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  2. They say plastic takes 500 years to break down but I pooped some out in 2 days.


  3. G9XFTW

    Can't find Realtek desktop app

    I can't find the realtek desktop app. It used to be in the control panel of which I made a shortcut on the desktop, but with this ryzen based motherboard updates and stuff it is completely missing for me after last update. I need the app the switch between headphone and front speaker out option on the rear 3.5mm green port. It does make a difference to my ears.
  4. 420 bitches



  5. dominicBo

    Triple screen, game programming PC

    I highly appreciate your input, but you highly overshoot my performance threshold. I know GeForce GTX 2060, and its a flagship GPU, it performs amazingly, but I definitely don't play AAA games. Nothing that I will do will justify 390€ pricetag for that GPU. I'm not planning to run insane games. I'm not professional video developer either, I can keep graphics beautiful without gamers needing a GTX 2060, to match the performance of game that I had in mind. 9400F is CPU with 6 cores, which you yourself already mentioned I wouldn't need. I even have a two physical core laptop now, and it doesn't disturb but I do experience lag, do I really need such an advanced CPU for a task, I'm almost already doing unscathed? Do you believe I will experience a significant difference between 4GB (now), 8GB (more or less planned) and 16GB (suggested) ? Once again, its not critique, just speaking my mind out loud. I gave a threshold of 1000€ for a final limit, if feels like you went full out on it. It's meant to be a healthy step for a healthy price with good performance meeting my needs. You went for a major step for a solid price with bleed-edge flagship performance (most of which I'll never use). I'm not greedy and trying to avoid purchasing a solid computer. But I want it to do what I want it to do, and nothing more. This isn't reserved budget. I think League of Legends taxes my computer more than my Unity game. I love optimized programming.
  6. Fluph

    Starting gym soon need help

    No it really isn’t the title of most useless post is all yours. Treasure it. Tell your mum, I am certain it will look good on your fridge next to your participation awards. If the OP is relying on a tech forum for all his answers than JB780’s posts are the ones to read. Compound exercises are king. You want to build a strong core. Light weights to start form is everything and build from there. Accessory exercises if you want. Same applies, start light, work your way up. Compound 5 sets 5 reps. Accessory 5 sets 8 - 12 reps. Adjust within reason as everyone is different. Eat what you can. If you struggle to consume enough calories meal replacement shakes/protein shakes are a great way of increasing your intake. I will state again there are dedicated forums that will have the same question asked a 100 times. There will be full detailed work outs showing the split plus more details concerning food intake and meal ideas.
  7. mariushm

    Intel is selling cheap?

    It's cheap because QLC is shit, and it's "first gen" of QLC bound to have some issues. They're making it last the warranty period by switching a part of flash area in pseudo-SLC or MLC mode (i think up to 70-80GB on the 1 TB drives) otherwise drives would probably crap out after less than 100 TB of stuff written to them. ok to use in let's a console (download 30-50gb game, save to cloud so minimal writes) or drive to dump music and movies (write big files once, pretty much read only afterwards)
  8. JohnDongus

    PC Idles at 4.2gb of Ram Usage???

    taskmanager screenshot pls
  9. GoldenLag

    Am I building a bottleneck?

    Just fyi, you included rebates. Also the 590 is rarely if ever worth it. Can be bought, but it will increase the price more than its worth.
  10. Lonewolf6869

    Decode This

    that comunist chinese tried to stole my ubisoft account
  11. Vibora

    Phanteks RGB doesnt work at all

    Bump, just edited the thread.
  12. Wictorian

    What is the difference between surround and stereo?

    But that wouldn’t work with uncompatible things , right?
  13. huilun02

    Is google collecting data through microphones?

    Just block all ads internet-wide. Whatever they collect from you is then useless. The whole objective of ads is to get you to spend. That is where the money ultimately comes from when sites claim they rely on ad revenue. Say no to ads everywhere. Fuck em all. Defeat the system. Support what you like DIRECTLY and not through ads. Take control over what you buy. Win.
  14. Lonewolf6869

    Decode This

  15. Which of the GPU's listed below has the best cooling performance and is more silent? I'll be using it with a R3 2200G in a Phanteks P300 TG https://azerty.nl/product/sapphire/2637392/radeon-rx-570-4gb-nitro-grafische-kaart-radeon-rx-570 https://www.megekko.nl/product/1962/999226/ https://azerty.nl/product/msi/2646294/radeon-rx-570-armor-4g-oc-grafische-kaart-radeon-rx-570 https://www.asrock.com/Graphics-Card/AMD/Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX570 8G OC/index.nl.asp
  16. GoldenLag

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    Havent seen a comparison between the new ASIC Nvidia Uses and the new AMD uses, so i cant exactly say. But they both do "on-the-go" stream encoding. If you have a CPU allready i would recommend waiting for Zen 2 to drop in a short while instead, buying a 9900k atm is not the brightest idea. Though if you have to and cant wait you can buy it, or buy an R5 2600, a X470 board and drop in a Zen 2 CPU later.
  17. Wictorian

    What is the difference between surround and stereo?

    Can I set a 3D audio system in my house?
  18. NewGamePlayer81

    Ram and cpu question for my 1440p build

    Thank you Nah, he recommended to me a pretty cheap psu evergreen 650w 80psu sgd $40, I don't think the asrock board I picked has wifi AsRock B450m Pro4
  19. Zerebratox

    Cooling in Phanteks Enthoo Pro

    So at them Moment i only got 2 fans installed in my case, cause i didnt see the need of more, but now that my graphics card in wqhd seems to get a lot hotter the air in the case is getting hotter too. So i got a Thermaltake PURE 20 (800RPM) in the Front. A be quiet BL063 Silent Wings 2 in the back. A Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler (1 Fan installed, could probably be used for case fans) And i got 2 Spare Fans: Noctua NF-F12 (which seem to work better on cpu coolers than airflow in the case?) With the Fans i got, what would be the best Cooling Solution to use? Should i buy other fans for different places in the case? If yes, which? Or dont i need more than i have? I am a fan of noctua (could be because i am austrian ^^)
  20. Wictorian

    Fastest Ssd

    can you give some examples?
  21. Master Disaster

    Dr Su will present Zen 2 and Navi at Computex 2019 (May 27th)

    Can you provide me with any examples of the NSA spying on people? Doesn't mean it doesn't happen and it doesn't mean people in the know aren't aware of it. You're asking for examples of something that by it's very nature is done in secret. A certain amount of espionage is expected and accounted for in any product that's being sampled before it's official release. You think Sony and Microsoft don't expect the other to have hands on next gen Dev kits already? Any company sending out pre release samples is very aware the competition is going to see the product and claiming otherwise is very much like the child who thinks nobody can see him because he covers his own eyes.
  22. Wictorian

    Fastest Ssd

    what the hell are you talking about? like about max 500 bucks maybe in things like rendering a video, no but in things that are done real time like working in adobe Hell Yes! If I knew it I wouldn’t ask , If it only effects things like adobe even 240 GBs would be enough but if it effects everything I woukd need 10TBs(exaggerating) so it is a part of my question and I don’t care things like loading time.
  23. Chronified

    Intel is selling cheap?

    It'd make a great game drive, turn off pagefile and DON'T use it as your C drive
  24. Skiiwee29

    What is the difference between surround and stereo?

    I get that you're trying to learn and all, which is awesome, but google easily answers all the simple questions you have asked tonight. https://www.dhaudioandhometheater.com/surround-sound-or-stereo/ https://hookeaudio.com/blog/binaural-3d-audio/difference-mono-stereo-surround-binaural-3d-sound/
  25. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to use nvidia surround on 3 1440p monitors with refresh rates of 165hz and 144hz by limiting the faster monitor’s refresh rate to 144hz? If this is possible, how do you limit the refresh rate? Also, is it possible to enable g-sync in nvidia surround if 2 of the monitors are g-sync compatible and 1 of them has g-sync? Thanks.
  26. LukeLinusFanFic

    Ram and cpu question for my 1440p build

    You don't need 32 gigs of RAM, he's just trying to milk you. 8 is acceptable but 16 is better. I bet he's also trying to screw you with a high wattage power supply (750w or more), and check the storage, optical drive and wifi configurations. They really can wreck you on that stuff.
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