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  2. William Gaming

    1050 or 780

    I would be playing games like Fortnite, cod, gta and some more lighter games like, terraria, minecraft and roblox

    Weird performance from my NAS

    Agreed... sounds likely more hardware than software.
  4. homeap5

    Is it OK to use a dual SATA to 6pin on my system?

    Your 1050Ti gets power from PCIe. Better card needs additional power connectors. That means you need PSU with more power. Week PSU may have separate power lines for sata and even if you can read "300W" on sticker, that doesn't mean it's 300W for everything. It may be something like 200W for motherboard and 100W for SATA connectors. So that is why 1050Ti may work but better card not, especially if you want to get power from SATA.
  5. Was going through basics lately: https://www.themasterswitch.com/how-to-match-speakers-and-amps https://www.qacoustics.co.uk/blog/2017/08/14/beginners-guide-matching-speakers-amplifiers/ Please throw your light as well for the right speaker-amp combination.

    1050 or 780

    Depends on what games you’re wanting to play, and whether AMD or NVidia are better performers... the 780 is still a fairly powerful card... but it’s getting old now, so some newer software features might not be available to it going forward
  7. Phill104

    Another which card question

    Sounds like 2060 then. I say that because I always seem to get colour issues on Radeon cards with photoshop, Nvidia seems more reliable for me to that end. Only seems to be about £19 difference in the cost of the vega and 2060 cards.
  8. William Gaming

    1050 or 780

    in the UK we have a place called CEX it sells and buys second hand gaming and computer things. A r9 290 would be $123.39 us. A gtx 1050 or 780 would be $90.92 US and I am on a budget so I don't know if it would be worth it.
  9. GoldenLag

    Another which card question

    Essentially whichever is cheaper of these two

    Boot issue

    Does it work after this... or will it not turn on... maybe try reseating RAM and CPU?
  11. LukeSavenije

    Another which card question

    the 1660 ti is slower too... just to add
  12. remus243

    RM1000x Fan size

    Oh I sympathise then, honestly I probably would've taken your comment quite differently if you hadn't got that tag! Thanks for taking the time to explain the thought process behind the decision, I work as a planning manager for a mechanical engineering company and im sure some of our MEs would also sympathise with you too
  13. Skiiwee29

    System reboot

    Which VS power supply do you have, the Grey, or Orange unit? Chances are your power supply may not be able to handle the switch over cause it to reboot as a result of voltage changes.
  14. Goobertron

    Weird performance from my NAS

    I'm doing the S.M.A.R.T testing now. I cant think of why it can copy a file from one NAS folder to another NAS folder at reasonable speed but not be able to copy from NAS to PC at more 2mb/s.

    System reboot

    Doesn’t sound like a UPS issue... what happens when you just plug it into the wall?
  16. @Crunchy Dragon @firelighter487 i found this...2093251113_full(2).png.bb3189f381c5d309127c854c03d03f4e.png


  17. GoldenLag

    1050 or 780

    R9 290 Much better than both.
  18. LoGiCalDrm

    rog reboot

    It comes in October/November, if it comes. LMG doesn't decide it, Asus does. And when it comes, you will find info on how to participate from that post/video/tweet/FB update. So follow those. Knowing past ones, you need to be from North America (US, Canada, Mexico) and have your parents approval if you are under 18. Willing and able to travel etc. And make a video about your current hardware situation. Just like in previous years.
  19. Abzilla

    Another which card question

    The 2060 is better than the 1660
  20. Ok, Asus listened to my plea and released BIOS today. For some reason some settings are not made it from previous version and seems like this version is quite slow - while on ASRock motherboard replacing 81xx CPU with 82xx counterpart gave me about 15-20% of performance boost, the Asus m/b only gives me about 5-7% increase in CBr20 and CBr15 got even slower than it was on 6186. Interesting...
  21. Timotheus2


    Windows 10 does support aptX over normal bluetooth, not sure about aptX-LL though.
  22. Radium_Angel

    Weird performance from my NAS

    Drive health might be going. Look into that for starters
  23. Fiyo

    Old pre-built upgrade plan

    Thank you for replying! I honestly don't know. I'm not sure what you mean with ports lining up. Are you talking about the I/O shield? I was under the impression that you could pop those out. If it's something else, could you please elaborate? From looking at pictures of the motherboards the layout seems to be the same-ish, but the MSI B450 Tomahawk has more RAM slots, PCIe connectors, and power supply connectors. It also seems to be longer. I'll have to check if that means I have to mount the graphics card somewhere else. Or does it mean that I have to find a micro-ATX motherboard? Thanks again.
  24. William Gaming

    1050 or 780

    Hi, I can buy a gtx 1050 or gtx 780 for about the same price which one would be better for 1080p 144hz?
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