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  2. Found my next SSD, based entirely on the price because I have the humor of a 12 year old entirely https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820156200&Description=NVMe SSD&cm_re=NVMe_SSD-_-20-156-200-_-Product

  3. Oh yeah I've left it to dry for about 25 hours now so all is well. Now i'm just gonna ship it to dell to fix up the keyboard then all is well
  4. b emoji

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    New "Koala" from KBDFANS and Biip Tactile, 62g, Similar to T1, speaking of T1s, they're back in stock now!
  5. WOOOW! Thanks for extracting your valuable time, man. Please keep on looking more good options for me as I can't buy just rn due to financial issues. Recently got my tv for 31k and other household interior works sucked-in a shit ton of our money so you can understand. Please stay tuned to this post in future, just don't abandon this. I might require help of you brilliant guys. Thanks for all this. I love this community! I shifted my monstrosity back to my bedroom and they look even cooler now lmao.
  6. Pwnde

    Surface GO

    I'll be using it just for that and some media consumption... Would you recommend the 4gb version then and as you said sometimes even 8gb version acts sluggish so would you still recommend the 8gb version over the $200 cheaper 4gb version..
  7. Constantin

    2nd monitor

    Set it to borderless
  8. Princess Cadence

    Need some advice for a new laptop

    There are over 50 different i5 CPUs and over 50 different i7 CPUs... What CPUs are you considering specifically?
  9. jerubedo

    New build, your thoughts ?

    I mean yeah it's going to be BETTER to wait, but to say that you're digging your own grave is a huge stretch. For most people, whatever CPU they choose right now will serve them well for years to come. Most people who bought Ryzen 2000 last year won't be upgrading to Ryzen 3000 this year, even if the leap is significant. Hell, even those people that got 1st Gen Ryzen will still be just fine from a performance standpoint and most won't feel compelled to upgrade. There's very few people that will actually utilize an upgrade path vs those that buy parts, build, and then run it into the ground until it's time to build a new one.
  10. AshwinRox

    What's the difference between 2060 and 2070?

    They did? I found it on a decent deal and was debating between it and the Strix.
  11. Jeremy Irvine

    MacOS VM White Screen

    sorry for the terrible fps, i couldn't be bothered setting up obs
  12. I don't understand, why do you keep saying Manufacturer solution? What products are you looking at? Chlorine isn't used in watercooling pc's and the reason for that is simple. Distilled or De-Ionised water combined with anti-corrosion and anti-bacteria drops. If you're using hardline tubing you will need a drain valve at the lowest part of the loop.
  13. So im having some trouble with getting the vm to boot with manjaro 18.04. I've setup everything as in the video (Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC), the vm goes to a white screen, then displays a bus error? then after a minute it says something about the Lilu kext rebuilding the kernel. Below are a video showcasing it, and a link to my virsh config file macosvm.mp4 macosvm.mp4 hackintosh.xml Specs: AOC Agon AG241QX 2560x1440 144hz Primary Monitor Asus MX25AQ 1920x1080 60hz Secondary Montior (Running @ 1280x720) Intel core i5 9600k Nvidia 1070 Ti 16 gb ddr3 memory 3.5tb HHD (where manjaro is installed)
  14. LukeSavenije

    What's the difference between 2060 and 2070?

    xi? many know I'm not a big fan of it... they cheaped out on the vrms
  15. Curious Pineapple

    Flagship parts...don't care about cost

    Install OS on an SSD, and point your user directory to the root of a secondary drive, be it another SSD or an SSHD. No issue if an OS re-install is needed as all you do is point the user home to the other drive and you're back where you were (after installing applications that is).
  16. Isopropyl >70% would be good for removing and displacing any remaining sugar or liquid that still may be trapped in places, just be sure to let it dry for an hour or so after for everything to evaporate.
  17. GoldenLag

    Motherboard Tier List

    like honestly, dont buy skylake X. you will be dissapointed and your wallet will be empty. and the system on a EOL plattform.
  18. SlicerZrT

    Are my CPU temps for the cooler I'm using?

    Idle temps are meaningless yes and you also need to consider the silicone lottery. Perhaps the thermal paste underneath your IHS is insufficient, Intel likes to do that to cut costs, I've had to delid many cpus that had this issue, but I won't recommend it cos it can really damage your cpu if you don't know what you're doing, plus it's too much hassle (not to mention voiding your warranty). Your temps are fine, you should only start worrying when you start hitting, say, 70 degrees and above, I'd say 50-60 degrees full load is good, but that'll vary because of many reasons. If you're serious worried about temperatures, don't be, processors will always get hot, think about the ICs on your motherboard, those get considerably hot, but you don't worry about them. If you really want a baseline of what your cpu should avoid hitting, refer to your cpus T-junction temps on Intel ark, plus your ambient temperature can always change because of seasons, air conditioning, etc, so I would check my full load temps mainly during hot summer days, just to be safe. To put it bluntly, if your cpu isn't thermal throttling, it's temperatures are perfectly fine.
  19. seoz

    How do you choose your gpu?

    The three I looked for were cooler, design, and price tag. I settled on my Asus Dual GTX 1060 due to the above reason: It has a dual-fan cooling system It's white which will match my build It came in at under £250 which was my budget at the time
  20. GoldenLag

    [Rumour?] Huawei P30 Pro "fakes" moon photos automatically?

    i dont think the regular consumer would care about this. they would just be happy they got a really pretty picture of the moon...........
  21. Enderman

    What is nm?

    And as they get smaller, there is more leakage. And when you change the gate design, doping, routing, path prediction, etc etc etc then there are dozens of other variables that are changing the efficiency and power consumption. So no, just using a smaller process size means nothing. The efficiency depends on pretty much everything else in the processor design.
  22. Yes i do agree, there will be more space eventually once i move out into a new place, everything is cramped, but workable for now.
  23. Tz000

    What is the difference between surround and stereo?

    20.2 How in the sweet F*ck do you fit that in the room let alone wire all that decently clean... How many amps?
  24. It does now... I'm not worried about that machine yet though until we start to see reports of less of them catching on fire or burning themselves out. Any laptop that gets recalled at that price point is really not worth looking at for a while. I edited the post though adding both of that in thanks.
  25. The G403 is a great mouse, it has a PWM3366, which is an excellent sensor, it has a relatively safe shape, only downside to it imo would be the braided cable which is subject to fraying overtime. However, the G213 is not a very good keyboard. It uses rubberdome on membrane switches which although are quite snappy are still rubberdomes and membrane, which means that you are required to bottom out on each keystroke, and these domes aren't the best feeling either, they're quite mushy when you bottom out. The caps it comes with are also quite subpar, it uses painted then laser ablated thin slider on cap keycaps. These caps will shine a lot and will retain oily fingerprints on them due to them being abs, and since they're painted then etched the paint will wear off overtime, destroying the look of the legends.
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