lower then HEDT. good luck and let us know if you have further concerns or questions and what not.
  22. valdyrgramr

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Except Nintendo originally was trying to sell it as a family-oriented console, and that didn't help them at all. When they finally tried to get 3rd parties involved they weren't interested due to how much of a bitch it was to develop for. So, there was no interest in it. Then they started hiring people like Itagaki to make their games exclusive for it. With MK people gave up on the SNES and started swapping to Sega because they wanted blood. If Sony starts to abandon good gorey games and censor the shit out of them then people won't buy games like GoW and will swap to the platform that gives them the blood, gore, and sexual content. History has shown this.
  23. _d0nut


    use pcpartpicker, it makes your life 10x easier to sort out a build 1060 3gb may not be able to consistently hit 80fps at high for gta v(it probably can but it will drop below 80 at times) with ryzen, get ram above or equal to 3000mhz the parts you chose are fine
  24. jstudrawa


    Good board, good CPU, get the 3000MHz RAM. What exact PSU is it? Not that I want to know, but someone is going to ask you...
  25. The Wii U had a lot of problems and the lack of mature games wasn't really as important as the general lack of high profile third party games. Also, to this day a lot of people believe the Wii U was a tablet accessory for the original Wii instead of a new console due to poor marketing. The original Wii sold well in great part thanks to the motion controls, but the sales numbers for titles like Mario Kart were still very high - there is a large audience for those types of games. The Switch has a few mature games, but again, they're not what's driving the sales of the console (at launch it only had a couple of first party titles and it still sold like hot cakes).
  26. v0nN3umann

    How can I disable a Chrome's API?

    This should work: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/04/17/fix-chrome-blocking-keyboard-multimedia-keys-from-working/
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