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  2. Bullet4Justice

    Little cousin's build, need your input.

    you know Fortnite, Minecraft, Rocket League, games a kid would play.
  3. Yes and no. Yes for the better performance. No because traffic, tight gates make the early C60 easy to misshift, the early C60 syncros are of low quality, and getting a C60 that's not shot to shit that works right is very hard to do, rebuilding isn't cheap either. At 135K if I had the C60 the syncros would be ready to be replaced probably the second time, they last about 60K under spirited driving. My auto, while substantially slower is also substantially more robust, proven to hold crazy power with just additional cooling and proven to last a long long time. I wish I just had one more gear between 1st and 2nd is all. Also the auto GTS's are in WAY less beat to shit condition that the 6spds are. I got this with 85K in basically perfect mechanical order, I don't think it was hardly ever driven hard just a commuter car that the owner wanted leather and a sunroof so they got the GTS. And the auto GTS is super rare so in the future it'll be even more of an oddity. I'm going to work on getting my trans cooler installed before it's put away for the year so I can beat it hard without getting the trans too hot next time. It's no slouch, it's just not real fast.
  4. Princess Luna

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    Like 77Cº max temp on full stressing, while being pretty much inaudible.
  5. Randomizer23

    G-Sync Not Working Correctly

    144hz checked all the boxes and my FPS was around 148
  6. Right. Forgot to mention I cleaned every dust inside and repasted. Yea the fan seems to be at full speed. Thanks
  7. depends on the paste, it shouldn't. repaste it and find out I guess.
  8. Molesy

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    Corsair ML fan is a downgrade ? looking at the spec sheet its about 60CFM at 1.08 static pressure at 100% ML140 is 97CFM at 3.0 static pressure. of course the ML is a louder than the default fans but i dont mind that extra sound. I will be doing some 3D rendering so CPU will be pegged at 100% for extended periods of time. What temps are you getting on the DR4 at 5GHz all cores maxed ? 200w? really wow. i though it was a 95W TDP cpu with over clocking i would have guessed maybe 150TDP ? I am planing to use the Corsair 450D but the height of the DRP4 is really close to the case limit. so was a bit concerned with that as well. my above comments for the ML and default fans. i read reviews people changed it for the Noctuas and got a few *C better temps so that why considering the ML looks better with the build.
  9. Valkyrie Lenneth

    850w PSU causing Vega 64 to crash?

    dont oc ram if u dont even know that btw, its really easy to have ram unstable and clocking it for mhz cancels it out by cas, and tightening the kit requires proper knowledge of all timings, including secondary timings , ocing / tightening ram will only give unstability if u dont know all those ;f if u rly want to tighten ram that badly get a better kit in the first place, coz 3200 cl16 is pretty basic / bad already anyway good that u found the prob with the gpu :F
  10. ROG Strix 1200W uses Prime Ultra Platinum 1200W, with no changes in silicon.
  11. They did react initially but stated that they do not ship to my destination country and offered to put me in touch with the reseller in region. I am not waiting for that to happen. I also offer to provide a US address to ship to so I can send it from there to my country. So far no feedback on that.
  12. Hi, i've recently bought a 3900X and i have some problems with temperatures. I used some old Jetart CK4000 on my H115i. The temps where great at stock frequency and 1.3V, ~=33°C on idle and ~=75/80°C on Cinebench R20 (22°C room temp). So i played a bit with overclocking and managed to get it at 4.3GHz / 1.4V and Cinebench at <100°C. But now when i'm back to stock frequency and 1.3V i'm at 45°C on idle and reach max stock temperature (95°C) on Cinebench and my score is horrible. What the fuck happened? Thanks for your attention
  13. tarsius

    3440 x 1440 120hz dp1.2 how?

    Try Bandwidth / Maximum Refresh Frequency Calculator
  14. Princess Luna

    G-Sync Not Working Correctly

    How exactly did you "enable it" there's lots of boxes to tick you might have skipped one. Also what refresh rate? What fps are you getting? what's it's FreeSync window?
  15. Setup: Ryzen 5 3600 stock, PBO + AMD cool 'n quiet enabled, high performance windows power plan 16GB DDR4 3200MHz ram RTX 2070 MSI B450 Tomahawk Getting stutters in this game, while using perfect settings for fps (Did my research, future frame rendering on etc.) But when I zoom in etc, it just stutters a bit. Not much, but affecting the gameplay and making it alot less enjoyable. Nvidia driver 431.60 Any ideas/fixes? This rig should kill this game. I play with 150fps and stutters, no big fps drops etc.
  16. Randomizer23

    G-Sync Not Working Correctly

    Hey guys I have an AOC g2590fx which is gsync compatible I enabled gsync and the nvidia pendulum test is working fine but in GTA V there is still some slight screen teaaring when U move my camera from side to side is there a way to fix this?
  17. Princess Luna

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    OP is clearly trying to make a value orientated purchase which makes AiO's being far more expensive, louder, more prone to failure and worse at VRM cooling terrible choices. Yes, the DR. Pro 4 if you can afford and fit it in, but the vanilla Dark Rock 4 also suffices and regarding the fan; the beQuiet! Silent Wings are better than the Corsair ML's in every way, air pressure, noise and reliability. Therefore it's not about not needing to change, it'd be an actual downgrade to change.
  18. MegaDave91

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I don't have them yet, however they are due to arrive today. My 400is are using the Sundara headband after 3 replacement bands suffering cracks in all of the same region. I was shocked to learn this headband is $125, and HiFiMan sent it to me free of charge. I notice you also own the 400i; how has the headband treated you?
  19. OrionFOTL

    Help Choosing PSU

    M12II Evo is a few classes below every single one of those, even the budget Pure Power 11. EVGA B3 had big problems with protections (exploded or burned in tests), and you should only consider it if Pure Power 11 isn't available.
  20. Keith W

    New member. I can say hi here.

    Sorry, yes that is what I meant The context/reference was in regard to your avatar
  21. Bitter

    Show off your latest purchase!

    How much did they set you back? I need comfy and super durable for work.
  22. My point was that I think you have different expectations between PC and your Phone. Phone's get a lot of notifications but you probably ignore it better on your phone. I just had 8 come to my phone, plenty of sounds and only 3 on my pc in the same amount of time. I kinda ignore them just the same though. Android does right now I think only have a one beep sound as default and Windows sound is a bit longer. So, that makes sense. Newest W10 allows notifications to be paused while in full screen. Sooo, they wont bother you at all during games.
  23. 5x5

    Bottle neck prevention

    It doesn't really matter - the 4790 and 4770 are mostly identical.
  24. Radioactive Snowman

    IPhone X Not Turning On

    any reasoning behind that?
  25. Mitico


    From an old amd 965, asrock 970 extreme3 and 4 gb ram.. But i did a fresh instal of everything, and the powersupply is enough, 600w bronze
  26. Yeah when playing BF5 temps are 55-60C. However the game is stuttering for me (Known issue for BF5). But my cpu has less usage on BF5 than "less" demanding games. So i was thinking about OC'ing, memory timings etc. Maybe its just the game. I get 150fps ~ on it though.. kinda frustrated me.
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