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The Ooblets problem: When hatred goes a bit too far



At this point, you already know my stance on the Epic Games Store. It's not worth repeating but to sum it up, it's a very bare-laden store that utilizes a questionable-at-best tactic in order to catch up quickly to Valve's Steam, the current market leader. 


Whilst I've not been a fan of AAA releases going Epic Exclusive, I've usually left an exception for most indies, provided some conditions are met. 


Take Ooblets, the latest indie title headed by 2 partners to be going exclusively on Epic for a limited time. Despite getting funding from Patreon, it's likely that the team may have thought that they needed the Epic money to continue and eventually finish development. According to some, that raised some initial eyebrows with backers, but were otherwise understanding of it. 


However, where I think the team missed the mark is their announcement. Unfortunately, this is another one of those cases where an otherwise understandable action is smeared by questionable communication. The way the announcement was given was.....rather condescending to say the least, especially towards critics of the EGS. I'm sure you can guess what followed. 


It seems that the team knew that the source of the outrage was that single post. Which begs the question of why the need to do it in such a way when a normal post would have sufficed? Whilst crowdfunded games going EGS exclusive after a period of promoting a launch release on a competing platform continues to be controversial, Julian Gollop's Phoenix Point continues to be an example of how to announce and attempt to calm an inevitable pit of fire, by being forthcoming with why they went with Epic and promises a Steam/GoG key after the exclusivity period expires or a guaranteed refund if players choose to. 


In a way, that post would have invited controversy, but there's also the question of how far is too far when it comes to EGS hatred. There are certainly very valid reasons on why people may not like the EGS, such as its bare laden nature or their questionable tactics. But when personal matters and even matters involving death are thrown in as responses to such announcements, especially from indies, I can't help but think that it's crossing the line. 


You can criticize the move to Epic without looking like a colossal anus. In fact, you're just making the PC movement look more and more legitimate over time 


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