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Second Year (post 1)



And I thought it was going to get better...

Sophomore year is going to be one hell of a ride.


For starters, the replacement for the racist CIS prof, is fucking awful. He is a guy from Peru that knows nothing about computers, and can barely speak English.

He will at least grade your shit, and not hate Asians like the last prof; but still. 


The CIS program here is starting to seem a bit one sided. That one side being Cyber-security. Our uni got a grant from the DOT, and now all the money goes to NCL and Cyber-security.

This leaves the handful of software developers like me, with a squirt of piss and a kick in the nuts. We get no recognition, and often get scolded by the profs for not being in NCL/Cyber-security.


Now for the girls. I feel like the all CIS major girls have cobwebs around their genitals. They complain about being lonely all the time, yet they only want to fuck some imaginary magical preppy fuckboi with a manbun.

There is this one girl there, I have been trying to get with for 2 years now. I swear she is celibate, as she gets no emotion or arousal from personal communication. She seems like she replaced her sexuality with SQL injection.

Not to mention that there are about 20 girls on campus that are quite attractive, but they only speak mandarin Chinese. So do you go pour your life energy into a girl that is (lets be real) a 5, or do you learn another language to get rejected in?


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