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  2. fasauceome

    I don't understand my brother's question.

    No, GDDR6 won't be faster than HBM, any Vega replacements would likely have HBM of some sort and the lower end cards will have GDDR. As for the other questions, we have no idea what the pricing and performance would be like so save speculations until we have more than rumors.
  3. With open world games and high player count multiplayer games being the norm these days, that's totally false. Battlefield V isn't the only game where 4c/4t CPUs have issues, and it certainly won't be the last.
  4. Elonn

    Question about Asus vg245h

    Hello, I just got an asus vg245h 75Hz I was wondering how can I see my response time? Its supposed to be 1MS but I feel like its more, Im using HDMI cable when I do some testing on https://www.testufo.com/ It says that is not synced. I was wondering if my settings on it are fine and if its actually running how its supposed to
  5. Moonman21

    my gpu isnt displaying on tv but it is on monitor

    dont worry about the tone the thing is that im not trying to duplicate screen but trying to use the tv as a single display
  6. Make more threads about it, I hear that helps.
  7. Ankerson

    NEW PSU Tier List

    You would have a better chance of winning the lottery or getting attacked by a shark while sitting in your bathtub.
  8. My budget gaming build will include ryzen 5 2600, gigabyte 2060 gaming oc pro and atx mobo. I need a good airflow case (dust filters will also be good else I'll buy and install them myself). I won't be using any hdd, ssd or optical drives, just only m.2 ssd. Will prioritise case with big side fan in middle as fan setup i am planning is one front intake one side intake and one rear exhaust for positive air pressure.
  9. This subject may already be baked, please forgive me if this is the case. I ran into an issue recently that I have not seen before. Shortly after a new install of Windows 10 Pro on a newly built rig, I began installing my usual programs. In the process, I ended up uninstalling some of them which I decided I really didn't need. I had downloaded the installer files onto my desktop into a folder. I used the Add/Remove programs uninstaller to remove each one. After uninstalling them, I wanted to delete the installer downloads and desktop shortcuts. I right-clicked the desktop folder they were in and selected Delete in the dropdown, nothing happened. No error message, nothing. You could select the items and they would highlight when clicked on, but no response when a Delete was attempted. I tried dragging the folder to the Recycle bin, it would not go. I tried deleting the files one at a time, still nothing, no error message that they were in use or anything. I checked Properties/Security, all permissions were allowed for my account. I have admin privileges and am the only user on the machine. I reviewed various methods of getting rid of this type of stuff. I ended up using Unlocker, which did successfully delete the offending files and folder, one at a time. No other files or folders on the computer were affected in this way I'm interested to know what the real root cause of the problem was, so I might not get into it again. Maybe something I did incorrectly? Or did Windows 10 take a crap on itself?
  10. SpookyCitrus

    Problems with graphics card

    I've dealt with a few GPUs that have had this issue, opengl crashes and driver errors. A lot of the time it's because the card is running a modded firmware for mining, very common these days when buying cards for cheap on the used market. If DDU and fresh drivers aren't working then I'd flash the card with the correct firmware it's supposed to have and then DDU and reinstall drivers again. I've had several people come in, in the last few months that bought a card from some local classified and had the same issues. Every one of them was modded firmware. But sometimes you can just get a bad card. But you should definitely flash the right firmware onto it just to be sure.
  11. As someone with 2 1080ps next to a 1440p, all 27", no, it's not.
  12. TrIpl3

    Need help with fan control.

    Check the first picture. I don't know why the link doesn't work, but you need to copy and post it in the search bar, so you can see what's going on there. I can only see what's there and nothing more like in other videos that I saw.
  13. i do know what it is, but its a whole lot shorter to say shell company than to explain that situation right there. ah, so not something that could be used for Huawei then.
  14. Teddy07

    Best Place To Live if money didnt matter

    Tough call but I prefer Switzerland over USA
  15. Simpsen_1

    "-" Minus symbol doesn't work :v

    Nobody knows?
  16. LukeSavenije

    NEW PSU Tier List

    I'm talking a possibility, not a standard
  17. jonnyGURU

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Thing is, so many other protections will come into play even without OCP. Say you have a short on a 1600W PSU. You have SCP, for one. You also have UVP because the resistance of the short is going to cause the voltage to drop. You have OPP. I mean... in 99% of cases, it's a non-issue.
  18. It's been a long time since I OC'd one of those, but it sounds about right ball park. I recall hitting a wall around 4.7 and voltages couldn't get too silly to manage heat. How are you testing stability?
  19. Held_Games

    activation error 0x8007232B

    Try to follow this guide and see if something works for you. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3166553/error-0x8007232b-or-0x8007007b-occurs-when-you-try-to-activate-windows
  20. It's either that or die. Realisitically, Ryzen 7 is wasted on most consumers, and Ryzen 5 isn't super useful. Not really. Few games can be heavily multithrraded, as games are serial in nature.
  21. TheGlenlivet

    Need help with fan control.

    Hardware monitor in your BIOS says Fan control right there. What do you see there?
  22. The burden of proof is on you then. I only stated what is required to live here without making compromises. Every number I quoted came directly from published numbers. You seem to have assumed "living in downtown Vancouver" rather than the more realistic scenario of within a 20 minute commute (walk, bus or drive) in Surrey or Langley. Income tax is also very relevant since many people are making unreasonable compromises and spending more than half their income on renting a deathtrap. Please, show me an affordable rental near LMG. At present the closest thing to LMG is a $1500 2Bed basement suite. So do you make $78000/yr? https://www.padmapper.com/apartments/35765936/2-bedroom-1-bath-apartment-at-18585-56-ave-surrey-bc-v3s-7y2 , that's a 4 minute drive or a 25 minute walk. However you are not walking from here to get groceries. Next, the cheapest is 1350/mo 1bed unit (you need to make $70200/yr) https://www.padmapper.com/buildings/p344551/maple-manor-apartments-at-20117-56-ave-langley-city-bc-v3a-3y3 , near Langley's core, you can walk here to get groceries, but it's a 50 minute walk to LMG, or a 24 minute bus commute. There is nothing cheaper within commutable distance. If we use the entire lower mainland, $700/mo (you'd need $36400/yr) bachelor unit in Abbotsford. https://www.padmapper.com/apartments/36259531/studio-1-bath-apartment-at-1968-mccallum-rd-abbotsford-bc-v2s-3m6 , that's a 41 minute drive, or 2 hour 15 minute bus commute. Or how about buying near LMG? 1.2m sound affordable? R2357927. 6,854.77/mo , which means you need to make 356,448.04‬/yr. What's the cheapest lower mainland property right now? (That is not a seniors trailer park or retirement hotel.) That would be R2370942. Selling for $124,900 in Chilliwack. That's a one hour commute by car or a three hour bus ride. No sale, that's even further than downtown Vancouver. And how much does it cost? 726.42/mo in mortgage payments + 225$/mo in strata fees + 511.45/yr in property taxes. That is 961.25/mo which means you need to make 49,985.29‬/yr.
  23. jonnyGURU

    NEW PSU Tier List

    I'm not going to ask Stefan because he fear mongers. If single +12V rail was so "dangerous", 99% of the PSUs on the market would burst into flames.
  24. porina

    Best Place To Live if money didnt matter

    Difficult question... with that money you could travel and take in what the world has to offer, but somewhere would still have to be home. I'm just not sure where that would be. I've probably done more travel than most, but I certainly haven't even scratched most of the world. Within Europe, Italy stands out with by far the best food. UK is a default choice as I'm already here, and it is my current home. There's the weeb answer of course, Japan. I have stayed there for half a year as part of my university course, but I never picked up the language to a usable level so that would be a friction point. I never made it to the Southern hemisphere. I do wonder if New Zealand would be a nice base. I don't know if the rules and regulations have changed, but I had dinner with the guy who made these in his garage. It was a long time ago, but I believe he could get a testing licence or something like that. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurek_(Automarke) Must have been a long time ago, I think he had finished one car and was starting a 2nd when I visited. I wasn't into cars so didn't dig into details. Which part were you in? Somewhere in the south? The north has a reputation for being more friendly, left over from the viking invasion so it is claimed. You get good areas, bad areas.
  25. Mr. New To Spec

    VG278Q vs VG279Q (In the end it’s tn vs ips tbh.)

    I understand your point, but what it for me boils down to is that I was using ips for 3 years, I heard it’s horrible when you go from ips to tn, that’s why I don’t know if I can go from ips to tn.
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