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Why I Went Gold.



blog-0471228001392195959.jpgIt's a glorious moment when you are proud of your current achievements, no matter how apathetic you were when they were accomplished or never really put thought into it. But when you do, realizing how you've actually, truly, ended up with jobs your childhood dreams conjured up, it's a joyous moment. I've now worked at Activision at 18, straight out of High school, was payed $50 bucks a pop for building Pc's via craiglist, and now, I find myself in a young company that distributes video game accessories. It's usually at this point where you truly appreciate your teachers. At each point, I've learned that Linus tech tip videos/NCIX had some hand in helping me obtain these jobs. I did not have the environment in which technology was a topic. East LA is my pride and joy, but there was rarely people who appreciated pivotal leaps in technology by foreshadowing their potential. So, the curios mind must tend seeking this knowledge their own way. Luckily, i was somewhat internet savvy as any fellow minded tech-geek, to know free education was available on youtube. Finding How-to's, explanations, and every question answered. Then I came across this weird gold-haired Canadian doing a Computer build. Dont remember which Video but I knew it was that. I was seeking an answer to "What is a computer?" and the video didn't help much since it merely touched on what components where and not how they operate, but it was uncomplicated and a good start. Some time after, after learning a bit more, I started searching for more specific questions "What is a better processor?" Mind you, I'm young, so nothing incredibly complex. BAM! That Maple-lover again (said in a throw-away tone, not racially offensive haha) and he's comparing two brands which get repeated over and over again in other blogs/sites/videos. Whatever, I'll watch. Later, same thing again, "What is an SSD?" "What is good RAM?" and I said fuck it, just start searching "linus" as a tag in the search and whatever other keyword. "Linus Computer cases" "Linus processors" etc. And damn, this guy had it all. Sweet! So i learn everything I wanted to through these videos. This guy could be an actor, maybe he's not tech savvy as portrayed, pfft, I can care less of the reality that he might have been because the other situation meant that this was enjoyed, and it always felt like the latter. Easy to digest instruction and providing information for that fateful day I'd be able to buy my first PC. Making it optimal to do everything. Especially gaming. Because of those videos, I was able to make my choices wisely. Sure, I basically went for "The 'Highest' Price I could afford (lol)but at least I was able to compare brands incredibly easy and chose those that would've suited what I needed and wanted. Why would I wanted 'Eyefinity' over sweet ass 'PhysX'! And knowing now, that I was able to discern my choices, because of those videos, makes me appreciate them.

Now, mainly this appreciation would've stopped at a consumer level, but I never bought anything from NCIX, never used their affiliate codes, or even lived in the same country! But I came back to the channel when new technology arrived. Always learning. Keeping up to date. Knowing things I know i'll never be able to afford. Then, after constant resumes to only Video Game publishers and Developers, i got a hit! Activision was hiring for a CS rep. Nothing big, just have people skills, be able to troubleshoot, and know the games you play. I Really wanted this to help me gain a lead in a QA job which are hard to obtain. Eventually, i dabbled a couple days from time to time in QA and loved it. During the interview, they asked me "What would your gaming dream machine be, and why?" I knew my answer already because my casual NCIX videos always had price comparisons and benchmarks. So I knew the high-end cards, processors, cases, so it was an easy question answered with enthusiasm. I know for a fact, that was the question they use to decipher the truly passionate gamers. Please note that I do not insinuate a "PC-Master race" was asked, rather saying it was the evaluation question to know who pursue more than just wanting to work at a videogame company call center, assuming that it was all you need to troubleshoot. After Three years of helping people troubleshoot, helping them realize how their technology works I.E "My Game is Lagging whenever my sister is on the internet, will this be patched?" - it's funny to the informed, but it was an honest question, and I was happy to explain the answer, I had to quit. This was because I wanted to pursue learning how to write and program in my spare time of which I had none! Full-time job, Part-time school, and still stuck with mandatory GE classes. So i decided I'd rather find a Part-time job. Don't get me wrong! Activision considers their employees school hours, at least my department did. But I really wanted to see what I could learn with more time. It's going well. Now I have been hired at a up-and-coming Video game distribution company as a QC specialist troubleshooting peripherals and help chose what we should distribute next! Keep in mind, this is all video game accessories, video-game memorabilia, and toys. Fucking' sweet. I know this little company hired me of the skills i learned in Activision of which in turned, I only had, because of all those videos I watched. And this brings me to why I mentioned appreciation of teachers. I live in a time where the free education we'd once find at a library (and still do, support your local library! Knowledge is power!) is readily available to those who seek it, and we can choose where/who to learn them from. I chose to learn all I know now from Linus. Knowledgeable, funny, and seems to enjoy what he's doing. And it definitely influenced where I am now. I give my thanks to NCIX as well! So I definitely want these videos to continue. Not only for me, but for everyone who wants to learn anything and everything about technology. So here's $25 bucks my friend to the north! Help someone else achieve their goals indirectly, You're a huge help! I can't promise it will be continuous or even permanent, but know that I made the decision without giving it a second thought and will only spare what I can haha.


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