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Stories of another type... A chance encounter at the MacDonalds...



This will be a lot different then some of my recent ones... something I have been thinking about...

How often do we see someone, some random person as we go about our day, and wonder "Will I ever see that person again? Who was that person?"

The Story... (full disclosure, I am married... but, I do like to look, and my wife is ok with that, so yea...)

Yesterday I was in Collingwood, was about 9am or so. I ran into MacDonalds to grab a quick bite. As I was coming out, I noticed her. You now, as a guy, you sometimes notice "her"? The one you can't help but stare at? That takes your breath away? Well, there she was, leaving the store just in front of me... I am not sure what it was, but wow. As we walked out, I just keep staring at her. She was walking down the length of the parking lot out to the street, obviously not driving and I slowly made my way to my car, just watching. Now, let me describe her... Being 6'4" most everyone is "short" to me... that being said... she was maybe 5"6" to 5"8... blond hair... down past her shoulders. She was wearing a nice outfit.. business like. Dark jacket, white blouse if I remember correctly, black short skirt. Some very nice patterned hose and heels. Wow, were those some killer legs... I just couldn't help thinking how sexy she looked... but beyond that. Something about her was just stunning and grabbed my attention.

Needless to say, I couldn't help but think about her all day. :) I thought about who she was, what was she up to, all dressed up... were was she off to? This chance encounter... would I ever see her again? Would, this being even a more interesting thought, I even recognize her again, assuming she would be dressed differently? Should I be at MacDonalds the next day, same time, to see if I can notice her? (I didn't - that's creepy)

I also got to wondering after the fact, if I had actually had the courage, would she have appreciated being told... how nice she looked? Is that something a girl likes to hear from a complete stranger?

"Excuse me, I have never done this, but..." as she turns to looks at me, wondering who this weirdo is...

"But, I just wanted you to know, that you look simply stunning today. That's all. I just though you might like to know. Maybe brighten you day. Have a nice day" and continue on my way...

Ya, that may just come across as creepy... Course, if some woman came up to me and said the same "Excuse me sir, you look very handsome today, have a great day" ya, might through me a bit off... but then I think, yes, I would appreciate that as the day went along. That someone noticed me. Bring a smile to my face....

So, I sit here today... wondering who the mystery woman I saw yesterday at the MacDonalds in Collingwood was. And I hope she had a great day and I hope she knows how good she looked, even if just to me...


Recommended Comments

Man you're tall :D

It's nice to compliment strangers/people even if it's saying something about their appearance because I doubt you could get away with touching someone on the shoulder without having a mexican stand-off between you and another individual. A brief exchange of opinions is totally fine which does get you thinking.


Don't mind me but I feel like scripting a comedic drama.

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