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  2. Oalei

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    Well from what I heard 4 ram sometimes have problem with overclocking, IDK anything else
  3. JayBee805

    Problem ..

  4. Derkoli

    Hi, I am certified HP technician

    My hp laptop wont run crysis.. somebody help please..
  5. valdyrgramr

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Your argument was that the government is allowed to force censorship onto Sony. Ya, but see we have laws preventing abuse of things like the ESRB. They cannot outright ban things like the UK does thanks to the first amendment. What does matter is the constitution protecting the developers. Steam has Hatred, an AO game, on their store. Sony and MS has had them on their consoles too. You can find most of them on eBay, Play-Asia, and Amazon. Heck, even Gamestop sold some of them.
  6. faziten

    Is dGPU passthrough for Windows Guest possible?

    Yes you can. You'd have a virtualized environment were you use your 1050Ti for the virtualized Windows (so it lets you play games and use other GPU accelerated tasks) while you remain in linux with the iGP from your CPU. I cant confirm 100% that you will be able to make it work since it depends a lot on how the motherboard asigns hardware values and how handcracfty you are with linux. I'd suggest you follow this guy's guide.It's dead simple and the performance hit is less than 5% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsDUtzMkxFk
  7. I'm building a computer and need to know this.Couldnt find any tests to compare
  8. Derkoli

    Coffee/Tea Thread

    scrape the grass out the lawn mower and chuck it in some leftover dish water brang to the boil, leave to simmer in the oven at 230 degrees for 10 mins, then serve with crumpets and maybe scones with jam and cream.
  9. When its really bad, it can get to 45-50C here. You can imagine. I too hate hot weather and the summer season. Hollywood makes it sound great, nice sunshine, beaches, fun. In reality, tho? Extremely hot, rain and thunderstorm oh that fucking thunderstorm... non-stop. Fuck this. Summer just went out here so there'll be a long time before torture weather is back. As for the getting used to part? I don't think there's getting used to. There's powering through. Enduring. Its what i do.
  10. Electronics Wizardy

    How well can Threadrippers game?

    But that chip with quad channel will cost more and be slower. Really, the extra memory bandwidth won't be used here, get the faster cpu.
  11. Ryzen start throttling at 85°, the boost of the 2700X range from -5°C for 4350 full core under heavy load and slowing decreasing the boost until 85°C, with a sweet spot around 50° to 60° to maintain the boost around 4150MHz, then after the curve is steeper to 85° when it reaches the base clock (3.7GHz), and so then it start reduce the multiplier below the base clock

  12. Electronics Wizardy

    I think i was hacked?

    ip config is gonna show the ip address, how is that gonna help you?
  13. OK Update on it all, subbed in my older cooler and everything now works! however i still dont know if it was the actual cooler that messed up or the specific AIO connector that died since it went to a different port on the motherboard. Ill take it into Microcenter to be test benched later this week. Thanks all for the help!
  14. paulbean150

    ps3 thermal paste

    I have a slim ps3 that I want to apply new thermal paste to because I haven't done so since it was bought back in 2012, any recommendations, please the thing smelled burnt when I started it up. I already took it apart and blew all dust out, so that shouldn't happen anymore but I'd like to prolong the systems life as long as possible since it was one of my last gifts from my grandmother before she passed away
  15. Hey Guys! I really need some help here. I am not a computer genius at all and just need some advice here. My computer has been working perfectly fine for a solid 5 months now. Replaced a whole bunch of parts during Christmas. I was using it perfectly fine this morning then took a nap and went back to my computer, noticed it was off, tried to start it up and this happens (see title). I tested the PSU to make sure it did not blow by using a paperclip and it worked perfectly fine. Specs below. My components are as follows:Mobo: Asus Z390 E GamingPSU: Corsair CX600MCPU: Intel Core i5 9600k (I do not overclock)RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz GPU: Nvidia 1060 Founders EditionCorsair H100i AIO Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  16. realpetertdm

    Am I building a bottleneck?

    CSGO is a game that is famous for favoring Intel. If you plop an i5 vs a Ryzen 5 then i5 usually performs 10+ frames better. Of course, it's not that much of an issue as long as you get playable framerates.
  17. Lilninjsways

    Best ssd for under 100 USD

    So which of your recommendations would be best for PURE speed
  18. Derkoli

    What is your sleeping position?

    how the hell do you sleep on your back... i can only sleep on my side lol.. unless my gf is with me then i cant
  19. rice guru

    Budget BT Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone

    Like I said "often" so that is usually the sale price. I got mine for $100 cad on sale which is about that price. But you can get them recertified on amazon I believe for $70.
  20. Possibly key chatter due to dirty switches or a liquid damaged PCB.
  21. nscassera

    Light gaming PC for friend's birthday

    No, just throw an ssd in there and you'll be good. The i5 2400 is enough for light gaming and the 750 should go fine with that. I'm running a 780 in one right now and that seems to be just over the bottlenecking threshold.
  22. Lol it becomes unbearable for me above 20 degrees.. i cant wear a hat cause my hair is so long and curly
  23. Ty so much, I was having a hard time a solution for this, it's finally solved
  24. If that's your rebuttal, I don't think you quite understand what I'm arguing. According to who? If the US wanted to push legislation that would replace the ESRB and have all video games go through a now federally handled review board, they could. Other countries do it. I'm talking about a hypothetical so it doesn't matter what the US or UK prefer. There's nothing wrong with a retailer selling an AO rated game, it's more so that most of ESRB's partners refuse to sell them, but no platform will license an AO rated game anyway lol. "All three major console platforms have a policy of refusing to permit AO titles on their platforms. Even a PC release poses difficulties. Although the game was greenlit on Steam after being temporarily removed from the greenlight process, Valve, like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, has a policy of not allowing sale of AO games on its platform." - Ars Technica
  25. Lilninjsways

    Best ssd for under 100 USD

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