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  2. GoldenLag

    Bigger case

    have you looked at Cube cases? they should offer what you are looking for i think
  3. You got a pretty nice deal tbh I did notice that FX processors had really fast base clock, like in the 4GHz area. Shuffling by clock speed on pcpt shows a lot of FX CPUs
  4. Hey, guys, I am trying to trick windows that GPU Digital Signature is a registered signature but it is not I am using general driver given by Pop OS, So can I install VM and game VM Windows 10??
  5. GoldenLag

    HDD Shipments Down 18% YoY

    with the exception of large ammounts of data and the need for super cheap high capacity i dont see a reason to get a HDD these days. SSDs are must anyways in a system, why not pick up a large one while you are at it and skip harddrives
  6. Eddownz

    The SLI information guide

    I know the general concensus is against SLI but I'd like to open up a discussion about it in my situation. I have a 1070 and want to SLI, I don't think the rtx cards are worth it and I would rather not sell this and buy a 1080ti (3x price at least, of a 1070). I am planning on upgrading to ryzen 3000 series this summer and need to decide whether to buy their x470 equivilanet board for the SLI. Is there no scenario in which if I manage to to find a cheap 1070 locally, that I should SLI? I have a good enough power supply and I am prepared to troubleshoot and tinker to get things right as I enjoy it (nvidia inspector etc), I also loving getting the best bang for buck. If I don't SLI, I will likely wait another 3 years before upgrading my gpu.
  7. Oh I wasnt trying to get you to bite on anything, it was an honest question, I watched the video and couldnt see if they were wired but they never showed a close up and I never looked at the things before, thats why I was asking
  8. My girlfriends dad has a pair of sony speakers for their cinema room, just bookshelfs on stands running off a yamaha receiver i believe.. i really wanna give some larger sony speakers a listen because if they're better then the bookshelfs i have from them i want a pair Asap.
  9. LukeSavenije

    NEW PSU Tier List

    internal freakout
  10. Derkoli

    737 Max 8.... I can't help but feel

    I 100% think there was pressure on the engineering team, due to airbus releasing their new plane which was the exact same fuselage and everything, just with new engines plopped under the wings, but boeing needed a solution so they had the engines raised up almost integrated into the wings, and this was done very quickly after airbus released their model, it just seems very odd that the pilots werent properly trained about the MCAS and the slightly changed flight dynamics of the new 737
  11. Curious Pineapple

    What is the best cpu for a dell optiplex 780?

    Mine came bundled with an SSD and was a better choice than a dual core i3 for my use. Still better single threaded performance than my Xeons too.
  12. LukeSavenije

    How's the quality of this old PSU I have?

    no reviews, group reg, shotty company... would be far from my choice but 10 bucks is somewhat fair
  13. I could bite but I wont. Like anything, it can be done well or badly, depends on how well you plan it:
  14. Zahkyto

    Bigger case

    I have been trying to put together a new system which doesn't seem to fit in the case I have, the Corsair H100i collides with the RAM which is Corsair Dominator RGB Ram, the case is a Corsair Carbide 400C - I guess brand doesn't mean anything for compatibility if the measurements are not right. The reality here is it will not fit in this case, it cannot go in the front as the Graphics Card is too long and the only way I can wedge it into the top is to make new holes nearer the edge of the case, then put the radiator in the case, and the two fans on top - I'm not willing to do this. So I'm just after some advise on a reasonably priced case that has a lot of headroom above the motherboard, the only ones I'm finding so far are huge full towers, does anyone know of a lower priced, mid case with more space than normal above the motherboard?
  15. va7icana55asin

    Can’t Boot into Windows HELP

    Slight update. It has come to my attention that there are two Windows Boot Manager entries in my boot menu and they point to the same drive but give different error codes.
  16. True ive seen a lot of their high end "portable " dac amps a while ago. But they make a lot of cheap good stuff too nowadays especially in the headphone and iem world. But every time I looked I to speakers yeah they were always not very good consumer grade stuff. Like soundbars o just assumed they didn't make hook speakers anymore
  17. _Syn_

    Graphics card better all the sudden?

    RX 570 is not a low end card, it's a midrange card, and as for Roblox the RX 570 should tear it apart like it's nothing.
  18. TVwazhere

    Making a Desk Drawer Case - Part 1

    Jesus, my soul has been cleansed, and I am a new man for witnessing such perfection
  19. Lukas 1060 fx 8150


    So this is a good deal?
  20. dalekphalm

    737 Max 8.... I can't help but feel

    Perhaps there was pressure on the engineering team. But forgive me if I won't damn multiple people to jail time over what "a lot of people" are saying. I'll wait for the Aviation investigators to release their conclusions. And if those conclusions is that someone knew, or that incompetence due to business pressure was at play? Then I wish them luck as the court system takes them.
  21. Origami Cactus

    Razer Core X on a Latitude 5590

    Dell Latitude 5590 is missing thunderbolt, so you can't connect an external GPU to that, because it is just a plain simple usb port. You would need a Latitude 5591 for the "optional" Thunderbolt 3 support. So it is a bummer, but i can't see a single way you could get that setup to work.
  22. strange, there should be options (like Mac HD or Windows HD) or at worse a folder with a question mark. does it not boot to anything at all now? for reference (someone had the same issue with yours, although OP never followed up with the end result): https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/289931/2009+MacBook+Pro+13"+boots+to+white+screen+even+after+SMC-NVRAM+reset (context: OP in the thread has an external boot or recovery disk)
  23. Derkoli

    On 1080P for awhile again

    I need more ram aswell and a new cpu :I i just need a new pc overall really.. but ive got some tube amps i want aswell.. *sigh*
  24. nifty917

    NEW PSU Tier List

    something like this except i didnt drill it, because theres enough hole for the cable to pass through
  25. Captain Chaos

    CMD and TWRP

    So I assume you're running Lineage OS now. Happy they helped.
  26. IsaacThePooper

    Graphics card better all the sudden?

    Yeah It's probably just the GPU not sitting right on the PCIe slot, especially since the motherboard is a cheap Chinese "X79" board paired with a $30 Xeon lol
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