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  2. No, s***** is a curse word. Having to go through those OpenRC configs is a pain and I already have a "workflow" set from Ubuntu and Antergos, so yeah.
  3. Alphaarea

    How to choose a SAS card for UnRaid

    SAS card which base on LSI SAS 2008 and LSI SAS 2308 controller like DELL H200, HP H220, LSI 9211-8i, LSI 9207-8i is common. SAS 2308 is a improved version of SAS 2008, support PCIe 3.0 and higher IOPS. SAS 2308 is Beneficial, if you need connect SSD don't buy the sas card older than LSI 9211-8i. They only support 2TB and smaller devices
  4. Not sure how long lasting they are but I've heard mostly positive things about those DWS's (negatives were they werent as grippy as performance summer tires, which is a "duh")
  5. Stormseeker9

    PG27VQ monitor good or bad?

    That is a TN panel the Acer. So if you want 1440p 144hz+ IPS 27” specs I can recommend the gigabyte aurus AD27QD (have it myself and worth every penny!)
  6. noxdeouroboros

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    Epoxy is really not that expensive, you could just buy it.
  7. The X axis has no scale... without any numbers it looks like the old machine is faster.
  8. Jaxzzzzz

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    you could also try zip ties?
  9. Noah0302

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    I did not know that! If I don't find any epoxy I'll do it again without the fridge.
  10. Yellowpanda

    Any 4K monitors that can overclock at a lower resolution?

    Ah ok. Well I'm fine with it, and if not then I can always just put it back to native resolution if worst comes to worst.
  11. Oalei

    Phones for around 100-150USD

    any other reccomendation?
  12. I still have dedicated winter tires, but would like something that I can just commute on and not worry about. If I have a hankering for fun I would buy a new lighter set of wheels and something really aggressive. Smooth, quiet and long lasting.
  13. Hm, but I went looking on the apple website, and I didn't find any downloads for the older OSx, only for Mohave... As for not knowing if it is possible to install from a bootable USB, I was reading some other posts, and it seems like you are able to use a DVD instead of a USB, and I think it works fine (as long as it double layered for enough space of course)
  14. VegetableStu

    blowie matron as case fans

    sorry what? I can't hear you it's actually the motherboard, where the fan headers themselves don't go beyond 1A (some might, but you'd start worrying about the fan headers on the motherboard melting when the fan(s) draw too much)
  15. Jaxzzzzz


    I would go with the oneplus 6T, the software is better and youll get updates for longer, plus its just newer hardware
  16. Did you just say systemd is a curse word? I find systemd to add too much unnecessary complexity. Gentoo has a OpenRC flavor (which is the default one). I'm very happy to have that.
  17. From what I understand, you're just merging some pixels together to simulate a lower resolution. Might be really weird if you won't have the right aspect ratio
  18. Doobeedoo

    Whats the general consensus on MX speed switches?

    I mean they're great, sure are faster, definitely can help and feel better. Won't make you a better player though if you're already not good enough anyway.
  19. homeap5

    Windows 10 admin blocking asus apps

    This must be some punishment for unnecessary format and install system.
  20. LukeTheCoder05


    Im willing to top out a 5-$600 US
  21. LukeSavenije

    GTX 980 Ti power requirement

    good choice what are you getting?
  22. ddennis002

    dual channel ram

    This is not accurate. It can be done with different sizes and speed, It's not recommended but it should work, the board will run at the memory at the lowest speed and timings. Sometimes you will run into issues where it will slip out of dual channel at high amount of memory usage. Depending on the board flex mode can be used if you have intel setup to help mitigate some of these issue. Again doable but not recommended. Your mileage my vary.
  23. @aisle9 You are correct. I am wrong and man enough to admit it. I was immediately brought back to my experience which was the board and should not have interpretted the way I did.
  24. Jaxzzzzz

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    im not sure that curing in the fridge is your best idea either, adhesive and cold dont always mix very well and you might end up with a weak and brittle bond
  25. scoffs in all seasons I've seen those brought up before and they do look like good tires. By pedestrian do you mean noise, ride smoothness or both?
  26. Oh, here we go again. Just to be clear, I personally prefer systemd (configs are a pain in the neck) and I do not hate anyone that differs in preference, but I would still prefer that people did not throw around less-than-polite words in general, but more so when discussing Linux things. On a separate note, I never knew that KDE has Systemd System Settings module before installing Gentoo. I guess you really do learn something new every day.
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