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Future | What Component to Upgrade When And Why



Hey there,


I know, I just got my new computer, and it's great (almost too powerful lol).


But I have been thinking about upgrades I could possibly do in a couple of years, because I like planning. I know some things may change and maybe Intel will suddenly be better or something, but looking at the naming scheming, I have an idea of what to look for.

Yes, I am aware of new releases making some stuff obsolete, but last-gen stuff is fine for me and cheap. I am guessing the 5700XT will become something of the RX 580 of today.

I was fully aware of the fact that my GPU will not be able to keep up with a 27" 144hz monitor, so GPU is upgrades first.


Here's what I have so far:


Upgrade timing (what to upgrade first), and what year I might buy the parts

  1. AIO for CPU (late 2020/early 2021)
  2. Keyboard (2021)
  3. 1TB M.2 SSD (2021)
  4. GPU (2022)
  5. Monitor (2022)
  6. Full upgrade except for GPU and SSDs (will get an HDD tho) (2025)



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