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UltraNews - Battlefield 6, Jake Paul and more COVID-19



Good Afternoon and welcome back to the only news that is totally not bias, and states so.

I am your host, WI-FIultrasnoop.


Battlefield 6, try and guess why i'm bringing this up now. As most big game titles stay away from the number 6 except for of course valve which stays away from 3. Now this has only come to my attention by a You-Tuber known as JackFrags, i'll link his YouTube video here. One of the reasons Jack said why big titles stay away from continuing up the number chain is because some people think they have to play the first game and work your way through to get the full flavour of the series. This of course can be true for some games such as the half life series, (don't cite me on that as I have never played any of the half life games). I myself think that if each game has something to do with the last then name it the same and add the next number, if not your team aren't very clever with naming their products, a bit like programmers with naming their programs. 


In other news Jake Paul has been arrested for looting


With America rapidly climbing to 2 million cases, and a melbourne fruit picker landing into queensland infectious with much more that i'm too lazy to jot down across the globe, it ain't looking very good. Though I will say that this is still prime time to try out new foods (such as cooking, try and cook foods you wouldn't otherwise) and exercise (insert sport/exercise)


Unfortunatly this was a bit shorter than usual but school, thank you and goodnight.


URA rated I for informational

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