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  2. Crunchy Dragon

    Where to start in Information Technology career?

    Glad I could help, best of luck to you!
  3. Alpha Radke

    Ubisoft Messed Up: R6 dual core issue on a quad core

    I can't go back to windows 7 and it doesn't sound like a final fix. The game worked perfectly on dual core before the patch
  4. Title says it all, do they have 7.1 sound?
  5. Edson Y. Hernandez Sanchez

    Where to start in Information Technology career?

    Thank you for your response, Thank you for the response! It helped me on getting some major points clear on what certs to get and where to start looking.
  6. Enabling the flag in mobile Chrome doesn't do anything on my S9 I'll just stick to Firefox.
  7. lttUser1234

    G.Skill RGB ram problems

    I ended up turning the computer off and re-seating some of the DIMMs and swapping their location and it fixed the problem. Now I have full Mystic Light control with all modules working full RGB, although their G.Skill lighting app still doesn't work.
  8. Baldi's Basics...


    Except it's Joe Biden... 


    Angry Memes & Funny Angry Pictures

  9. schwellmo92

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Talking in percentages is misleading. I fully expect the iPhone XR to be the largest volume iPhone for Apple, but am also expecting total sales volume to be lower. I like Apple, I’ve used iPhones for the last 8 years (X atm) and have a 2019 MBP. But I think they missed the boat with their latest line of iPhone’s, the older consumer doesn’t like the gesture based navigation and the entry price is higher. I expect (and hope for the sake of my stock portfolio) that Apple will fall when they finally report their quarterly earnings.
  10. in short, sending product back for repairs or replacement due to malfunctions
  11. mynameisjuan

    DSL vs Fiber Speed Difference?

    Most business plans are ran off the same equipment. Oversubscription is larger than it ever has been. 50 customers? Nah, I can throw 256 customers on one of my GPON blades with only a 10gig uplink.
  12. I just updated chrome on my pc. Dark mode turned on instantly after relaunch. Nice!
  13. I’ve had Chrome dark theme for a while on my MacBook. It is actually confusing because it makes it harder to tell when you’re in incógnito mode.
  14. papajo

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    how or link?
  15. Pohernori

    GTX 980 Ti power requirement

    Its fine. Just don't go crazy on the oc. Leave it on stock settings.
  16. Install Windows 7 fam those components are gonna thank u.
  17. oh, thats a bummer. what do you mean by RMA?
  18. bleedblue

    Finals Week

    Stayed up in the dorm study area with a bunch of classmates from dusk til dawn.
  19. sweet home oklahoma

  20. Plutosaurus

    Is everyone an amateur game streamer nowadays?

    I wonder if this will be the downfall of natural human interaction. Japan faces similar problems with shut-ins. I hope these people get outside sometimes, and associate with people in their local communities.
  21. no they aren't. Even if you RMA the old one they send you the new one instead
  22. I was not ready for it.. I was confused .. for a moment
  23. do you know if they are still making the older version? since i cannot find it at any of my local stores websites
  24. bleedblue

    Is everyone an amateur game streamer nowadays?

    Near every one of my friends is now streaming be it on console or on pc. When I ask them why they do it the responses range from 'I could make it big like Ninja' to 'it's fun interacting with people as I play' and even 'I just get lonely'. For me though, I'll probably never do it.
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