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Plans I have for my future PC needs.



So I have been thinking for a while, my A10-7850k is starting to struggle with my needs. It is OC'd to 4.4ghz, but didn't seem to help gain more performance for my tasks. I miss my i7-4690x something terrible, that thing with 6 cores could render my creations in blender, run all 25+ programs that i'd have open at one, and 200+ tabs in chrome(with 32GB of ram). At my new house my room is a bit smaller, so I thought of just having my PC on my bookshelf, with a HDMI cord or what ever going to my PC hidden along the wall, so it can be a sort of a decoration. So I have two ideas, an Intel build, or an AMD build.

INTEL: This build would include a 6-8 core XEON processor, reason for this I won't be overclocking, I just need raw performance. And OC'ing would throw unnecessary heat into my already warm room. It exceeds 120* outside, and it's hard to keep my room cool even with the AC running. So OC'ing is out of the picture. The CPU that is cost friendly, and has more than 4 cores is the Xeon E5-2620 V2, if not I will likely get the i7-4930k or the next gen equivalent. This would be paired with 16GB of G.Skill Ares ram, I already have 8 so it won't be a big deal to get 8 more. It would also be paired with something like a GTX 860.

AMD: Far cheaper than the Intel build, but also has more cores, but are fairly more weaker. To be exact the FX-9590, a power hog, heat throwing monster of a CPU. It will have to be water cooled, and i'd have to go with a ATX motherboard. Since it's cheaper it will be also paired with 16GB of ram, and a GTX 870.

Complete uses for the build: It will be used with one 1080p monitor, and maybe one 1200p monitor for programming. AND, one 4K TV that I will use to watch movies and such in my room, replacing my 720p, 32" TV. No games will be played in the 4K monitor, so any of the rigs should be able to handle streaming a movie at 1080p+.The rig may be used for F@H, but for sure will be used to render, edit, stream, and game creation.


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If you miss your Intel I wouldn't go for an AMD...unbiasedly that is. You get another AMD and your still going to miss your Intel anyways.

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i7 5960x is a 8 core, same price as the 4690x..... there are some sub 300 dollar x99 motherboards, DDR4 is not as expensive as I thought it would be, 360$ for 16gb 2800mhz, There are 6tb hard drives( Wd, seagate ),269 509 respectively. The seagate is a enterprise drive by the way.

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