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  2. Hey, I'm looking for noise-cancelling headphones so that I can concentrate while working in a busy office or when the neighbours are loud It doesn't have to be wireless, if there is a much better deal for a wired pair I'd consider it but it would be a big plus since I could carry them around more easily I don't have a set budget, I have no idea how much they go for but I don't mind spending 200-300$+ if it's worth it Thanks!
  3. Sounds like you saw a fireball, a fancy science word for a very bright meteor that typically leaves a trail of ionized gases behind it. Uncommon but not unusual. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteoroid#Fireball The Starlink satellites are very faint and are only really visible to the naked eye in optimal conditions. They are also moving much slower than meteors.
  4. sure if you turn down the settings. also a 1080 ti is recommend for 4k over the 1080. 630 is the ballpark for a used 1080 ti.
  5. Mengsk211

    1903 UPDATE ISSUE!

  6. Skiiwee29

    Moving out, need Wifi

    The Netgear Mesh is one of the best ive seen since they use dedicated bands to talk with each other and not over the 2.4ghz network as most current mesh networks do, like the Orbi.
  7. bomerr

    x99 oc help plz

    x99 needs blck to get 3000Mhz+ on ram. you'll need to reduce your CPU multiplier with that said, i'd be really surprised if you notice any performance gains with the 3000mhz ram over the 2400mhz 2400 quad channel = 4800 dual channel post up some benchmarks to confirm you see performance gains. also 4.2ghz is a little bit low. most people can hit 4.4ghz.
  8. Mr. horse

    Extreme x79 sleeper.

    Ok guys. It's time to put my sleeper/case modding skill to the test. I bought a older packered bell As you can see I'll have my work cut out for me. I have not made up my mind on all the parts yet. It all depends on what I can cram into the case. it's too thin to convert to ATX or at least not with full hight cards. I can convert it to half hight ATX but no low profile Video card with VGA support is powerful enough for my needs so I'll leave it with the rotated pci slots In order for the system to stay cool I will have to make some major mods to the case. In it's stock form it has one 80mm intake fan and that's it for fans. Not only that but the case is not ATX. I should have should have room to convert the 80mm intake fan to a 92mm fan and maybe add a 92mm if not a 80mm fan in the rear of the case. Parts I'll likely use for the build. Matx x79 Asus ROG motherboard. Xeon 1680v2 (I'll likely have to kill cores or down clock it) 980ti or Titan X Noctua nh-l9x65 with better more powerful fan. 16gb ddr3 1866mhz 8-10-9 512gb m.2 ssd It will be rather interesting to see how well I can mod the case for cooling Without giving away that it's a modern PC.
  9. shadow8t4

    Moving out, need Wifi

    I'm definitely aware there will be a speed drop over Wifi, not expecting or looking for a wifi router that can replicate that. I'm betting on needing multiple access points, maybe two. I am looking to buy one router to see how well that handles the house and buy a second if needed. For now, I'm just looking for a good, reliable, future-proof-ish device.
  10. Mengsk211

    1903 UPDATE ISSUE!

  11. Mengsk211

    1903 UPDATE ISSUE!

    I have a Ryzen 5 1600 Build. With Corsair Vengence Pro RGB, DDR4, 3200 Mghz. On a Asrock X370, and Windows 10 Pro. I have my RAM Clocked in at 3200 on my bios, but Windows only see's/uses 1600. My friend has a similar build but with a Ry5 2600, Same Ram but his is 3000 all on a Asus Prime X470 with Windows 10 Home. He is having the same exact issue. So If you updated to 1903 Please Check your speeds! Wonder if its a Ryzen only problem. Check Comments for Pics of my prof.
  12. Doobeedoo

    Seagate SSHD can't boot. Sometimes.

    I've had this drive years ago, did RMA it as well and had these similar issues. Eventually they replaced it for me for SSD.
  13. Maxisthemoose

    How much could I get for my system?

    yeah I know, thanks though
  14. I like the idea of a mini-itx but I haven't seen any lower than $90 even used. And I am one cheap sob
  15. Oalei

    How much could I get for my system?

    yeah i read that either 1000 or less. well i just giving out my price.
  16. Skiiwee29

    MSI armor nvidia gtx 1070 OC thermal pads

    Although not able to 100% confirm for the armor card, MSI has generally always used .5mm thick pads on the memory chips.
  17. Taintedmind

    Only one of GPU fan spinning

    The fans will only activate if that section of the card is gettin too hot. It won't spin while not under load. Only the side that requires it will spin at a time, which's why one side is likely dustier than the other. I thought my card was broken when I first got it (GTX 1070 TI) because the fans weren't spinnin when I booted it after puttin the PC together. My friend did some research on it and told me how it works, since he didn't know about the new way graphics cards work, either. He's also AMD and I'm Intel/NVIDIA.
  18. the_importer

    Will my old setup create a bottleneck?

    You mean I've spent $630 back in November for a GTX 1080 and I can't even get a steady 60 FPS at 2160p for every game that I'll play?
  19. Timotheus2

    Moving out, need Wifi

    Do you have ethernet in the walls? - Yes? A few APs at key locations would be best. - No? Probably Mesh then.
  20. Taintedmind

    980 Temps?

    Temps. for graphics cards usually start gettin bad around 95c, but it's preferred to keep it around 75c or below in general; if it starts gettin too hot, then it could be a ventilation issue and/or thermal paste on the actual board itself down the road, so keep a heads-up
  21. Skiiwee29

    Moving out, need Wifi

    Don't expect those speeds over wifi... more realistically you will get 1/2 - 3/4 of those at most.
  22. MaratM

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    Yes!!! It is possible OC’d to 5.0 gHz at 1.35volts, all you need is a correct (modified) BIOS, a programmer and a piece of aluminium foil here is a link some people run 9900k on the same board The build log is in the signature
  23. I bought them from computersalg you can't use them for a cpu cooler which i mainly want to have it for When not having fixed holes it could be a problem with this anitivibration rubber
  24. Spotty

    Youtube video broken.

    @WarWeeny I've merged your thread with an existing thread as the issues are related and explains why the video is currently not available on YouTube. There were issues with the YouTube WAN show causing a weird timeskip problem every 30 seconds or so. Appears LTT has removed the video until it can be resolved by YouTube. You can catch this weeks WAN show on Twitch which is playing without issues.
  25. Maxisthemoose

    How much could I get for my system?

    Lol, is that your highest price? I wouldn't let it go for under 1000$ I'm not selling it by the way. (If you didn't get that)
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