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[D2 PvP] Shooting and Yeeting

Crunchy Dragon


This is possibly the most map-specific build I've ever done. Be that as it may, it's still super fun.


The main components of this build are the Last Word hand cannon and the Orewing's Maul grenade launcher.


Let's start by talking about The Last Word:

It is a 225 RPM hand cannon featuring the Fan Fire perk: this weapon can be fired quickly and continuously. Faster reload and increased accuracy on successive hip-fire damage.

This hand cannon will 4-tap a typical Guardian, and has a very good TTK because of it. The range on this hand cannon is lower than most, but is still plenty to work with.


Next, we have the Orewing's Maul grenade launcher.

Lightweight frame, 90 RPM tube(or single shot) grenade launcher. Mine features spike grenades for the ability to one-shot Guardians on a direct hit.

Excellent for bouncing projectiles around corners, in the same fashion as Fighting Lion. The difference between Fighting Lion and Orewing's Maul though, is that Fighting Lion is an exotic and will not kill in one shot(hmm, maybe that's something to play around with some more?).


As you may notice, these two weapons compliment each other very nicely in terms of their ability and use cases. Get some damage in with Last Word, cleanup with Orewing's Maul if necessary.

In the reverse order: get some damage with Orewing's Maul but not enough for the kill? Cleanup with Last Word. You'll get the same functionality either way, regardless of which weapon you lead or follow up with.


Now, you may be wondering why I say this is a very map-specific build. This is because of the grenade launcher, mostly. Part of it is also due to the Last Word: it really don't have as much range as something like Rose, Thorn, or even Better Devils.


As such, this build works the best on very enclosed maps. Maps like Retribution, where this build was developed. Why do I like this build on Retribution so much specifically? It has corners. Lots and lots of corners. Even with the open rooms on this map, nothing is out of the range of The Last Word, and basically everything can be cleaned up with by Orewing's Maul if necessary.


Some visual aide in case you don't know this map:


Take note of how many corners there are. Especially the doorways and curves. A build with limited range such as this one works incredibly well at killing people around the corners. The other benefit is that since just about nothing is out of range of The Last Word, you'll just about always hit for maximum damage per bullet.


The main caveat of this build is that it really only works on Retribution. I've tried it on Burnout, but it just doesn't hold up outside or in the long lanes.

Don't let the map limitation effect your thoughts of the build though, I assure you, it is very fun to use.

Just not outside of Retribution.


BONUS CONTENT: How I plan to post to and use this blog!

I won't be posting on Saturdays or Sundays. During the week, I'll try to maintain daily posts as much as I can.

On the weekends, I'll probably be streaming on Twitch for a few hours each day. This should have the benefits of being able to get some cool clips to share with these blogs, as well as experimenting with different builds.

If all goes according to plan, I can hopefully also interact and discuss various things with you guys as well!


I'm not 100% sure on the advertising rules over here in blogs, so I won't risk linking my Twitch channel directly. However, I do have it on my Discord profile(if you're friends with/in a server with me there) as well as listed here on my forum profile.


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