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Where's the Manual?



Sometimes, you don't have one. 


Academic Institutions, corporations, and government keep shoving the same message down our throats every day: work hard, get good grades, and get a nice, cushy job at that big company. Work there for 40 years, then retire when you are 65 with a 401K. But with the pandemic, politics, and mass-layoffs, the future doesn't appear so clear. 


There are now more ways to make money, and more ways to reach others in the age of the internet than ever. There are TikTok users making 30 thousand per sponsored post, or content creators making 1.6 million a year from Youtube and Real Estate in LA:







But there's just one peoblem: How did they get there?

For this, our answer to this blog post becomes more nebulous.


You see, anyone who manages to make this much money has done something important others are unwilling to do: Fail. Fail fast, fail repetedly, call it whatever you want. But for these individuals, failure is a simple fact of life. The difference is that we never seem to talk about Failure. We seem to ignore it, like our debt or weight. We only see these their success, never what they did before.


Sometimes, there is no blueprint to follow for success. Sometimes there is no manual, there is no book, There are no instructions. you must get out there, give it your best shot, And hope that the world appreciates what you have made. If they don't, then you must learn from your mistakes, and give it another go.


I'm not giving up on one day owning a business in the ewaste industry, but I will have to and blaze my own trail. Academics, the internet, and even other people don't even know what computer reuse is. But I will figure it out. Somehow.


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