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10 Programming Languages RANKED



This is just a fun thing of 10 programming languages ranked. Random, and you might not even know them.

10 - Python - Good for beginners, has tons of use, BUT: Slowest language, worst syntax, has less uses than it claims
9 - C - Much better than python except not beginner friendly and is slowly being killed out by C++
8 - C++ - Speaking of which this is just a more complex C, but nicer in my opinion

7 - F# - FUCK R is what F# stands for. F# is great for data science. Fuck R.
6 - D - Not much to say, it's pretty average
5 - C# - Used fucking everywhere it seems. Unity has it, Godot, and other Game Engines. Great for coding games and also some general coding
4 - Java - Great for easy-to-setup cross platform applications.
3 - JavaScript - Basically today's big thing
2 - Clojure - Good language and 6 fig salaries
1 - Kotlin/Swift - Great for their respective platforms (Android with Kotlin, iOS with Swift), Kotlin also can go desktop.

Closing: Fuck R


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