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  2. zbryant91

    Switching from watercooled 1080ti sli to 2080 ti

    Or I could suck it up and run a vertical mount with the hydro...
  3. That's not the only way to be hit by this over the web. Hijacking a trusted site page (such as Linux Mint's download page) is another vector for attack.
  4. A week ago, someone busted into my locker and stole my PE uniform and put all his stuff in there. Now I have a brand new one because the school made him pay $20 each for a shirt and shorts from his own wallet.

  5. adblockers and script blockers are basically a necessity these days
  6. all depends on what the agreement signed at first place. but if the terms itself is illegal , theres no obligation to follow that
  7. zbryant91

    Switching from watercooled 1080ti sli to 2080 ti

    Found a evga forum post that shows the ftw3 ultra hydro (comes with the block) does not fit. Just a couple of mm too tall unfortunately. Guess I’ll wait to hear back from ek to see if there block is any shorter and if not I may be going with the gigabyte waterforce since it fits.
  8. valdyrgramr

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    Was a joke.
  9. truckerlenny


    that was not my question did you misread or did i just not explain it
  10. It's one thing to say no subletting. But because he specified it was due to race that's a whole new ball game.
  11. Minh Triet Le Do

    Is there an error my VGA?

    Windows 10, build 17763
  12. TrigrH


    the charging surface is under the pad
  13. zlolslavez


    I have a G Pro actually, but the battery is rated at 60 hoursish I think and I can say I get that. I can go two weeks if not closer to a month without charging my phone, and I have the LED on as well. I unfortunately can't comment on the G703 (too big for me).
  14. AkatsukiKun

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    Can't, Radeon V was literally Radeon 5___ hundred series, 6 was pretty much Vega 56/64 in terms of generation, and Radeon VII is just again Vega but on 7nm (but 60CUs). So if anything since Radeon VII is used, they could just do RX 6xx series, and it's just a cluster____ of a naming scheme of generations, I can understand GPU naming but the generation naming forward is a mess.
  15. truckerlenny


    im assuming you have a g703 then how long does the battery last if playing games without it connected.
  16. Ravendarat

    Switching from watercooled 1080ti sli to 2080 ti

    If I was in your position I would just buy a 2080ti that has a block on it from manufacture, I bought just a basic 2080ti evga xc and am about to go the water cooling route, If I had to do it again I would have just bought a card that was manufactured with the water block from the start.
  17. Sorenson

    Monitor Stand

    VESA 100 x 100 compatible mounts will work
  18. No, that's called racial discrimination and is illegal in a LOT of places
  19. zlolslavez


    I think a cheap (or not) micro usb charger should suit your use case then. I occasionally throw mine on the charger when I have to walk away for a bit, and if I forget I just throw it overnight on a charger like a phone.
  20. Well, perhaps buying brand new. The graphics hardware kind of goes to waste on little ol' Granny as well. I tend to like buying older business machines and outfitting them with SSDs. Zippy, and low cost. Most of the time, quad core machines can be had cheaply, so the question of dual cores seldom come up anyway.
  21. That's potentially every site running Google Adsense.
  22. Are you even allowed to sublet at all?
  23. OK, something really important.

    You know those cheesy drawings that pair with Comic Sans nicely?

    The culprit behind them is Carson Dellosa Printing Company.

    You know, this shit?


    PS. If you have a teacher like my eighth-grade teacher who carpeted the walls with this literal garbage, they are not human. They are machines specifically sent to torture you. Revolt against them. Do whatever it takes to avoid the spread of this propoganda.



  24. truckerlenny


    thank you very much i was a g703 but i dont leavy any power to my pc at night so im hoping by the wireless charging it would work. i currently use a wireless mouse but the batteries are replaceable. but the specs are crap
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