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X3440 - Further Advancement



Got a hard drive today. Here's a random pic of the train ride there.



Also, the X3440 flip I've been working on is mostly assembled. I don't have the X3440 yet; that's why the stock cooler has messy wiring.



I need a USB 3 to USB 2 header adapter. Hopefully the one I ordered off eBay from a local seller, same city, will come in soon.


What do y'all think about a FX flip? They usually come with good amounts of RAM, which I need, so it's something I'm looking into.



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4 hours ago, TopHatProductions115 said:

Ooo - I have a few Xeon X5450's and X5472's sitting around :D if you're interested...

Those are 771... not really interested. Maybe for one of those mods to 775?

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