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Award Ceremony



Alright guys, sorry that this took so long, but find below the sheet link with the final ranks and prizes. You have one week, until Sunday 28th, 23:59BST to claim your prize, if you miss this cut off then the prize will be added to the community pool for future events. 


To claim the prize you need to message me with the Subject line, 'Gimme dat sick prize' Also please include your rank from the sheet to make it easier for me to find you and confirm you are a winner of a prize. 


I just once again want to thank @ssmmdd for data validation, @marknd59 for his help with validating entries and @leadeater for providing the script we use to gather the data more efficiently. 




Thank you to everyone who got involved with this event and I hope to see at the next one. 


Happy folding,




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2 hours ago, NZKshatriya said:

My reading comprehension must be failing, but, I can't tell who won stuff lol

Scroll the sheet to the right.

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