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  2. PopsicleHustler

    CPU Bottleneck?

    Your CPU is the problem. FX platform is long dead. You have to upgrade to something modern like Ryzen or Intel 8th/9th Gen.
  3. in my new build im leaning towards a 8700k would the h100x be a better cooler... or should i opt for an air cooler
  4. So I'm convinced that my 8700k has an absolutely brutal TIM application under the IHS. I was running it at 4.7GHz all cores with 1.250v and getting 86c in RealBench after 30 mins w/ a Kraken x62 cooler. After 30 minutes on stock frequencies at the same voltage, I got a max of 72c which is much cooler. I use my PC mainly for games @1440p with a little bit of photo editing from time to time. I was just looking for some opinion on this but given my usage, should I just keep it at stock until I eventually de lid? I'm not really sure if that kind of temp increase is worth it.
  5. Crunchy Dragon

    Msi X370 gaming pro carbon hot vrm

    That's a fair point. I was a little distracted at the time, so I didn't specify which boards are good and bad. It was easier to list all them as a majority the way I did rather than specify all the ones that are good. Thanks for pointing that out though, I appreciate it
  6. Any android phones that have released this and last year that have a headphone jack. Look around $500 so fairly new and good
  7. IIRC the H100i v2 is a kind of old cooler by now, which aids to my theory that the pump is simply weak
  8. DJMASTER2015

    Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!

    Hi just wanting to say hi. Just joined after watching Steve's video and how you want this kind of as a fallback plan so I decided to join it. Been watching LTT, Techquickie, and Techlinked for quite a while now but just never joined the forum. So just a hi for now... Also this my first ever time being a part of a forum and everything looks really different but yeah
  9. I don't think labeling all their AM4 boards as bad is fair.. It's mostly their B350 and X370 lineup that sucks.. They have the best B450 boards (Tomahawk & Pro Carbon) and some decent X470 boards that's up there with the rest.. I wouldn't buy anything but MSI if my budget only allowed for a B450..
  10. Dan Castellaneta

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Oops (Oh My) by Tweet feat. Missy Elliott This beat slaps.
  11. Got it fixed this morning. I flashed the BIOS and then I went back in and disabled LAN as well as wireless and bluetooth. I was then able to install Windows without networking. After reenabling and reinstalling the network controllers and all the latest drivers, all seems to be fine. Thanks anyway!
  12. im building a new pc anyways but wanted to know why and if there was a problem if i could fix it... yes 100 times lol
  13. Boarder

    I'm going to start a project

    Just got a Mahogany panel. Same project but with new stereo and speakers.
  14. Lone2121

    r5 2600x + RTX 2060

    @Stefan Payne I was thinking of getting the power color red dragon Vega 56 paired with the 2700. Would this be a better combo over the 2600x + RTX 2060 MSI Ventus OC?
  15. PacketMan

    Google blocks Huawei

    Anyway, if that affects the whole world I hope Google still manages to get around that crap New Google Inc in Europe? I hope so, at this point Trump will manage to make their tech companies go to other countries (I hope so)
  16. CreamyCornCob

    Do you see anything abnormal or wrong in this network graph?

    @Tadrith Thank you. I'm glad its narrowed down to a couple things. And someone mentioned else where to me, to change a setting from default to 10mbps, I did, still 9 down. So its driver or port. Which if its the ethernet port, thats gonna piss me off, I bought the gigabyte mobo new in October. I even checked to see if all the pins in the ethernet port were 'sprung up' in position rather then when stuck down, no dice they were all good. And I know zero about Linux unfortunately. Thanks again!
  17. ch3w2oy

    Need as many first build tips as I can get

    @jerubedo does his work flow require Nvidia? I'm not familiar..
  18. a 8700k or 9900k uses LESS power at 4.3ghz than zen+. If you push the same amount of watts through the chips zen+ will run cooler but it's also slower (something like 4.5 vs 3.8 at 100w) However Lisa Su has shown on stage that zen 2 (7nm) uses considerably less power than current 14nm intel cpus.
  19. ItsWallee

    CPU Bottleneck?

    Hello. I have had FPS drops for a couple months now with PUBG and checked on what might be the issue. The FPS usually stays around 50-90 but after a game or two, it drops down to 10-15 in intervals. The lag lasts for around 10 seconds and then goes back to normal. The intervals varies every 5-7 minutes, but can even go down every 2-3 minutes if I keep playing. It is both game lag and audio lag. I ran Nvidia Inspector and Core Temp on my second monitor while playing. When the lag occurs, the GPU Clock drops from around 1300 to 300 and the temp goes down from 56°C to 43°C and then back to normal. Both Power and Voltage on the GPU also goes down. The CPU however has all cores at 100% load and temp reduces from 58°C to 41°C. The FPS-drop then repeats and I have to wait. The weird part is that it recently started happening to me in CSGO which runs at around 200-300FPS, same results there as well. I have cleaned my computer and replaced cooling paste without any success. The last option I had was opening the side of the computer while playing, and the intervals seemed to slow down then, however the dust started stacking up so I decided to just keep it on. I was going to replace it with a better graphics card, but seeing that it might be a CPU problem, I might have to get a new one as well. Hope anyone can help. Specs: Windows 10 64 bit. AMD FX(tm)-8320 8 Core Processor GeForce GTX 970 Motherboard: ASRock 990FX Extreme3 Memory: 2 x 8GB PC3 DDR3 Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB EVGA 500W psu
  20. I'd really love to know what's going on behind the scenes because Huawei really did something to piss off a lot of people, and not just the American Government. Note the lack of huge complaint from non-Chinese tech companies. Seems like all of the major players know the real details but no one is in a position to talk. My suspicion, at this point, is that Huawei offices were probably used as Chinese Intel fronts in a lot of areas (if you see a Defense Contractor from the USA outside the States, that company probably works as a Front, just as a note), and this is really as much of a counter-intelligence move as a tech one. This isn't just about backdoors.
  21. LogicalDrm

    Corsair fan screws

    Those are correct screws. They aren't suppose to be tight on case, as they will tap into fan itself.
  22. I was going to draw similarities to VW owning virtually everything under the sun concerning german cars, and release what is essentially the exact same car in every... single... market space and price range, but I figured most of the people here probably wouldn't have gotten the reference anyway. Equivalent car related review title. "VW REKT THEMSELVES - Porsche Cayenne Review" Script: The Porsche Cayenne is so much better than the VW Tiguan. Every car enthusiast ever: "Who in the fuck kind of idiot wrote this?"
  23. Sounds like you corrupted the BIOS. The backup BIOS (most mobos have them these days) should be accessible, but you'll have to consult your manual on how to get to it. I'd start by unplugging *everything* except the stuff needed to POST. CPU, GPU, 1 RAM stick, unplug everything else, see what happens. Report back
  24. Yes mate. It's just that I tried to spend the minimum of money for it... Already 450€ with half of second hand stuff
  25. Seeing this but then rarely hear about COD anymore is quite surprising
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