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BTOB Blue - When It Rains (Single)





BTOB Blue is a subunit consisting of BTOB's Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Sungjae, essentially all the vocalists of BTOB minus the rappers, Ilhoon and Peniel. When It Rains is the quartet's 2018 single, and of course will follow the ballad style that the vocalists of BTOB are known for.

I love the vocals of BTOB a lot so having all the vocalist in a subunit like this seems like it will make for a soothing, relaxing, comfortable, warm ballad to listen to when it rains, no pun intended.

Today I'll be listening to the group's ballad, When It Rains, and sharing my thoughts on the song.




0:21 - The opening is beautiful, with Eunkwang's vocals effortlessly flowing in with the simple background instrumentals. I love that the vocals are ever so more forward than the instrumentals, the background composition is giving his vocals a lot of body especially with the undertone present underneath his vocals. The piano's rhythm also follows the vocal flow and it makes the whole composition sound so complete.

0:53 - Changsub's strong and powerful vocals are amazing here, and the background instrumentals rise ever so slightly. There's also now a background choir underneath his vocals which gives Changsub's vocals some more body and it sounds so melodic and warm. The piano also stays throughtout to maintain the slow, ballad tempo.

1:41 - The instrumentals are more subdued here and they gradually increase in volume compared to the vocals which allows the listener to anticipate the next chorus and keep the listener on edge, I love the feeling of being kept on the ride of they boys' amazing vocals.

2:17 - Much the same as the first chorus but with a harder-hitting kickdrum to accentuate the caliber and atmosphere of the ballad, combined with amazing vocals. The background choir sings in a higher register here and it gives the boys' vocals even more soul and energy.

3:00 - The choir is even more prominent here and I feel like it's become an epic opera, the caliber of their vocals is outstanding.

3:32 - The vocals are exploding here, the amazing vocals combined with the epic choir and the muted instrumental composition makes for a great final chorus to fully complete the building energy that was present throughout the song.




BTOB did not disappoint here. When It Rains is an amazing ballad that perfectly showcased their amazing vocal ability. The addition of the soft choir gave their vocals and the song more energy and charisma, especially when the background composition mainly consisted of a few guitars, a piano, and some other minor instrumentals.

I love the focus on their vocals moreso than anything else, I feel like that's what BTOB is out there to do. Their vocals were far forward than anything else in the song and it shows. The choir was merely there to assist them. It's a common theme in BTOB ballads to use a secondary choir to accentuate their main vocals, and it's definitely worked in this ballad.


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