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We're Back With Another Destiny 2 PvP Build

Crunchy Dragon


Let's talk about Liar's Handshake some more.

This is easily one of my favorite exotics to run in PvP. It pairs excellently with top tree Arcstrider, Way of The Warrior.


Before I get into all of that however, let's talk about Swashbuckler. Fallout Plays did a very good job of explaining it in his video along with some damage numbers, but I'll give you a basic rundown if you don't want to watch it.

Swashbuckler is a damage increasing perk like Rampage. Unlike Rampage however, Swashbuckler goes up to x5(+1 for each weapon kill, instant +5 on melee kill). Swashbuckler lasts for about 5 seconds, same as Kill Clip. In PvE, Swashbuckler x5 grants you a 65% increase in damage. In PvP(which is what we're all here for), Swashbuckler x5 grants you 30% more damage, about the same as Kill Clip.


The nice thing about Swashbuckler though, is the fact that you can get max level with just a melee kill. I now present to you, my basically god roll Bug Out Bag that I got last week while farming The Reckoning:



It features Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, Grave Robber, and Swashbuckler.

Let's talk about why the last two perks are italicized:

  • They pair beautifully together. Grave Robber reloads your magazine on a melee kill. At the same time, Swashbuckler gives you the same damage boost as Kill Clip.

You may see why I began this post with Liar's Handshake.

If that's unclear, please allow me to explain the workings of this exotic to you.


Liar's Handshake features the Cross Counter perk: using your Arc melee or taking melee damage allows you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch that heals you.

This pairs with Way of the Warrior's Combination Blow perk, that lets you stack melee damage for about 25 seconds(give or take) with each melee kill. Eventually, you can get a one hit melee kill in PvP as a Hunter. But that's not all!


Get a melee kill, whip out the SMG, shred some people. If you're fast enough, you can also stack Combination Blow between SMG kills, making your next melee kill to proc Grave Robber/Swashbuckler even more efficient. When you get enough enemies on the same place, all the perks of the subclass, exotic armor, and weapons flow together perfectly.


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