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PART-1 | The beginning of Linux / Ubuntu



Going back onto the main topic of the blog though, I decided that I'm gonna use Linux for the very first time in My life on this UDOO-BOLT-V8 only! I've been using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for the majority of My life which have served Me well but I figured Hey!, why not try Linux as I had similarly said above. For those are curious, I've decided to install Ubuntu for now..., but I'm gonna be doing a ton of customising which will include some daily updates here on this Blog and in some of My status-updates. I hear that Linux is very flexible and I can't wait to see what options there are! ^_^ I have been suggested Arch / Manjaro / A few other distros as of recently but for now, Ubuntuuuuuu is what I've decided on!


What am I going to be doing on My UDOO-BOLT-V8 exactly.......?: I'm gonna using it for some Workstation Tasks, File Browsing, Web Browsing and possibly some Gaming but that heavily depends on the game(s). This is due to the specs; when/if You were to compare this to a let's say..... a Custom-Desktop with Ryzen (..or even a Laptop too) as a good example, lol.



Overall; I really hope that the UDOO-BOLT-V8 can exceed My expectations and make Me a happy Linux User! xD I'm really interested in Linux!

Daily updates will be posted at random times from here on. Lol.


Ciao! ❤️


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