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  2. dgsddfgdfhgs

    AMD a6 7400k gpu upgrade Radeon rx560

    what are you planning to do?
  3. GamerDude

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    There was some puzzlement as to who that young guy was standing in front of Capt Marvel at Tony's funeral, after some discussion, it was generally agreed that the young fella was the boy (now grown up) in IM3, the one Tony gave a bunch of tech stuff to him at the end. As for Tony, it was a good run, love him/IM, but I kinda knew either he, or Steve Rogers had to go. No way was Thor gonna die......but but him joining the GotG was totally unexpected. Peter Quill aka Star Lord is gonna have his hands full, but on the plus side, GotG just got an upgrade. Seriously can't wait for the release of the 4K BR disk, so gonna buy it!
  4. Shield Hero... Why...?







  5. Will having a 1050 bottleneck my CPU? If so, what’s a better GPU for my build?
  6. My brother has an i5 7400 and a 970, he has a bottleneck in some games. What are the specific games in your library? It's largely title dependent.
  7. my setup is amd a6 7400k with 8gb hyperx ram, im planning to buy rx 560. will it have any issues?
  8. I just got this on my phone and I don't think I registered for them to send me alerts but I get them for some reason. I just got this, it says 5.7Ghz on all 28 cores on the Xeon 3175x on a ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme. Im not going to put a link on Toms Hardware as I know their sorta hated and don't wanna bloat this thread. You can go to their site for more info. The motherboard costs 1800 dollars and the CPU probably costs as much as a nice used car lol.
  9. Crunchy Dragon

    Where to start in Information Technology career?

    I meant programmers in general, but that is a good point.
  10. PunnyJames

    New builder who dis?

    I think this is a pretty solid improvement... I was going for $600 usd for a lower end gaming rig I started a ryzen 3 1200 3.1ghz with an overclockable board, 3000mhz ram in duel channel(it might suck to upgrade later but it wasn't in the price point I sought after), a better cached ssd, and a better suited card (the zotac gtx 1060 6gb to avoid bottlenecking, and a better power supply by corsair with 80+ bronze. Thoughts? [PCPartPicker part list](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XbZPCb) / [Price breakdown by merchant](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XbZPCb/by_merchant/) Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- **CPU** | [AMD - Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/TX4NnQ/amd-ryzen-3-1300x-35ghz-quad-core-processor-yd1200bbaebox) | $69.99 @ Newegg **Motherboard** | [ASRock - B450 Pro4 ATX AM4 Motherboard](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/PCKcCJ/asrock-b450-pro4-atx-am4-motherboard-b450-pro4) | $69.89 @ OutletPC **Memory** | [Corsair - Vengeance LPX 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Tb97YJ/corsair-vengeance-lpx-8-gb-2-x-4-gb-ddr4-3000-memory-cmk8gx4m2c3000c16) | $54.99 @ Newegg **Storage** | [Samsung - 860 Evo 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/yzfhP6/samsung-860-evo-1tb-25-solid-state-drive-mz-76e1t0bam) | $149.99 @ Amazon **Video Card** | [Zotac - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6 GB Video Card](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Jw22FT/zotac-geforce-gtx-1060-6gb-6-gb-video-card-zt-p10620a-10m) | $199.99 @ Newegg **Case** | [Corsair - Carbide SPEC-04 (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/2tTrxr/corsair-spec-04-blackred-atx-mid-tower-case-cc-9011107-ww) | $29.99 @ Newegg **Power Supply** | [Corsair - CXM (2015) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/FQ648d/corsair-power-supply-cp9020101na) | $29.98 @ Newegg | *Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts* | | Total (before mail-in rebates) | $654.82 | Mail-in rebates | -$50.00 | **Total** | **$604.82** | Generated by [PCPartPicker](https://pcpartpicker.com) 2019-04-25 22:21 EDT-0400 |
  11. BuckGup

    Where to start in Information Technology career?

    Nah there is a huge shortage for good programmers. OP look into engineering systems administrator, pen tester, infosec, or networking related
  12. Alpha Radke

    Ubisoft Messed Up: R6 dual core issue on a quad core

    Just updated all CPU drivers and verified game files if that's how to reinstall a 100+ gb game. Death of a game
  13. You're officially over 9,000! :D Party time!!!

  14. Crunchy Dragon

    Where to start in Information Technology career?

    Glad I could help, best of luck to you!
  15. Alpha Radke

    Ubisoft Messed Up: R6 dual core issue on a quad core

    I can't go back to windows 7 and it doesn't sound like a final fix. The game worked perfectly on dual core before the patch
  16. Title says it all, do they have 7.1 sound?
  17. Edson Y. Hernandez Sanchez

    Where to start in Information Technology career?

    Thank you for your response, Thank you for the response! It helped me on getting some major points clear on what certs to get and where to start looking.
  18. Enabling the flag in mobile Chrome doesn't do anything on my S9 I'll just stick to Firefox.
  19. lttUser1234

    G.Skill RGB ram problems

    I ended up turning the computer off and re-seating some of the DIMMs and swapping their location and it fixed the problem. Now I have full Mystic Light control with all modules working full RGB, although their G.Skill lighting app still doesn't work.
  20. Baldi's Basics...


    Except it's Joe Biden... 


    Angry Memes & Funny Angry Pictures

  21. schwellmo92

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Talking in percentages is misleading. I fully expect the iPhone XR to be the largest volume iPhone for Apple, but am also expecting total sales volume to be lower. I like Apple, I’ve used iPhones for the last 8 years (X atm) and have a 2019 MBP. But I think they missed the boat with their latest line of iPhone’s, the older consumer doesn’t like the gesture based navigation and the entry price is higher. I expect (and hope for the sake of my stock portfolio) that Apple will fall when they finally report their quarterly earnings.
  22. in short, sending product back for repairs or replacement due to malfunctions
  23. mynameisjuan

    DSL vs Fiber Speed Difference?

    Most business plans are ran off the same equipment. Oversubscription is larger than it ever has been. 50 customers? Nah, I can throw 256 customers on one of my GPON blades with only a 10gig uplink.
  24. I just updated chrome on my pc. Dark mode turned on instantly after relaunch. Nice!
  25. I’ve had Chrome dark theme for a while on my MacBook. It is actually confusing because it makes it harder to tell when you’re in incógnito mode.
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