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My multiplayer experience



My first game on a computer was “wings of fury” on a Amiga 500. I was 8 years old at that time. Since then I changed to PC a few years later and been playing games till this day (27 years old).

Since my amiga times games were always something that fascinated me. I spent a lot of time playing the original Age of Empires II – the age of kings, I own the first copy of need for speed and everyone since then & I spent a lot of time playing FPS games like Call of duty, Unreal, Half-Life, counter strike & of course the Battlefield series..

What actually brings me to my original motivation for this post. All this time I spent in my life with computers in generall one “big” thing was missing. That would be playing online.

My multiplayer experience was non existing till 8 weeks ago. Battlefield 3 was a gift from a friend for my birthsday in 2011.

Since then I played the game in single player all the way thrue, multiple times. 8 weeks ago I had a small LAN-party with 3 of my friends.

We were playing Call of Duty and a friend reminded me that I have a copy of Battlefield 3 and suggested we play a round or two online.

Logically I went online and started to play. Now that was a big eye opener for me... How did I never play online? How did I miss this experience? It is so much more interesting, more active, its non-linear and you can choose what to do to benefit. And the best thing about it for me is the teamwork! This may apply more to Battlefield series of games, but my mind was blown how much fun it is.

And I'm proud to say that in these last 8 weeks I managed to level up pretty good. Currently my game-tag is rank 43 what took me little more than 90 Hours. Now I understand that I'm late to the whole online playing culture but better late than never.

To conclusion I would say that the online bug got me hard and I feel very confident that it will do for year to go...

If anybody wants to play a round of Battlefield 3 please let me know :)

game-tag: Ismaelharvester on battlelog


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